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Moving to Montana: What You Need to Know

Montana has become a popular destination for both Americans and international residents during these pandemic times. There are now more people moving to Montana every week than there have ever been in our history. And for a good reason too. From affordable housing to first class amenities everywhere around town, single people and families alike are switching their attention to this metropolitan area.

Whether you are part of the preppers, survivalists, or just looking for the perfect retirement spot, it’s important to familiarize yourself with what’s happening here before you decide to make the big move! Below we describe what you need to know before making that big move.

If you’re one of the many seeking the type of life that only Montana can offer, look no further than this guide. This article offers tips, advice, and answers to questions potential residents might ask themselves when thinking about moving to Montana.

Downtown Billings, Montana

Top Reasons to Relocate to Montana

Whether you are moving for your initial retirement, relocating due to your employment opportunities, or just want to start something new, Montana is an excellent place to consider. Also known as the Big Sky Country, Montana is much more than beautiful scenery—from education to taxes to affordable neighborhoods, here are the top 6 reasons you should move to Montana:

1. Outdoor Recreation is Endless

With the breathtaking views and plenty of opportunities to get away from it all, living in Montana shouldn’t be any difficult decision. The beauty of living here is that there are endless opportunities for outdoor hobbies, activities, and recreation. Whether you are interested in kayaking, sailing, tubing, snowshoeing, or just want to get outside to enjoy nature and mountains; there are plenty of indoor and outdoor activity opportunities for you to enjoy in Montana.

You can visit Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park on your weekend or go fishing with a bunch of friends, it's all up to you.

2. The State is Rich with History

Montana is a state rich in history. The earliest recorded inhabitants were Native Americans. In the 1800s Lewis and Clark Expedition discovered the place and it quickly turned into a favorite for fur traders. Years later, gold was discovered which attracted many people to its mountainous terrain.

Today, Montana is a diverse economy with different beautiful wildlife. You can learn more about Montana in the Museums.

3. Montana is Home to Top-Ranked Colleges and Universities

What many people love about Montana — and what gives it the edge over other states— is the academic opportunities. Not only are there numerous colleges in the state, but every one of them offers something that will interest and intrigue you.

Some of the higher learning institutions in Montana include:

  • Montana State University
  • Carroll College
  • Rocky Mountain College
  • University of Montana Western
  • And many more.

4. There are Enough Jobs for Everyone

Montana is a fast-growing economy with the 8th fastest GDP growth among all states. With booming industries like tourism, mining, agriculture, and timber, you can expect a robust job market and a healthy economy when you decide to move to Montana.

5. Property Taxes are Low

If you're planning to buy property in Montana, then you'll be glad to know that property taxes here are lower compared to the country's average. It doesn’t matter if you live in a gated community or an apartment building, property taxes are lower in Montana than they are in almost every state.

According to WalletHub, Montana has ranked 20/50 states with real estate tax rates of 0.85% compared to the national average of 1.19%.

6. There are Many Vibrant Cities in Montana

Living in Montana is a unique experience. Aside from the magnificent scenery, and the great snow sports, you will find small towns with shops, parks, and all you'd need.

Bozeman is such a town where people looking to live an active lifestyle and enjoy outdoor activities should consider moving to.

Cost of Living in Montana

The general living cost in Montana is 6.29% cheaper when compared to the national average. This is because of three factors. First, the state has more energy resources than most states. This means more demand for electricity which results in less cost to consumers. Second, Montana's population is more mobile which means the state has more visitors who bring items with them when they move from place to place. Because of this, homes and businesses are often close to where people work so they can serve as an energy source when necessary. And lastly, the low taxation levels.

However, living costs in Montana vary depending on where you live. The state's largest cities like Helena, Billings, and Medford have very high costs but smaller towns tend to be cheaper. With even more opportunity for cost reduction within cities, you'll find that living costs in Montana really aren't that bad.


Away from the beautiful scenery and extensive national parks, Montana is home to 12 Native American tribes and they only make up 6.3% of the entire population. When it comes to diversity and inclusion, Montana ranks among the top in any list.

The people of Montana are many and varied. While some speak good English, most Montanans speak small-town English. Most of them are friendly and helpful but may have some funny accents. The common thread that connects these people is their love of their country and its people.

Best Places to Live in Montana

1. Four Corners

A small but quiet and perfect place to get away from the pressures of the city, Four Corners is the perfect destination for families looking into suburban living.

With just over 3,000 residents, Four Corners is home to some of the best schools in Montana. And although the median home value is slightly more than the national average, the median rent is affordable.

2. Livingston

Found South-West of Montana is Livingston, the Park County City. This solid rounder is just one hour away from Yellowstone National Park and offers good schools, great housing, and low crime rates.

As if that was not enough, the city is also known for its vibrant nightlife and is the perfect spot for anybody who loves the nightlife.

With affordable costs of living and a median rent of $639, Livingston has become a popular choice for Millennials looking to stay in Montana.

3. Helena

Helena is home to around 29,600 residents. Being the state capital, Helena offers a suburban feel with all the amenities and facilities you could ask for.

Surprisingly, house prices are affordable despite being a bit higher than the national average. For around $160,000 you can own a cozy two-bedroom near the city park.

The city is a little behind the times, and most facilities could use a little upgrade, but resident satisfaction is high.

4. Missoula

Located West of Montana, Missoula is a combination of cultural, arty, and natural living. This residential area is home to some great historical artifacts.

With a suburban feel to it, Missoula is also home to great schools and amenities, making it the perfect place for residents looking to raise a family.

And although the town has a suburban feel, you're only a few minutes away from some of Montana's greatest landscapes.

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