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Moving to Detroit: Everything You Need To Know

Detroit is the largest city in the midwestern state of Michigan and one of the most unique cities in the country. Famous for being the automobile capital of the world, Detroit has earned the nickname “Motor City.” In addition to the automotive industry, Detroit is also known for its distinctive Motown sound and iconic music scene. Its robust business atmosphere, rich cultural diversity, countless recreational opportunities, and affordable cost of living make Detroit an ideal location for young singles, professionals, or families.

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Life in Detroit

With a population of about 640,000 people, Detroit ranks as Michigan’s largest city by both size and population. It is located just below the thumb in the mitt of Michigan, about 280 miles east of Chicago. It is also directly across the Detroit River from Canada, which connects Lake Erie and Lake St.Clair. Detroit is home to a mix of ethnic backgrounds and is truly a melting pot of cultural diversity. The city’s low cost of living and exciting amenities attract thousands of millennials and make the city a suitable place to live for people of all lifestyles. 

Cost of Living in Detroit

One of the best parts about living in Detroit is the affordable housing and living expenses. In fact, Detroit ranks among the top 35 cities in the U.S. with the lowest cost of living. Median home prices in Detroit are a mere $85,000, coming in much lower than that national average for home prices which is $425,000. Keep in mind, however, that the median annual income in Detroit also comes in much lower than other U.S. cities. Utilities, groceries, and transportation expenses are also below the national average. 

Weather in Detroit

You can expect a nice change of season in Detroit, with warm summers and cold winters. You should prepare yourself for snow, as Detroit sees plenty of snow accumulation during the winter months. January is the coldest month, with temperatures as low as the teens, while summers are warm and mild, with temperatures topping out around 83 degrees. 

Economy and Job Growth

Detroit’s economy was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, though it has seen tremendous growth and recovery in the past few years. In fact, job opportunities are forecasted to grow at nearly 30% in the next ten years, a promising statistic for those looking to relocate to the Motor City. The economy is best known as a center for the automobile industry and is home to the “Big Three'' auto manufacturers, General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler, which are all headquartered in the city. Aside from the automotive industry, Detroit is also home to global manufacturing giants, tech firms, as well as a number of start-ups, making it one of the most innovative cities in the country.

Where to Live in Detroit

If you are planning to relocate to Detroit, you may be wondering which neighborhood will best suit you. Whether you are looking to invest in a fixer-upper, settle in an established neighborhood, or reside in a trendy community, Detroit has plenty of great neighborhoods to choose from. Here are some of the top neighborhoods in the Motor City: 

Sherwood Forest: Though it sounds like it’s straight out of Robinhood, this quaint neighborhood is the most popular area to buy a house in Detroit. This historic neighborhood is full of gorgeous homes from the 1920s and 1930s. You will find plenty of tree-lined streets surrounding the homes as well as close access to parks and just a 20-minute commute from Downtown. 

Jefferson-Chalmers: Located in the eastern part of the city and resting along the edge of the Detroit River lies the beautiful Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood. Known for its stately mansions, charming ranch-style homes, and 100-year-old brick roads, this gorgeous community is ideal for families and those who prefer waterfront living. 

Midtown: Just a quick 15-minute drive from Downtown, Midtown puts you close to the heart of the city. With a variety of housing options, from high-rise apartments to historic homes, this trendy neighborhood is popular with young professionals and those looking to be close to all the action. You will find plenty of shops, restaurants, and cultural events, all within a short distance from this popular neighborhood. 

Music and Art

Detroit may be known as the Motor City, but its musical influence is still strong all across the city, which has earned its other nickname, Detroit Rock City. It is home to Motown and has also been home to a number of famous musicians, including Aretha Franklin, The Temptations, Eminem, Madonna, Lizzo, The White Stripes, and many others. Detroit features top-notch talent in local music venues and is almost always a stop on every big artist’s tour. 

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