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Moving to Chattanooga, TN: Everything You Should Know

Moving to Chattanooga

If you're in the market for a new home or wondering if it's time to make the move to a new place, you're searching for the right place.

Whether your dreams lie in entrepreneurship, tech, or just having a good and balanced life, Chattanooga is slowly transforming into the city to be. Based at the foot of Mt. Lookout on River Tennessee, this metropolitan area easily earns its Scenic City title.

Yes. Chattanooga is popular among outdoor fans but the Gig City, a nickname given for having the biggest citywide gigabit internet speed, is uniformly tempting to job seekers looking to profit from the growing job market and high quality of life.

This guide is for anyone looking to move to Chattanooga, TN, or anyone who still needs that extra nudge.

Let's dive in.

Top Reasons to Relocate to Chattanooga

Chattanooga has a lot to offer. From the crime-free downtown area to the University of Tennessee and the local music and culinary scene. This city is a great place to live and raise a family.

And there are many reasons why so many people move to this city. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should consider moving to Chattanooga, TN:

1. Panoramic Scenery

For many people, the Chattanooga area ranks as one of the best places to travel in America. It is a great mix of beautiful parks, historical buildings, restaurants, and entertainment venues. During the best season (Spring), there are a ton of outdoor activities for those wanting to get outside. And the summers are not that bad either.

Take a boat out on the river to get a better perspective of how this city is.

2. Green Urbanism

Yes, there are cities with larger mountains but none of them has the views that Chattanooga offers. Well, there are no glaciers near Chattanooga, but the Appalachian Mountains offer their kind of charm.

City planners have integrated the city with nature to enhance better lifestyles. The metropolitan is full of bike trails and the mountains are easily accessible.

3. Big City Feel in Less Space

Chattanooga offers all the amenities you can expect in the bigger cities without all the negative aspects of the big city life like too many people and hours of traffic.

The city is slow-paced and friendly yet sophisticated with dozens of cultural activities. There are many popular spots for restaurants, including The Hamilton Public House (if you're a beer geek), Knott's Berry Farm (which just opened a new & expanded location) and Bellaire Ice Cream.

4. Activities

All around Chattanooga are campgrounds, hiking trails, and other fun activities that nature enthusiasts will enjoy. On a good day, you will find residents walking one of the seven trails in the Big Daddy Loop on the Lookout Mountain.

On other days, you can navigate the waterfalls in North Chickamauga Creek. The Tennessee River also offers many recreational opportunities, both along the banks and inside the water.

5. Up and Coming City

Chattanooga is one of several cities in Tennessee that have rebounded from the recession. The area is experiencing large-scale population growth and boasts vibrant art and entertainment scene.

The city is also home to several Fortune 500 companies and Fortune 100 universities, including the Tennessee State University, which is known as a Regional Business Hub for its commitment to community-based collaboration and collaboration with private sector partners.

Cost of Living

If you're planning on moving to Chattanooga, you'll be pleased to know that you don't require millions to live comfortably in Chattanooga. Housing is surprisingly affordable for a city this size. The median price for homes is $ 166,800, which is less than the Tennessee housing cost.

If you're looking to rent in Chattanooga, you'll see that rent is affordable compared to other cities of the same size. The areas also have the lowest fuel prices compared to other cities too.

Also, according to Area Vibes, the general cost of living in Chattanooga is at a low of 91, which is less than the national average of 100. However, Tennessee ranks lower with a score f 89. Groceries seem to be the most expensive amenity in Chattanooga, going toe-to-toe with a national average of 100.

Job Market

Along with the city's beauty, a stable economy is one of the major reasons people come here looking for work. Chattanooga is currently experiencing significant growth in both jobs and wages, since it's a transit hub, meaning there are plenty of work options to choose from.

The average salary in the city is around $56k annually, with hourly rates averaging at $16.33.

Top employers in Chattanooga include:

  • Blue Cross BlueShield of Tennessee

  • Tennessee Valley Authority

  • Volkswagen Group of America, and much more.

Gig City's innovative infrastructure and fast internet speeds make Chattanooga a hotspot for technology. A perfect place for remote work. So much that it has attracted work-from-home employees from big companies like Spotify, Stripe, and Netflix.


Life can be exciting in Chattanooga. A metropolitan like this attracts workers who thrive on a vibrant, friendly network of like-minded individuals. And this community spirit extends well beyond functional business sectors like manufacturing and agriculture.

The quality of life in this city is conducive to people who appreciate arts, crafts, music and food. The town is filled with friendly residents, world-class dining, and exciting events for the entire family. Whether you've arrived for business or are moving to enjoy our friendly culture and friendly people, Chattanooga is the place for you.

Everywhere you go, you can expect to be greeted with a smile and a friendly handshake. The residents here are pleasant to be around, and you'll find them to be great neighbors.

Best Neighborhoods

Chattanooga is a city on the rise. A place where small businesses thrive, art is celebrated and families are happy together. This small city has different neighborhoods with different conveniences and vibes. Here's our top 4 neighborhoods list in Chattanooga:

1. Lookout Mountain

This place has for a long time been a hidden gem of Chattanooga. With a population of around 2,000, this community sits along the border of Georgia and Tennessee in the highly sought after mountain range.

Here, you will find an excellent public school system, houses with breathtaking views, and well-planned recreational programs.

However, the median home value in this neighborhood is a bit high. According to Zillow, the median home value in 2021 is $663,210. Values have gone up by 10.3% in the past year. If you prefer renting, the average rent in the area is around $3,000 per month. These prices are reasonable considering the views most houses offer.

2. Red Bank

Red Bank is a quiet suburb just minutes away from Downtown Chattanooga. Located along Signal Mountain, this great neighborhood is a community of around 12,000 people. And you can expect beautiful homes with stunning views in this part of the city.

Another great feature about Red Bank is the easy access to most amenities. For example, the neighborhood has a community pool, playgrounds, and ball fields for most outdoor activities. Another bonus is that the Tennessee River(park) is just a few minutes away.

If you're looking to buy a home, the median home value is around $162,000 with prices going up each month. For those looking to buy land, the price per square foot in Red Bank goes for $160. However, you'll be getting some of the best real estate deals here.

3. East Brainerd

This is a small community of around 14,000, about 20 minutes from Downtown Chattanooga. The area is widely known for having the best shopping centers, well-grounded neighborhoods, and a Southern lifestyle.

Here, most residents live in townhomes and single-family homes. However, the median home value is $221,400 but prices might be different when scouting.

4. Riverfront

The Riverfront area is just what it sounds like. A large area close to the river. This large swath recently went under a $125 million revitalization, with upscale apartments, townhomes, and condos with a great view of the Tennessee River.

Often considered a hub for the city's tourism industry, the Riverfront is also a great place to stay in Chattanooga on a budget. No matter how much you have, you will eat and sleep well in this part of the city.

The Riverfront is also well connected to other parts of the city, making movement a lot much easier.

How Allied Van Lines Can Help You Move to Chattanooga

When people want to do something big and change the world, they are attracted to places like Chattanooga. Chattanooga is one of those cities that seems like it's always been here — a place with a past, but a future still bright.

A city filled with bustling industries, hip boutiques and charming parks. A city where creative minds can thrive alongside tech talent, and where neighbors come together to improve the quality of life for all. All these reasons are great for finally deciding to move here.

However, moving comes with its problems. Transport costs, breakages, fatigue, just to name a few.

But here's the great news.

If you're thinking about moving to this great city, Allied Van Lines is well-known for offering an extensive network of reliable, talented movers. Whether you need help with transit or estimating the total cost of moving, we have the solution! Let us help you move with ease.