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The Best Places to Live in Tampa: A Movers Guide

Tampa, a city in Tampa Bay that sits at the heart of Florida's Gulf Coast, remains among the few destinations with different cultural sites, warm weather, and extraordinary hospitality in the United States. While some people dream of touring Tampa, moving companies such as Allied Van Lines can make your relocation to this city a reality.

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What is Living in Tampa Like?

Living in Tampa feels like you are on vacation all year round. Being a Tampa resident means you will access many entertainment activities and dining options you cannot exhaust. You can complement the beach lifestyle with a nightlife in the large metropolitan area.

Being the third-largest city in Florida, Tampa's population amounts to approximately 380,000 residents among the 4 million inhabitants in the larger Tampa bay area. You can visit The Tampa Bay History Center to learn more about the city and adjacent neighborhoods.

Whether you are a resident or a visitor, you can never run out of fun activities in this beautiful place. By the time you finish sampling local cuisines in different innovative restaurants, you can enjoy hockey and pro-football home games such Tampa Bay Rays' MLB, USL's Tampa Bay Rowdies, and Tampa Bay Lightning's NHL. Later, take a 30-minute drive to the beach and return to birdwatching at River State Park and giraffe feeding at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo.

Top Reasons to Relocate to Tampa

When you relocate to a new area, one of the most crucial considerations is the job market and quality of living in the destination. Your desire to live in a new place remains around finding exciting activities accessible at affordable costs.

Besides, you should consider many factors, including neighborhood safety, quality of schools, cost of living, culture, and house styles. Here is why Tampa remains the best place to relocate to today:

1. The Growing Job Market in Tampa

The job market in this business city is growing faster than in other places. Compared to the U.S. average job market, Tampa's average individual earnings remain higher than the national average. However, on the downside, household earnings remain lower than the U.S. national average. Cultural diversity in the city is another incentive to finding more job opportunities. The large Spanish-speaking communities expand the possibilities of finding more bilingual jobs than in other U.S. cities. Tampa city ranked in the top cities to find employment based on employment metrics such as housing affordability, unemployment rates, and employment growth.

Top industries Where You Can Find Job Opportunities in Tampa

  • Healthcare industry where you will find top employers such as Tampa general hospital
  • The finance sector includes Citi Bankers Finance Corp and Raymond James
  • Supply chain employers such as the Port of Tampa and OSG ship management
  • Technology sector with high profile tech companies such as TechData

2. Cost of Living

Although the city remains surrounded by beaches, living cost is relatively lower than the U.S. national average. When you consider what you get for your money in Tampa, the cost of living is relatively reasonable. If your dream is to own a beach house in Tampa, buying a home here can become a reality because buying houses are relatively cheaper than in other U.S. beach cities. Besides, you have more disposable income because you will not incur income tax. In addition, property tax is as low as 2% in Tampa. However, insurance costs may remain high, mainly because of the flood insurance on your property.

3. Presence of Diverse Culture

Tampa's neighborhood includes historic cities such as the Ybor City that presents a vibrant culture infused with historic Cuban and Spanish cultures. Urban parks abound in the city's Downtown. Living in Tampa gets better thanks to the city life. Locally owned restaurants that keep mushrooming within this business city offer a culinary diversity you will love. Whether you are craving a Cuban sandwich or a Latin-inspired culinary, you will find it in Tampa.

4. School Are Large and Diverse in Tampa

If you plan to relocate to Tampa with your entire family, do not worry about where your children will go to school. Tampa abounds with top learning institutions for students in all categories. College-age children can join either the University of Tampa or the University of Florida, while young ones can access vast resources and extra-curricular activities in the Hillsborough County School District. Grade 6-12 children can prepare for college in competitive high schools such as Tampa Prep.

List of The Best Places to Live in Tampa

Besides being a top tourist destination in the U.S, the city of Tampa is among the best places to live. You enjoy advantages such as comfortable living conditions, a quiet lifestyle, exciting local activities, and vibrant culture by relocating to Tampa. Ranking at position 26 among the safest places to live in Florida, Tampa is a destination location.

After deciding to relocate to a new place, the challenge remains to find the best neighborhood. Fortunately, we have researched a provided the following top places to live in today:

1. Downtown Tampa

People that prefer living in commercial spaces will find Downtown the best location with the best amenities. This neighborhood is located at the top of Hillsborough Bay, where you can enjoy local activities. With a population of at least 1,453 and busy business activities, housing options remain limited. However, you find few condominiums and apartments.

2. Palma Ceia

As one of the safest neighborhoods in Tampa, which is home to Palma Ceia Golf & Country Club. Palma Ceia residents boast low crime rates and cool weather to enjoy outdoor activities. Anyone relocating to Palma Ceia can find a comfortable home for 300,000 dollars.

3. Beach Park

The median household income in Beach Park is at least 107,000 dollars. This neighborhood is mainly a residential area for people over 40 years old. It's quiet aura and limited commercial facilities make it the best retirement place in Tampa. Despite few commercial amenities, you can shop at the most accessible Town Square Center.

4. Hyde Park

At the southwest of Downtown lies Hyde Park, a family-friendly environment connected with amenities such as different schools for your children. The popular institutions you can find in Hyde Park include Woodrow Wilson Middle School. You can always visit spacious facilities such as the Hyde Park Village mall with plenty of places to shop. If you are a sportsperson, the area abounds with softball fields and basketball courts.

5. Westshore

The hidden gems of western Tampa remain in this most affordable neighborhood. You can always find cheap homes around Westshore Palms, Drew Park, and Lincoln Garden. The neighborhood benefits from a thriving economy connected by the Tampa International Airport. You can enjoy your evenings with scenic walking trails accessible at the Westshore's Cypress Point Park.

6. Riverside Heights

Located on the east side of the Hillsborough River, this neighborhood offers its residents a high level of comfort. With at least 2,792 people and an extensive location for housing space, the city remains a top picnic spot for families.

7. Ballast Point

Its proximity to the Macdill Air Force Base makes it a safe neighborhood for your family. You can take your children to Ballast Point Park or Gadsden Park to enjoy exciting activities and picnics. The price tag for a home ranges from a low as 100,000 dollars to 1,000,000 dollars.

8. Ybor City

The city is known for its diverse group of people. Unique communities in this area include the Ybor Heights and the Historic Ybor with a rich history. This fun part of Tampa city abounds with a variety of activities you can enjoy all year. You can shop or eat at facilities at the Centro Ybor mall.

Moving to Tampa Checklist

Once you choose the ideal neighborhood in Tampa, the next task is to plan to ensure your move is as seamless as possible. Here is what you should remember:

  • Finding a reputable moving company
  • Transferring your medical and school records
  • Changing your address
  • Renting a storage unit
  • Having a hurricane emergency plan

How Allied Van Lines Can Help you move to Tampa

We are a reputable mover with AMSA membership to guarantee the best possible relocation experience to Tampa. Our moving plan includes the following:

  • Loading and Unloading
  • Transportation
  • Unpacking
  • Storage
  • Assembly/Disassembly


You count on us because we all the moving solution to needs such as:

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