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Moving to Madison, WI: Everything You Should Know

Moving to Madison

If you're looking for a great place to live, Madison, WI deserves a look. This beautiful city attracts dozens of entrepreneurs, job seekers, students, families, and retirees from all over the country and beyond. And for a good reason too.

While other states may boast a more exciting or picturesque location, Madison offers all the comforts along with the conveniences. There's so much to do, see, eat and drink that it's hard to know where to start.

Our ultimate guide on Madison will include everything regarding things to do for fun to how much it will cost you to live in certain neighborhoods in the area. Let's dive in.

Top Reasons to Relocate to Madison

Madison, Wisconsin, is an amazing place to call home. There's something about the city that draws people in. It's not only beautiful (thank God) but it's also full of activity - from festivals to music scenes.

So, if you're still not decided yet, here are some of the top reasons why you should move to Madison:

1. One of The Safest Cities

Of course, safety is a huge factor to look at before moving anywhere. According to The Neighborhood Scout, a comprehensive database of real estate data, Madison scored 16 out of 100 in their crime score list.

And although these figures might not seem much, a deeper look shows that less than 10% of reported crimes are violent crimes. Vandalism is still bad, but there are still many great areas where you can live safely.

Mostly, general crime has never been a big issue for residents of Madison.

2. It's A Large College Town

Although Madison is an all-rounded city, it can sometimes feel like one big campus when you visit the west side. The University sort of runs this side of town, and you can see that from the significant drop in population during the summer. This makes Madison a great place for students.

However, if you're not looking for a fully immersed campus lifestyle, you can always live or hang out in the East side of Madison. This side has new apartment complexes, high-rise condos, and even older houses dating back to the early 20th century.

3. Loads of Fun Stuff to do

One thing both sides of Madison have in common is having fun. With a name like "City of Four Lakes", you can tell that most of the fun activities in Madison are mostly outdoor. Most of Madison's downtown, including the famous State Capitol building, is located between Lakes Monona and Mendota.

However, there are three other lakes: Kegonsa, Wingra, and Waubesa. You will find locals boating, canoeing, or kayaking with every chance they get during the hot summers. But whether it's hot or cold, there is never a shortage of fun activities for outdoor fans.

4. Cheese, Cheese, Cheese

When you move to the Capital of America's Dairyland, be ready to fill up on some good old cheese. Madison has dozens of cheese emporiums with flavors that will impress even the most experienced cheese connoisseur with Madison's finest such as Chocolate Cheese Fudge, Ghost Pepper Monterey Jack, and many more.

5. Sustainability

Madison, especially downtown, is well known for encouraging cycling with loads of bike lanes, bike racks on local buses, and bike-sharing services, which can get you to the main town with ease.

As a result, driving is hardly congested, and if you're lucky, your daily trip to and from work will give you panoramic views of Lake Mendota or Monona.

Cost of Living in Madison

According to Best Places, the cost of living in Madison is close to the U. S average. Best Places' living indices are based on the U. S average which stands at 100. At 100.6 Madison comes close, meaning it's affordable to live there. A deeper glance into this shows that housing at 111.1 is the highest expense when living in Madison.

Utilities come in second at 107.5. Below national expenses include groceries, healthcare, and transport at 97.9, 86.3, and 85.5 respectively. To live comfortably in Madison, a family of four needs around $88,283 annually to cover monthly expenses.

Job Market

If you're moving to Madison for a career change, you're in luck. This city is ranked in the top 20 places to find a job, with unemployment of only 3.7%. Industries that have seen significant growth over the past couple of years are the healthcare, tech, insurance and energy fields with top employers like UW Health, Alliant Energy, Epic Systems, and American Family Insurance.

If you're a recent graduate on the job hunt, Madison is the place for you.


Despite being a fast-growing city and upcoming tech hub, Madison exudes an unexpected down-to-earth feeling not seen anywhere else. This metropolitan is one of the few places where urban living co-exists smoothly with a unique Midwestern culture. As a vibrant and exciting city in the heart of Wisconsin's spectacular countryside, Madison is home to friendly people and a welcoming community.

Because Madison is close to the University of Wisconsin, the city is very diverse and attracts creative, passionate people from all walks of life. And the social interaction seems endless.

Best Neighborhoods in Madison, WI

It comes as no surprise that Madison is statistically proven to be one of the most affordable cities in America. With a median home price of $217,000 and a median rent of around $959, it's easy to see why.

The city is full of safe, budget-friendly neighborhoods with great schools, friendly communities, and a lot of stuff to do. So, this makes finding your dream home easy. Here are some great places to live in Madison:


  • Population - >2,590

  • Median rent $1,098

  • Median home value of $376, 950

  • Schools Around: Memorial High School, Jefferson Middle School

This is one of the most coveted neighborhoods around. Dudgeon is on the popular Monroe Street that is packed with countless coffee shops, bars, restaurants, art galleries, and local favorites like Barriques Wine Cave.

You can walk or bike to a nearby attraction like Wingra Park and Lake Wingra where you can go for a hike, kayak, or canoe. The Dudgeon-Monroe neighborhood is great for young professionals and families. And with architectural styles like Cape Cod, Colonial, Bungalow, and Prairie Designs, you will find your dream home.


  • Population- > 2,290

  • Median rent of $ 1,119

  • Median home value $259,299

  • Lincoln Elementary School and West High School

Centered on the famous Westmorland Park, this lively neighborhood is great for people looking for a start. The park is 12 acres of pure open green space that is connected to several bike trails leading to nearby parks, UW campus, the UW Arboretum, and downtown. For this reason, Westmorland ranks among the best walkable neighborhoods around.

The neighborhood also boasts plenty of amenities like grocery stores, local events, restaurants, coffee shops, and shopping. In terms of architecture, you have the option of choosing from Ranch-style design homes, Colonial Designs, as well as Cape Cod Style homes.

Wexford Village

  • Population -.2,590

  • Median rent $1,098

  • Median home price of $247,950

  • Schools Around - Stephens Elementary School and Memorial High School

If your party days are well behind you, Wexford offers a respite away from the common college theatrics. Great for young professionals and families looking to settle, this neighborhood is on the West side of town with plenty of ponds, parks, and easy access to the mall.

Because of being in a prime location, the neighborhood also boasts plenty of amenities like grocery shops, coffee shops, public transits, and great restaurants.

Nakoma League

  • Population - > 1,526

  • Median home prices for $334,433

  • Median rent $1,017

  • Schools Around - Thoreau Elementary School, West High School

The Nakoma League is a safe place to stay but relatively pricier compared to other neighborhoods. On the borders of the Odana Road on the North and the Illinois Central Railway downtown is about 3 miles east.

The neighborhood is very appealing to families. The Nakoma League's mission is "to promote friendliness among the members and contribute to the welfare of the community."

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