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Moving Companies Reviews From Our Satisfied Customers

When you choose Allied Van Lines as your mover for a long distance, cross country, international or local move, rest assure that you made the right decision along with countless other customers by viewing our moving company reviews.

It was well scheduled. The driver, loaders & unloaders were great. The only negative was the packers b/c they didn't label the boxes correctly. Half of the boxes were marked garage.

John C  of  Houston, TX

Allied has given me the best experience with the crew and company. They were professional, clean, helpful, and they did not break anything.

Lynda M  of  Virginia Beach, VA

The cost and care that was given to us by the company. The cost of the moving was a major factor. It was lower than the other companies we had looked at and the care that was taken for items.

Jackie G  of  Jackson, MO

I'm very satis w/ Mr. Reddington. The driver jerry did a great job. The driver did an outstanding job.

Michael C  of  Bradenton, FL

Everything went smooth, from the estimate which was accurate till the del. Everything went perfect. Obrien, the local company was outstanding. They called right back, never left me hanging. Great job.

Cindy S  of  Vero Beach, FL

I had the greatest driver who picked me up and took care of my things. He was polite. His helpers were good also. He let me know all along what was going on and where he was. His name is Brian.

Joan M  of  Fremont, NE

My overall experience with them. The professionalism of the person who did the estimate, follow through, and with the packers and unloaders.

Dave B  of  Valdosta, GA

The movers were extremely helpful, polite and friendly. They were courteous and it was nice being around them, as if they were a part of the family.

Larry P  of  Raleigh, NC

The promptness and professionalism by everybody involved. It was raining and the crew did a great job of moving. They were extra careful.

Jan L  of  Niceville, FL

The care they took with my possessions. I have one complaint. I paid for a box for my large screen TV and the movers didn't use the box. They just put it into the truck with a cover over it.

Sandy J  of  Cantonment, FL