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Moving Companies Reviews From Our Satisfied Customers

When you choose Allied Van Lines as your mover for a cross country, international or local move, rest assure that you made the right decision along with countless other customers by viewing our moving company reviews.

They kept me in the loop, answered my questions, caring with my belongings, took care of my needs and treated my house as if it was theirs.

Roger P  of  Cornelius, NC

I was satisfied even though everything did not fit. I have five pieces I am still waiting on. I had a million dollar move and I was impressed. They were very skilled.

Linda C  of  Covington, LA

I think overall the driver and rew were responsbile and responsive. The coordinator was good at communicating with us.

Jeffrey B  of  Melrose, NY

I was overall satisfied with the move. It would have been nicer if they packed and unpacked everything.

John M  of  Naples, FL

The movers and the drivers were courteous, helpful, and they did the extra things that we requested. We asked the movers to move some items. They were very willing and helpful. The move took place during a snowstorm and they did a good job.

Ednid W  of  Woodbridge, VA

I've never moved before so I wouldn't know if the service was worth recommending. However, they did a good job, it was quick and efficient.

Jason H  of  Milwaukee, WI

If they keep hiring people like Ryan they will always get a ten. He didn't have to do what he did. Ryan was very helpful, they went above and beyond the call. They were five star, they did it all out of love.

Christopher W  of  Conroe, TX

Allied was very attentive to detail, proactive with communicating with, and the customer service was great.

Nicholas H  of  Beaumont, TX

I've used them before and they're the first people I called when we decided to move; they worked with me before and did the packing and unpacking. They brought a sofa back which didn't fit through the door. They went above and beyond.

Nick S  of  Washington, DC

I was very pleased in the move, confident in the driver, and consultant was on point answered all questions. Consultant made sure everything was fine.

Evelyn D  of  Glen Allen, VA