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Office Moving Services

With its bulky furniture and workstations and its expensive (and sensitive) electronics and confidential files, your office may look like a nightmare when you fathom moving it from one spot to another. This is especially true if you hope to move into your office without a lot of downtime during the move. No matter which way you slice it, an office relocation requires a lot of work, even for small businesses. Office moving services from Allied Van Lines can help.

Why Should You Choose Professional Movers for Your Office Relocation?

Moving an office is much more frustrating and challenging than making a residential move. Packing up everything that belongs in your office (from the reception to the warehouse) can require an immense amount of manpower and expertise in efficient packing. Hiring professional movers for your office relocation makes sense. Professional movers:

  • Are trained to make your move its most efficient
  • Are more cost-effective overall than doing everything yourself or relying on employees to execute the move
  • Have the tools required for the move, including specialized tools for loading and unloading your items, such as ramps and dollies, not to mention moving trucks
  • Make planning your move easy and simple
  • Provide packing materials and help you pack everything up safely and efficiently, including labeling boxes and other items for easier unpacking later on
  • Offer guidance on your move, including safety tips for moving
  • Are insured in the event of accidents or damage, so your items are always protected
  • Provide storage solutions for items or inventory that you don't plan to move

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Why Choose Allied Van Lines for your Office Moving Needs?

No matter where you're moving your office—across the street or across the country—Allied Van Lines and our team of talented corporate moving experts aim to make sure that your move is well-planned and efficiently executed. An office move can be frustrating and complicated, but we strive to put all the moving parts together to ensure that your move comes off without delays, breakage, loss or other problems.

With Allied Van Lines handling your office move, you can count on:

  • Experienced movers who are fully trained, vetted for security and covered by insurance
  • Services available anywhere in the world with a single point of control
  • Security and confidentiality in all aspects of your move
  • Single-sourced end-to-end moving and relocation services
  • An interactive client portal that lets you track your office move and quickly resolve issues
  • Customized moving services
  • Customizable concierge and white-glove service if desired
  • 24/7 tracking tool for peace of mind
  • Online claim filing

Trust Allied Van Lines office moving services to get your office from Point A to Point B easily and quickly. We are the nation's leading and biggest provider of office relocation services.

Are you an employee who is relocating with a lump sum benefit? Contact our moving experts now and get started.
Are you an employee who is relocating with a lump sum benefit? Contact our moving experts now and get started.