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The Best Places to Live in Colorado: A Movers Guide

Colorado—the Centennial State—home of picturesque mountains, trails, forests, canyons, high plains, desert lands and rivers. It's one of the most varied and unique spots in the United States, but it's not just a beautiful place to live. With a thriving economy, trendy college towns and a truly individual culture, there's truly something for everyone. Below is an exploration of life in Colorado, with the top reasons to move there, including cost of living, jobs, lifestyle and the best cities.

What's Life in Colorado Like?

If you love gorgeous scenery and spending plenty of time outdoors, there aren't many states as appealing as Colorado. Quality of life is excellent, opportunities for work and leisure are extensive and residents enjoy a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Of course, not everyone buys into the outdoorsy culture, but most Coloradans are proud to enjoy an active lifestyle with plenty of time outside.

One of the things that set Colorado's lifestyle apart is the year-round dedication to the outdoors. Instead of sitting around waiting for the summer to come around, they hike, ski and skate through the winter months. As long as you wrap up warm, what's stopping you from enjoying this beautiful state in any climate?

What's more, Colorado's population is largely young, wealthy and educated. While this means there's plenty of competition for jobs, it also means you can live in a pretty, friendly neighborhood with likeminded folks.

Why Relocate to Colorado?

Let's take a look at some of the reasons why people who live in Colorado love it so much.


Just a few of the industries that are currently thriving in Colorado include mining, farming, aerospace, biochemistry, software development, tourism and agriculture. Colorado has become a hotspot for affluent young people and cities are expanding and growing more than ever as a result. The job market in Colorado is one of the best in the entire United States, and there's no sign of it slowing down any time soon.


When it comes to taxes, Colorado is one of the best states in America. Income taxes are low, at a flat rate of 4.63% and property taxes are exceptionally low. What's more, it has the lowest sales tax of any state that uses the levy. So, if you're into keeping as much of your earnings as possible, The Centennial State could be the place for you.

Colorado State University

CSU is a research school in Fort Collins, and the state's flagship public university campus. It's not expensive compared to other places, with an average cost of around $20,000 per year before aid. The university also has impressive acceptance and graduation rates, at 81% and 67%, respectively.

Ideal for Beer Lovers

If you love beer you'll struggle to find a state more attractive than Colorado. The state has the fourth-highest number of breweries per capita in the United States, with more than 400 throughout the area. Whether you love well known craft beer or prefer small-time microbreweries, you'll find plenty of beer makers, enthusiasts and delicious beverages. On top of amazing producers and a community of beer lovers, there are plenty of awesome beer festivals to attend each year.


Colorado is a passionate state that loves sports and has an abundance of professional teams. Head to Denver's Coors Field to watch the Colorado Rockies play baseball; get down to Dick's Sporting Goods Park for some soccer with the Colorado Rapids or visit the expansive Empower Field at Mile High to see the Denver Broncos annihilate the competition in football matches. Other beloved sports teams include the Colorado Avalanches and the Denver Nuggets.

Rocky Mountains

Colorado is a high altitude state, and there are plenty of mountain ranges to admire and explore, including the world famous Rocky Mountains. The Rocky Mountain National Park pierce the sky at 12,000 feet above sea level, with alpine lakes and breathtaking scenery.

When you climb to the top of Rocky Mountain, you'll feel like you're on top of the world. Plus, with bobcats, mountain lions, picas, deer, coyotes, elk, moose and bears, you can get back to nature and witness some magnificent sights.

Cost of Living

There's no denying that Colorado is an attractive prospect for many people, but good things rarely come cheap. The cost of living is relatively high compared to the rest of the U.S., with housing being a particularly costly area. The mean cost of a home is $231,200 nationally, but it's $384,000 in Colorado, which is significantly higher. Groceries and transportation are also more than the national average, while the cost of health and utilities is slightly cheaper than the U.S. mean.

The Job Market in Colorado

The job market in Colorado is booming, with a recent increase in the minimum wage seeing workers getting paid at least $12.32 per hour. In Denver, you can expect to earn even more, with an impressive minimum wage of $14.77. To give you an idea of how generous this is, consider that the federal minimum wage is $7.25—more than half of Denver's.

Colorado is a great place for jobs, with particular demand for obstetricians and gynecologists, oral surgeons, psychiatrists, chief executives and IT managers.


Coloradan culture is all about sports, nature and outdoor recreation. Boating, biking, snowboarding and skiing are some of the most popular pastimes for locals, who generally love to be outdoors. From fourth-generation cowboys and ranchers to environmental activists and ski-lovers, the people in this state love the land.

Best Places in Colorado


Denver is the most populous city, with over 700,000 residents enjoying the 300 days of sunshine each year, close proximity to the Rocky Mountains National Park and easy access to practically every amenity you could think of. This college town is one of the best places for wholesome lovers of sports and the outdoors to live.

Colorado Springs

Physically the largest city and the second most populated, Colorado Springs has one of the most stunning skylines in the world. Young professionals and families make up the majority of the population thanks to the abundant beauty and relatively low cost of housing compared to other areas in Colorado.

Castle Rock

Castle Rock is a trendy place with awesome shops, restaurants and a ton of opportunities for outdoor recreation. High average household incomes and a low crime rate make this affluent city the perfect spot for ambitious folks to settle down.

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