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Making up much of the “left coast” of the United States, California is the most populous state in the country.  Home to eight of the nation’s most populated cities, the state has a diverse geography from the shores of the Pacific Ocean in the west to the Sierra Nevada in the east to the Mojave Desert in parts of the south.  East of the coastal mountain ranges is the agricultural heartland, the Central Valley.  With higher agricultural output of any other U. S. state, if California were a country, it would have one of the largest economies.  A state of extremes, within its borders is the United States’ highest and lowest geographical points, Mount Whitney and Death Valley respectively.  California also possesses the highest, tallest, and oldest trees in America.

When you move to California, you have endless choices for the kind of lifestyle you wish to create yourself.  California has an eclectic identity, influenced significantly by immigrants from Latin America and Asia.  However, the state’s culture is heavily tied to the entire country, being of interest to the public for more than a century from the Gold Rush of 1800’s to the popularity of surfing and origins of the hippie movements in 1960’s to modern day Hollywood pop culture.  In addition to be the largest center for movie production in the U.S., California has greatly influenced the music industry. 

Many socially conscious people are drawn to California for a number of reasons.  The state has a reputation for being liberal, and it’s because of conscious citizens of California that the environmental movements have made as much progress as they have, with the state being the first to regulate car emissions among other things.  Because of the state’s large energy consumption, many conservation mandates have been put into place, and California has some of the most ambitious renewable energy goals in the country, making aggressive use of solar energy, wind farms, and dams.

If you love gorgeous beaches and Hollywood glam, California is the place for you.  The state is notorious for its large amount of notable people and landmarks.  Places of interest include a plethora of studios, beaches, national parks, and resorts, Disneyland, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Yosemite National Park, and the Hollywood walk of fame.  Contact Allied today and we’ll help you come home to California.


The interaction with the people that prepared my goods was good & They preformed the move in a timely manner.

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Allied Van Lines

Allied came through on all their promises. Both the driver and coordinator communicated well throughout the move.

Michelle C  of  Waukesha, WI 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

They were very professional. They went above & beyond to meet my expectations. They kept me informed. They told me that they were there to serve me.

Melissa A  of  Columbia, SC 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

The driver was the most helpful and knowledgeable driver I've had. the driver was the most helpful and knowledgeable driver that I had. I'm in the military and I really appreciate. That

Christopher C  of  Canton, MI 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

This is the 3rd time I use the same coordinator; he is perfect just wonderful. This is my 2nd time using Allied they are great & I would use them again.

Valerie B  of  Houston, TX 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

Everything went and happened exactly how all the reps said they would. It was on time. I would recommend them. It was recommended to me by a friend.

Laura L  of  Houston, TX 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

The driver and the move coordinator was very attentive of the dates I requested. Everyone was very friendly. The driver took very good care of me and my things.

Amanda M  of  Cantonment, FL 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

Do anything to use Jim and Carey Watson. They are pros. I requested them because of a move we did with them 12 years ago. They are phenomenal. The long haul crew did a great job packing. I rate the long distance crew get a 5 for everything including packing. There was also a local crew that did some packing and rate them a 3 but the packing was split equally between them.

Glenn E  of  Vancouver, BC 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

From the time I got the quote throughout the process it was excellent communication and the customer service was outstanding.

Edward J  of  Omaha, NE 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

The coordinator was excellent. He explained everything in detail. The 2 drivers were very good & they deserve a 10.

Buneda B  of  Fayetteville, GA 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

Everyone was efficent, respectful of our property and very organized, and I appreciate the same people who drove and loaded the truck unloaded the truck.

Sandra H  of  Lewiston, MI 5 Rating:


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