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Moving to Fort Wayne: Everything You Need To Know

Fort Wayne is a beautiful, friendly Midwestern city located in northeast Indiana. Known for its vibrant atmosphere, family-friendly community, and affordable cost of living, it has recently seen an influx of new residents looking for a great place to lay down their roots. Here, families will find great job opportunities, excellent schools, and access to easy weekend getaways, making Fort Wayne an ideal location for transplants. If you are considering a move to Fort Wayne, keep reading to learn more about what this exciting city has to offer.

Fort Wayne, IN Moving Companies

Ranked Best City to Raise a Family

Raising a family can be tough. For starters, the average cost to raise a child from birth to 18 years is over $233,000. In addition to the expense, parents need to figure out childcare, educational opportunities, and social activities so they can give their children the best chance to succeed. Fort Wayne claims the top spot as the best city to raise a family. The low cost of living combined with a strong education makes it a great option for young couples moving with children. 

Low Cost of Living

Fort Wayne’s affordable cost of living is one of the biggest reasons people are choosing to move to this beautiful city. Not only is it 1% cheaper than anywhere else in Indiana, but it’s 11% cheaper than the national average. Additionally, housing in Fort Wayne is a whopping 29% cheaper than the U.S. average. You will find that rent and mortgage payments are lower in Fort Wayne, as well as everyday costs like groceries and utilities. This means Fort Wayne residents get to enjoy a high quality of life and access to amazing amenities at an affordable price. 

Friendly Community

Fort Wayne is known for having one of the friendliest communities of people in the country. Here you will definitely experience that distinct Midwestern hospitality where it is impossible to meet a stranger. People are kind, polite, and quick to strike up a conversation wherever you go. This promotes a strong sense of pride and belonging in the community. 

Easy Commutes

Another benefit of living in Fort Wayne is the easy commute. Compared to other major cities, getting around town is quick and easy. Most people own a car and there is minimal traffic and congestion in and around the city. Many residents also choose to walk or balk thanks to the growing number of bike lanes in the city. Of course, there is also an easy-to-use public transportation system available for those who prefer it. 

Job Market

Fort Wayne has a bustling job market, which is another reason it attracts so many newcomers. It is home to some well-established companies that have been in the area for years, including Steel Dynamics and Zimmer Biomet. There are also a number of jobs in the financial and insurance sectors at employers like Brotherhood Mutual Insurance. You can also find IT jobs at Purdue University, the city of Fort Wayne, and Sondhi Solutions. Finally, it has excellent opportunities for those in the healthcare industry, with six area hospitals boasting cutting edge cancer and heart centers. 

Excellent Education

The city is known for being home to top-quality schools in both the Southwest Allen and Northwest Allen County School districts. If you are moving with young children, you can rest assured they will have access to some of the best educational opportunities in the state. In addition to excellent elementary, middle and high schools, the region also boasts first rate colleges, universities, and trade schools. 

Best Neighborhoods in Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne is known for its strong housing market and variety of neighborhoods to fit any budget and lifestyle. Here are some of the best neighborhoods in Fort Wayne: 

Downtown: This is the heart of the city and a perfect place for those looking for a vibrant neighborhood. Stroll along the streets exploring art galleries or take a stroll through Promenade Park. You will also find great shopping, restaurants, and nightlife. 

Royville: This family friendly neighborhood features homes around $260,000 and is close to Carroll High School, one of the best schools in the county. The combination of great schools, low crime, and single-family homes makes it one of the most desirable in the city. 

Sycamore Hills: This is one of the best suburban neighborhoods in Fort Wayne and is known for its beautiful golf courses. It also features excellent schools, plenty of green spaces, and is a short distance to shops, restaurants, and parks. 

Cherry Hill: Situated right in the heart of the Fort Wayne Community School District, many families choose Cherry Hill for its convenient location and quiet suburban lifestyle. 

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