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Moving to Portland: Everything You Must Know

Portland is among the most popular relocation destinations for people from all over the country. This Pacific Northwest city attracts millennials, college students, and creative spirits looking for a hip, thriving, progressive culture. The city boasts a stunning backdrop, as it is nestled just beneath Mt. Hood. Picturesque views are everywhere you turn, making Portland a great destination for those who love nature. The city also has awesome urban amenities, outdoor access, a great food and drink scene, and friendly communities.

Portland Movers

Life in Portland

Portland is the most populated city in Oregon and has seen a boom in population growth over the past decade. Due in large part to its growing technology industry and booming economy, Portland attracts young professionals from all walks of life. Though the cost of living in Portland is higher than the national average, it still comes in below other major cities like Seattle, San Francisco, and L.A. Despite the high real estate prices, residents still enjoy an excellent quality of life thanks to the diverse population, outdoor recreation, and eclectic vibe that can only be found in this West Coast gem.

Working in Portland

One of the draws to Portland is the thriving economy. The prominence of startups and local entrepreneurs has drawn thousands of newcomers to the city. There are more than 1,200 tech companies in Portland, earning it the nickname “Silicon Forest.” Nike and Adidas are also headquartered in Portland, making the city a hub for footwear enthusiasts. Oregon Health & Science University also employs more than 15,000 people, and other area hospitals and private companies employ even more in the healthcare and bioscience sectors. Portland is also a stronghold for nonprofit organizations, with dozens located in and around the city.

Where to Live in Portland

Portland boasts a diverse array of neighborhoods, so choosing the right one will depend on your personal interests and lifestyle.


Downtown Portland is one-square mile of amenities, including restaurants, shopping, entertainment, and access to public transportation. It is ideal for those who want to simply step outside their door to explore all the city has to offer.


Southeast Portland attracts a young, hipster crowd due to endless options for drinking, shopping, and exploring. Here you will find streets lined with performers, jewelry makers, local artists, and quirky individuals that have helped the city earn the tagline, “Keep it weird.” Enjoy a cup of joe at a local coffee shop or people-watching as you go for a stroll in this neighborhood.


The southwest is dominated by three college campuses, making it an obvious choice for many students. Here you will find a lot of apartments and high-rise complexes that provide residents with a close proximity to the city’s amenities without being directly downtown.


This area is a blend of residential and industrial areas. You will find beautiful homes climbing the hills and miles of walking trails, along with high-end shopping and stunning views of the city.


Northeast Portland is a settled and great neighborhood for families and is also considered one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the city. You will find plenty of cocktail bars, boutiques, and even ice cream shops.

Getting Around Portland

Portland continuously ranks as one of the top cities for public transportation in America. The community works hard to reduce traffic congestion and pollution, part of what makes the city so green.You can easily navigate the city by bus or streetcar with the connected TriMet System. The Max light rail system also makes plenty of stops throughout the city. With over 350 miles of bikeways and trails, many residents also prefer to explore the city by bike. The city’s infrastructure is also designed with pedestrians in mind, helping the city earn a top spot as one of the most walkable cities in the country.

Things to do in Portland

Nature lovers will love living in Portland because they are surrounded by natural beauty and access to the outdoors. With over 200 parks, there’s always a place to stop for a picnic or take a walk. You can also take a quick trip just outside the city to enjoy year-round skiing and adventures on Mt. Hood. There are even some incredible places where you can go whale watching in the winter.

Portland is also a great city for foodies. The hardest part about living in Portland is deciding where to eat! Try the grilled chicken and waffles at Mama Bird for a Sunday Brunch. You can also bring your pup to the dog-friendly patio as you dine at the Tin Shed Garden Cafe. Indulge in authentic Thai cuisine at EEM, or check out some incredible Russian fare at Kachka. In addition to great food, Portland is also a fantastic place to be for beer lovers. With over 70 breweries in the city alone, there are plenty of places to enjoy a beer tour or just enjoy an evening of drinks with friends.

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