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Moving Companies Reviews From Our Satisfied Customers

When you choose Allied Van Lines as your mover for a long distance, cross country, international or local move, rest assure that you made the right decision along with countless other customers by viewing our moving company reviews.

Allied was very professional & they were easy to deal with. The only issue I had was I was hoping they would del my goods a week earlier. However, I did tell them that I was not in a hurry.

Douglas A  of  Richland, MI

Just the overall experience. The movers came on time and were friendly. I am not on social media but I will still recommend Allied personally and I would also very much would like the gift card sent to me directly.

Mark & Renee B  of  Leander, TX

I think it was the total process and service ability, quick response. Very responsive called and followed up with emails.

Suzie & John M  of  Argyle, TX

The fact that the guys came out and packed everything up and they did everything quickly and efficiently.

Shawn S  of  Richardson, TX

The overall approach was good. The sales rep was very attentive and responsive. It was not an easy move and the person was on it. The crew and driver was well equipped and knew what to do.

Phyllis W  of  Philadelphia, PA

They were right on time, the packing, and they finished early. During the loading process, they finished early also. They were here bright and early in the morning. Lee was extremely helpful. The experience was outstanding.

Scott K  of  Madison, MS

It was good. The ppl are good b/c I have seen very bad experiences. It depends on who is doing the move.

Emmanuel L  of  Louisville, KY

The driver and his crew was awesome. I had their personal cell number and we kept in contact. They were very prompt and came 15 minutes early. They were just delightful.

Lou R  of  Nassau Bay, TX

Every body was very nice. They were timely about things, and good at following up. SOME OF THE CREW DIDN'T COME TO UNLOAD, THIS WAS NO FAULT TO ALLIED. DRIVER DID A GOOD JOB.

Christophe S  of  New Braunfels, TX

The team was very professional. Everything was delivered in one piece. They did a great job. We are very satisfied.

Don C  of  Prescott, AZ