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When your small business or household in Fort Irwin, California, is on the move, turn to an Allied Van Lines agent to coordinate all of the logistics. Our agent is familiar with Fort Irwin and the surrounding landscape from Pork Chop Hill to the Dustbowl neighborhood. We select trustworthy and efficient movers who will take great care in packing, loading and transporting your belongings. Our licensed and bonded agents allow you to select the services best suited to your needs, making for a customized experience for every relocation. Even if your move is taking you outside of the community or perhaps across the country or international borders, you can count on us.

Are you downsizing? We'll connect you with a storage solution. Do you have a full schedule and no time to pack? Our agent will choose movers to pack for you, clean up your old place and set up the furnishings and electronics at your new place. We also have connections with movers who have the capacity to transport pianos, motorcycles and cars. Call one of our agents and get a free estimate or select the services you need for moving.

Are you shopping around for moving companies in the Fort Irwin area? Let the professionals with Allied Van Lines handle your move. You can count on our moving company to arrange every facet of your move with proficiency and do everything we can to make your move as enjoyable, secure and safe as possible. Our agents hire locally licensed Fort Irwin movers that have a reputation for honesty and efficiency. Your movers will comply with strict safety standards that are set by our by highly trained Allied Van Lines agents.

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What a Move to Fort Irwin Has to Offer

The U.S. Army military training base at Fort Irwin, CA, runs one of the largest military training operations in America. Fort Irwin is located in the Mojave Desert at an elevation of 2,454 feet above sea level.

Residents of Fort Irwin can enjoy an intriguing stroll through the Fort Irwin and National Training Center Museum, which is filled with exhibits composed by soldiers.

The Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex, commonly known as the Goldstone Observatory, is one of only three deep space communication complexes in the world. It is operated for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, an affiliate of NASA, and the complex houses the Pioneer Deep Space Station, an American historic landmark. Ultra-sensitive Goldstone antennas used there have been employed as radio telescopes to map our moon, quasars, planets, comets and asteroids.

Fort Irwin also has a highly recommended unique monument called the Painted Rocks Exhibit. Many years ago, a training unit from Fort Hood Texas painted an alligator on a boulder about 30 miles from the base. Over the years, many other units stationed at Fort Irwin have painted their insignias onto the large cluster of rocks, and some units have even delivered their already painted representative rock to the spot.

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When you choose Allied Van Lines as your Fort Irwin moving company, you'll benefit from the 85 years of experience that our company has in this industry. We offer affordable prices for our service, and we provide comprehensive service that is seldom found with other moving companies that serve the Fort Irwin area. You can be confident that the agents working with our moving company will supply movers who show up on time for your appointed moving date and handle your possessions with care and diligence. Your movers will:

  • Supply boxes and packing materials
  • Pack your goods for you
  • Transport your personal belongings, cars and recreational vehicles
  • Provide temporary storage

Call us today to learn more about our services. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free moving quote estimate or arrange all of the details for your scheduled moving date.

Reviews from california Customers

  • Mary was very responsive and constantly worked with me. Forest was the driver and they were wonderful and they also loaded and unloaded my items.
  • I'm aware the price is a little higher than other companies so I might hesitateto recommend Allied Van Lines.
  • I've moved through Allied 4 times. From Chicago to California, in California twice and my final move here.
  • Allied Vans Lines are wonderful. I would recommend Allied to anyone and have been using them since 1993.
  • The driver was excellent. He made the packers come out and finish packing. The packers didn't finish the job; the driver called and had them come back.
  • There was not good communication between the coordinator and me. The crew arrive to load 3 hours early. The crew was very cooperative.
  • The quality, the timeliness and the care. The only reason it was a 9 was because the pricing was very high.
  • Allied had the best price from all the moving companies I surveyed and all in all it went pretty smooth.
  • I really liked the agent, Michelle who coordinated the move and the crew who loaded was very efficient.
  • I think out of all the moving companies we talked to Allied was the best. The overall moving experience was a good one.

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