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Moving to Kansas City: Everything You Need To Know

Kansas City is the most populous city in Missouri and one of the best places to live in the state. If you want the amenities of a big city with the charm of a small town, Kansas City might be just the place for you. The city’s affordable cost of living, exciting sports, and numerous family-friendly activities make it one of the most attractive cities in the country. If you are planning to relocate to Kansas City, keep reading to learn more about everything this Midwest city has to offer.

Kansas City Movers

Kansas City At a Glance

This rapidly expanding Midwest city has been ranked among the top 50 places to live in the country. It is an excellent place for young graduates or professionals looking for employment opportunities. The city also boasts affordable housing, prestigious colleges, exciting professional sports, amazing arts and culture, and some of the best barbecue in the country. Kansas City has seen a huge influx of new residents in recent years thanks to its affordable cost of living and family-friendly communities. You will also find numerous coffee shops, restaurants, local shops, and events that give the city a real sense of community. 

Cost of Living in Kansas City

Kansas City’s affordable cost of living is one of the biggest factors that make it such a desirable place to live. The overall cost of living is about 8% below the national average, and housing is significantly cheaper here than in many other U.S. cities. Average salaries in the city are around $63K per year, and this is enough to live comfortably, especially compared to other large cities.

Where to Live in Kansas City

Kansas City has super affordable real estate, making it a desirable location for young professionals and families. No matter your budget, lifestyle, or personal taste, there is sure to be a great neighborhood to fit your needs. Here are some of the top neighborhoods in Kansas City: 

Waldo: The Waldo neighborhood is a tight-knit community that is ideal for families with kids. The average housing price is around $211,000, and the average rent is $775 for a one-bedroom. You will find a variety of different home styles in the neighborhood, from craftsman and Tudor to larger Colonial-style homes. The neighborhood also features plenty of fun family events, including the Waldo Fall Festival and the annual Trolley Run. 

Mission Lake: Mission Lake is another great neighborhood for those moving with a family. You will find plenty of mid-century modern and ranch-style homes along the Blue River, which runs through the neighborhood. This safe community boasts top-rated schools and plenty of parks and green spaces. 

Leakwood: This quiet and upscale community is located just minutes from the trendy Overland Park and is close to a number of restaurants, shops, and attractions. Close to the city and all the action, this neighborhood is ideal for both families and young professionals. 

Crossroads Art District (Downtown): Located in the heart of Downtown, this neighborhood is perfect for artists and art lovers. With easy access to the Kansas City Ballet and the Kansas City Orchestra, you can always catch a great show. There are also several great restaurants nearby, which is appealing to foodies. 

Armour Hills: This quaint neighborhood is located in south Kansas City and offers a variety of housing options as well as plenty of public and private schools for families. It is known for its welcoming sense of community and fun festivals and social events.

Economy in Kansas City

Kansas City’s booming economy is yet another draw for new residents. It has an impressive unemployment rate of just 2.8% and an average salary that is higher than the national average. Among the top industries in the city are bioscience, technology, financial services, and food and beverage. The city is also home to prominent employers, including Tyson Foods, T-Mobile, the FDA, and UMB. 

Kansas City Amenities

Kansas City has loads of amenities that make it an attractive place to live. From excellent food and thrilling sports to plentiful parks and Midwest hospitality, there are plenty of things to see and do in this wonderful city. 

Food: Kansas City is definitely known for its mouthwatering BBQ. The sweet and tangy sauces and the hearty meats make it a local favorite. Be sure to check out some local staples, including Joe’s, Slap’s, Q39, and Danny Edwards. Aside from BBQ, there are plenty of other great places to indulge your appetite and enjoy a night out. 

Sports: Though the city only boasts two professional teams (Chiefs NFL and Royals MLB), there is a loyal and passionate fan base for both teams. Football and baseball season are both exciting times in Kansas City, and you can feel the energy and excitement all across the city. 

Outdoor Fun: With a population of just 500k and well over 300 square miles of space, there are plenty of wide-open spaces in Kansas City. You can enjoy the outdoors much of the year, and there are plenty of parks where you can pack a picnic, take the kids, or simply watch the sunset. You can also take an easy road trip to check out nearby attractions, including Table Rock Lake, Fantastic Caverns, Dogwood Canyon, or the Ha Ha Tonka State Park. 

Burgeoning Art Scene: Kansas City has been recognized as having one of the most diverse and welcoming art scenes in the country. You will find everything from funky, modern street murals to contemporary galleries and traditional art museums. You can also catch incredible jazz performances at many local theaters or enjoy live jazz music and local bars and lounges. The city is also home to Walt Disney’s first animation studio, Hallmarks’ headquarters, and the Kansas City Art Institute, so there is art and culture all throughout the city. 

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