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Moving to Prescott: Everything You Need To Know

Prescott, Arizona is part of the “Quad Cities,” which consist of Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, and Dewey-Humboldt, all of which are nestled in Central Arizona’s High Desert. Located just 90 miles from Phoenix and Scottsdale, many residents prefer the higher altitude location of Prescott, which produces temperatures about 10 degrees cooler than other Southern Arizona locations. The ideal weather, friendly people, and the lure of the “True West Adventure” have earned Prescott a number of accolades, including the Best Hometown and Best Place to Retire in Arizona.

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Life in Prescott

With a population of under 41,000, Prescott is far from a sprawling metropolis. It is perfect for those who want to be part of a close-knit community where everyone knows your name. However, living in a smaller city doesn’t always mean giving up wonderful amenities. Prescott is the ideal place to live for those who enjoy spending time outdoors. Enjoy year-round hiking, mountain biking, fishing, golf, kayaking, rock climbing, and more. Rich in history and also known as the “antique capital of Arizona,” Prescott offers a variety of attractions for all ages and interests. Each year, Prescott attracts new families, students, or retirees looking for a relaxing way of life, and they are welcomed into “Everybody’s Hometown” with open arms and friendly smiles.

Cost of Living in Prescott

Prescott attracts a number of California and New York residents looking to relocate to a more affordable area. Though the cost of living is about 17% higher than the national average, it comes in around 30$ cheaper than California and New York. With a median home price of around $700,000, Prescott isn’t a cheap place to live, though it is much more affordable than other major cities. Arizona also has some nice tax breaks compared to California and New York, as well as lower property taxes. These lighter tax rates can make relocating to Arizona an attractive choice. 

Climate in Prescott

It’s no secret that it gets hot in Arizona, and if you plan to move to Prescott, you should be prepared for scorching summers. Summertime temperatures can regularly reach triple digits. The good news is that Prescott is located 5400 feet above sea level and is surrounded by mountains, so the air doesn’t feel as oppressively hot as in nearby Phoenix. You will also get to experience all four seasons, and since Prescott is high up in the mountains, most winters see some snow. 

Great Education

Families moving with school-aged children will be happy to know that Prescott has high-quality schools. Skull Valley, Congress Elementary District, and Owens-Whitney all earned highly impressive scores. Prescott also draws college students from all over the world who want to attend Prescott College to study environmental science. The college also offers unique cultural programs. 

Local Activities and Attractions

Prescott offers plenty of local activities for residents to enjoy. There are numerous opportunities to enjoy the outdoors in the local mountains and deserts. The Prescott National Forest also offers a chance to experience what life was like when pioneers were panning the area for gold. The Sonoran Desert is also a great place to experience unique desert plants and wildlife. To taste culture, visit the Sharlot Hall Museum or the Phippen Art Museum in Downtown Prescott. Residents also enjoy spending a day on Whiskey Row, located in the vibrant downtown area. Whiskey Row features a variety of restaurants, art galleries, and great shopping. 

Ready to Move to Prescott? Allied Van Lines Can Help

Whether you are drawn to the warm weather or the area’s natural beauty, Prescott has something for everyone and is a place where you can experience that charming hometown feel. If you are ready to move to Prescott, let the professionals at Allied Van Lines assist you with your relocation. For over 95 years, we have helped customers like you move to their dream destinations. Allied offers a comprehensive list of moving services to fit any budget, so call today or start by getting a free quote using our convenient Instaquote tool.