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Moving and Storage Company

We have been in the business of moving and storage for 95 years. Whether local moving or long-distance moving, Allied has trained professionals that know what goes into this process. That means that there is no full-service moving and storage company better equipped to handle your moving and storage needs, no matter where in the world you are going.

Allied has a global presence with locations and representatives all over the United States and the world. Searching for "moving and storage near me"? With 500 agent locations in North America, offices in over 40 countries spanning Europe and Asia-Pacific, and representatives in 135 other countries dotting the globe, your moving and storage needs cannot be better met by anyone but Allied Van Lines.

What a Moving and Storage Company Can Do for You

A professional moving company with storage can do more than load your furniture onto a truck and transport it. The company can make your move easier than you ever imagined. Professional movers can pack, transport, and store items until you need access to them. Whether you need to move cross-country, to a new office, across town or long-distance moves, Allied Van Lines can handle the task.

We understand that there are many reasons why you may need moving and storage services. We provide our customers with many flexible moving and storage options to cater directly to these needs. There is no storage need that we cannot accommodate for our customers during their move.

Short-term and Long-term Storage Options

Storage-in-transit is available for your belongings for up to 90 days. After 90 days, goods are transferred to permanent storage. Wondering, "how long will moving companies store your stuff?" Storage is a good option if you are not yet able to move into your new home for any reason. However, there are many other reasons why storage and moving services may be needed during a move.

Maybe you need temporary storage for newly purchased furniture that you want to store while waiting to move into your new home. Perhaps you're trying to better market your house, and clearing out some items and putting them into storage is the best way to do so. Maybe your family is moving from a larger home to a small ranch in the country, and not all your existing furniture will fit. We have storage for this purpose as well.

Moving but don‘t need a huge truck? Then use Allied Express - a container-like option offering an alternative move solution compared with portable storage containers like Pods®, Pack Rat®, and a U-pack Relocube®.

There is no moving and storage need we cannot meet. For whatever the reason, however much you want to store and for however long you need to store it, Allied can accommodate your belongings. Our storage-in-transit and permanent storage options ensure that if you cannot or do not want to move all your belongings at once, they can be held by us until you are ready.

During Moving, Storage Facilities Must be Secure

At Allied, we understand how important your valued possessions are to you. We offer only the safest, most secure storage facility to house your belongings. Our special crates ensure that your belongings will not be damaged while in storage. Our secure facilities are climate-controlled, have alarm systems and 24-hour security. There's no need to worry about your belongings when Allied is storing them for you.

When We Provide Storage, Moving is Easier

Your moving and storage services requirements are completely taken care of when you move with Allied. Not only are our storage locations convenient and secure, but our pricing is affordable. So whether you need to store a couple of things temporarily or many things for an extended period of time, you can do so cost-effectively and worry-free. Our moving and storage services have been designed to specifically cater to you, our valued customer.

Let the Moving Company Handle Your Packing

Moving companies can free up your time and relieve stress by packing and loading your belongings. Wondering "how much does it cost to store furniture with a moving company?" Moving companies have the boxes, materials, and know-how to pack your items so that they remain safe and intact during transport. After they transport the items to your new home or place of business, the movers will put the boxes where you direct them. If you need items unpacked, movers can also do that for you. Movers can place your equipment or furniture where you want it, so you do not need to worry about heavy lifting. You can put your finishing touches on the space once everything is in its place.

Get Your Home Ready to Sell with Long or Short-term Storage

Experts recommend staging a house to help home buyers imagine how the space will work for them. If you have personal photos and furnishings that make your home feel a little cluttered, why not put those items in storage before you place your house on the market? A moving company can pack, do the loading, transport, and store extra items until you are ready to move them to your new home. You can select the items you wish to store and let the moving company take them to a secure, climate-controlled storage facility. The items can remain in storage for a few weeks or several months if needed. You can focus on staging your home to attract the best offer. If you sell your current house before you close on a new one, wondering "where to store furniture in between moves?" do not worry. You can be confident that your stored belongings will be secure and ready for you when you are ready to move them into your new home.