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Moving to Chicago: What You Need to Know

Most people hate moving places. Transport logistics, culture shock, higher cost of living, and starting all over are among the top reasons for not wanting to move houses. However, moving houses isn't always a bad idea.

Moving to Chicago, for instance, can open new opportunities for you. If you knew not, Windy City is the third-largest metropolitan area in the US. So, it's pretty developed and is home to numerous skyscrapers. Most of these spectacular high-rise buildings are located in the Loop, a downtown area of Chicago. With a keen eye, it's easy to see the many available opportunities.

According to the CNN cost of living calculator, moving to Chicago could mean relief for your wallet. The source indicates that the cost of living in Windy City is lower than in other major cities in the US. On average, rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,341 per month. Two-bedroom apartments go for $1,744 per month. That's 70% cheaper than other cities like LA. Also, residents of Chicago spend 20% less on utilities compared to residents of other big cities in the US.

Sounds good? Here are more details to help you to prepare adequately.

Chicago River Cityscape Water Taxi Tourboat Cruising in Summer

You'll Freeze!

If you're planning to move to Chicago, it's advisable to prepare for low winter temperatures. Schools in Chicago close down because it's risky for students to walk in sub-zero temperatures. So, you may want to replace your current winter hats and coats.

Chicagoans' winter wear looks like a sleeping bag and has a hood. You can get that or just put on several layers of cloth. Water-proof boots are a must-have. Also, the weather is pretty unpredictable. So, make sure you're always prepared for snowstorms, the -10 degrees weather, and wind! Some essentials include an umbrella with vents, a shove, a snow brush, gloves, jumper cables, and water.

However, there's always something to do regardless of the harsh weather. Following are some activities you'll find enjoyable when you move to Chicago:

  • Join other beer enthusiasts for Chicago winter beer fests
  • Visit the Lincoln Park Zoo's for a memorable wildlife experience
  • Take part in the infamous Lake Michigan polar plunge
  • Grab your foldable lawn, a traffic cone, recliner, and table, and celebrate the Dibs season with the rest.

Your Neighborhood Really Matters

Chicago comprises nine districts that are further divided into 77 neighborhoods. It's easy to identify the regions through their distinct demographics, history, culture, and attractions. So, prepare to adjust to your neighborhood way of life as you plan to move to Chicago.

The Northern side neighborhood: It's home to young people and students. Concerts, baseball tournaments, street fests, and cub games are never in short supply. For your boutique shopping needs, Lincoln Park got you covered.

The Western side neighborhood: It can be an excellent alternative for Chicago's North and Downtown areas. It's a relatively affordable neighborhood that's home to famous tenants like Blackhawk and Chicago bulls. The Wicker Park churches are also found here.

The Loop: Located on the southern side of Chicago, most of your neighbors will be empty nesters, professional's students, and artists. The Loop is also a tourist destination, thanks to the many attractions in the region. Expect to see restricted lake views, entertainment, dining joints overlooking the lake, and spectacular architecture.

Chicago Southside: This neighborhood boasts of African-American heritage. The Museum Campus Monuments, DuSable Museum, Stony Island Arts Bank, and amazing Chinatown food is the true definition of a deeply rooted multi-racial cultural heritage. However, the area is said to have complex health concerns like the prevalence of chronic diseases.

Chicagoans are Nice

Your moving to Chicago will confirm to you that the world isn't as bad as portrayed. Chicagoans are friendly. You'll always find someone to help you find your way if you ever get lost. No snobs. Residents are used to the ever-happy conductors that greet passengers while letting you know about the day's weather.

No matter how late they are, Chicagoans are courteous—no shoving you on the road during rush hours. You can ask for another piece of pizza; order some more fries—no one will judge you. Simply put, Chicago is like one big family where love abounds.

It's a Well Planned City Too

It's uncommon for visitors to lose their way in Chicago. The city's flat terrain, plus well-defined street grids, and sidewalks will help you navigate the Windy City with great ease. In addition, you can rely on the renowned "zero, zero" intersection to find your way.

The "zero, zero" refers to the intersection point between State Street and Madison Street. All the addresses in Chicago are labeled depending on their location from "zero, zero." In other words, addresses are identified depending on whether they fall north or south (of Madison Street) or east or west (of State Street.) Also, the address numbers increase as you move further from "zero, zero." So, ensure you locate "zero, zero" when you move to Chicago. It's the easiest way to navigate the big city.

If you love walking, you'll be joining the many Chicago walkers in several places. Your first option is the 2.7-mile multi-use elevated trail and park known as Linear park or 606. Aside from walkers, it's a recreation place for many bikers and runners. Your second option is Riverwalk in downtown Chicago while the third can be Lakeview Low-Line artwalk. Lastly, you've got the Burnham Wildlife Corridor and some more to come soon, like the planned 4-mile long Pilsen's Paseo Trail.

Moving to Chicago Is Moving to the City That Works

Apart from the Windy City and the Second City, Chicago is also known as the city that works. This is because Chicagoans are hard-working plus, the city is also the home of big brands. Boeing, McDonald's, Kraft Foods Group, Allstate Corporation, and Caterpillar Inc. are some of the established companies headquartered in Chicago. In total, 31 fortune 500 companies are located in Illinois, Chicago. So, chances of finding work or growing in your career are pretty high in Chicago.

How Allied Van Lines Can Help you move to Chicago

At Allied Van Lines, we understand that moving places can be stressful. Besides being expensive, it can cause untold anxiety. However, we also know that proper planning can make it a memorable experience. So, there's no need to worry about the nitty-gritty of moving to Chicago. We can effectively handle that for you. After all, we've been in the moving business for over 85 years and handled over 750,000 moves in the US.

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