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Moving to Syracuse, NY: Everything You Need To Know

Syracuse may be the most resilient city in America. After years of rising unemployment and a shrinking population, it is now one of the most popular moving destinations in New York and, according to the U.S. News and World Report, one of the best places to live in America. The city has even begun attracting young professionals, eager to take advantage of the city’s educational opportunities, as well as its burgeoning economy, rising quality of life, thriving culture, and proximity to nature. If you’ve never thought about living in Syracuse, here are a few benefits you ought to consider.

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World Class Education

Syracuse is home to Syracuse University, a top-tier research institution with forty interdisciplinary centers that provide students with a chance to work alongside faculty on innovative projects in their field. Undergraduates can choose from over 200 highly ranked majors and minors, while graduates can pursue more than 240 advanced degrees ranging from psychology to journalism to biology, engineering, fitness, and computer science.

For younger students, the city’s high schools offer plenty of opportunities to build the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in higher education. Advanced placement classes and college prep courses help students achieve high scores in math, reading, and science. The city not only provides a solid academic foundation, it works with parents to establish strong home to school relationships, to help parents remain active in their child’s education.

Syracuse, NY skyline

Abundant Job Opportunities

Syracuse rose to prominence during the 20th century as a major industrial center, and industry still plays a significant role in its economy. Carrier, General Electric, and Lockheed Martin all operate facilities in the area, producing advanced energy, aerospace, and defense technology. What’s more, computer manufacturer Micron has announced construction of four new plants expected to bring thousands of jobs and over $100 billion into the city over the next 20 years, with construction beginning in 2024.

But while Syracuse has historically relied on manufacturing, in recent years it has shifted rapidly into a service and knowledge based economy. Upstate University Health System and Syracuse University are now the city’s largest employers, along with Wegmans Food Markets, a regional chain that operates over 100 stores along the Atlantic Seaboard. This increased diversity has helped the city weather recessions better than many of its neighbors. And the trend looks to continue. The low cost of doing business in Syracuse has made it one of the top 50 cities for business relocation and expansion, which is likely to lead to more investment and greater demand for skilled professionals.

Comfortable and Affordable Lifestyle

The cost of living in Syracuse is low compared to most other U.S. cities. Syracusans spend 12 percent less than the average American on food, child care, transportation, health care, taxes, and other necessities, and 28 percent less than the average New Yorker.

But the real savings are in housing. On average, home buyers can expect to pay an astonishing 50 percent less in Syracuse than they would in the rest of the country and 71 percent less than they would in the rest of New York. Apartments rent for 25 percent less than the rest of the country and 81 percent less than the rest of the state. Small wonder so many ambitious people are moving here. Low costs and competitive salaries allow skilled workers to live especially well.

Events and Culture

If you don’t like spending weekends at home, living in Syracuse provides plenty to do. The city is packed with theaters, museums, and art galleries, not to mention some of the biggest cultural events in the state, including:

  • Everson Museum of Art. This innovative space contains over 11,000 pieces of American and international artwork: paintings, sculptures, drawings, videos, graphics, and one of the largest holdings of international ceramics in the nation.
  • Syracuse University Art Museum. Its permanent collection and traveling exhibitions provide a glimpse into overlooked aspects of American culture, as well as ideas and traditions from overseas.
  • Landmark Theater. A premier performing arts center that hosts Broadway shows, breakout comedians, award-winning musicians, and live orchestra events based on popular movies and TV shows.
  • The Song and Dance. Rock out to your favorite bands at this multi-sensory concert hall, with spectacular lighting design and fantastic performances from some of America’s loudest and hottest bands.
  • YMCA Downtown Writers Center. A home for wordsmiths and bookworms, where aspiring writers can receive feedback on their latest work and attend readings from some of the area’s most exciting poets and novelists.
  • Syracuse Orange. When Syracuse students aren’t hitting the books, they’re hitting the courts, fields, and stadiums. The school's 20 varsity teams provide non-stop excitement for thousands of fans. With a game practically every weekend from September-April, you can be sure of plenty of action.
  • The Great New York State Fair. America’s first and largest state fair, with over 500 musical performances from local bands and touring musicians. Companies come from as far away as Texas, California, and Canada to exhibit their products and services. There are more than 90 rides in the Midway and, with over 200 food vendors, you won’t have to worry about going hungry. 

Gateway to the Great Outdoors

Syracuse provides ready access to the lakes, rivers, and mountains of Upstate New York. With a landscape that changes dramatically with the seasons, even familiar trails feel new, creating fresh opportunities for adventure. Perhaps most impressive are the waterfalls, some as high as 140 feet, which cascade through the cliffs and forests surrounding the city. Peaceful, scenic, and inspiring, these incredible features are the perfect destination for a family picnic or short day trip.

But if you prefer being out on the water, the Finger Lakes to the south offer fantastic opportunities for swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, and fishing. Carved during the Ice Age, these glacial reservoirs are crystal clear, with blue and turquoise water, encircled by imposing cliffs and charming woodlands. There are miles of hiking trails as well. Climb up rocky outcrops, to magnificent peaks overlooking the city or clamber down and follow the rivers that wind through the hills and valleys. The truly brave can venture underground, to explore the wild caves hiding beneath the sprawling wilderness.

During winter, residents can ski, snowboard, and sled at Labrador Mountain or Song Mountain or ride a horse-drawn sleigh through the county parks. Hiking trails are open to snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, letting you experience your favorite spots in a whole new way.

Moving to Syracuse, NY

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