Moving From San Diego to Austin

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Moving From San Diego to Austin

Are you a resident of San Diego looking to relocate to Austin? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Deciding to move is a big decision, and we have got everything you need to know about moving to Austin. Keep reading to learn why a move to Austin could be the right choice for you and what you need to do to get packing. We will even help you create a budget with our quote calculator. 

Moving to Austin from San Diego

Benefits of Moving From San Diego to Austin

It’s important to do some research before deciding if a town is a place you could see yourself calling home. For a San Diego native, moving to the big state of Texas can be daunting. There are many similarities between these two beautiful cities, but there are many differences to consider. Let's take a closer look at all the benefits of calling Austin home. 

Cost of Living

It is always important to get an idea of how comfortably you can live in a new city. One of the greatest advantages of moving from San Diego to Austin is the lower cost of living. According to Numbeo, the following rates prove a lower cost of living in Austin. 

  • Consumer prices are 17.79% lower

  • Consumer prices including rent are 20.78% lower

  • Rent is 24.58% lower

  • Restaurants costs are 14.97% lower

  • Groceries are 17.07% lower

  • Local purchasing power is 6.89% higher.


Residents of San Diego know how dry the weather can get. Their summers are hot, and locals describe a typical winter as mild. While Austin has a similar climate, you can expect an average of 30 inches of rain each year. Even though temperatures get high, rain maintains comfortable humidity levels. There is also a possibility of cold weather in the winter, which isn’t something San Diego natives are used to.

Austin’s unique climate is the result of the intersection of different regions with distinct climates. Rainfall allows for lush green areas to develop, and you can see a lot of beautiful landscapes if you explore Austin’s surroundings.

Moving to Austin means that you will experience four different seasons. San Diego’s weather is more uniform. You won’t ever have to worry about cold winter weather on the West Coast, and Texan winters are something you will have to get used to. Chances of your family becoming weather watchers are much higher in the great state of Texas. 

Housing Options

The median home value in San Diego is $628,519, which is significantly higher than in Austin. Home values in Austin are averaging at $401,999. That is a $226,520 difference. Both cities have experienced an uptick in renters with more than half their populations choosing to rent rather than own. For a San Diego resident, the median rent is $2,237, whereas, in Austin, you can save a little with the average rent being only $1,439

The real estate market in Austin is booming at this time. There is no shortage of beautiful places to choose from, and new residents will find the lowest foreclosure rates in the country within Austin. 


Moving to Austin is a smart choice for families looking for quality education for their children. At one time, Forbes called Austin a "brain magnet" city. The city of Austin has made several top ten lists, including America's Smartest Cities. Residents can choose from public, private, charter, trade, or higher education institutions. The community supports education fully, which makes Austin great for families and those looking to further their education. 

A result of the high ranking educational institutions in Austin is the number of natives choosing to stay in the area is high. Graduates are fully prepared to enter the job market anywhere in the country, but Austin is home.

Job Market 

According to an article in U.S News, the unemployment rate in Austin is lower than the national average, with yearly income being slightly higher than the national number. Jobs in engineering and technology are abundant here. Companies such as Google, Amazon, Dell, eBay, and Xerox all have bases in Austin. Niche, ranked Austin as the seventeenth best city for young professionals, while San Diego comes in 42nd position.

There are many job opportunities in the educational field. The University of Texas currently has over 24,000 employees, and they are just one of the many educational institutions for prospective students to consider. Healthcare is another field seeing a surge in growth, creating many more jobs. 

Leisure Activities

San Diego is known for its diversity and abundance of activities, but Austin has a lot to offer. If you love the outdoors, Lady Bird Lake in Austin has something for you. Residents can walk, run, or hike around the lake. You can enjoy some time on the lake with a canoe or kayak to cool off in the summer. Paddleboards are welcome too. Mt. Bonnell has impressive views, and you can take a stroll to the pavilion for a picnic. The Moody Theater is the place to go to catch a concert. Golf enthusiasts will be in paradise at one of the many courses. 


Austin is a very diverse city. Austin is home to residents with many different backgrounds and nationalities. People are flocking to Austin for the strong job market and suburban feel that makes up daily life. Austin has something to offer to everyone. The city is very supportive of its artistic community, while local startups are driving innovation. The diverse community welcomes newcomers with open arms.

Austin has a fantastic food scene. You will have the opportunity to taste everything from barbecue, Cajun food, and tacos. Music and theater enhance the diverse culture. 

Cost of Moving from San Diego to Austin

Moving can be a pricey action. The average cost of a move from San Diego to Austin can cost around $XXX. Obviously, there are many factors that go into calculating moving costs. Several factors include the number of belongings you will have moved, distance, packing and unpacking, special items, and much more. 

The best way to know the actual cost is to fill out the Instaquote above.

Cost to move to Austin from San Diego

How to Move from San Diego to Austin

Moving can be stressful. The following checklist will help you stay organized as you prepare to move to Austin.

  1. Eight Weeks Prior- Preparation for moving should begin eight weeks prior to your move date. At this time, begin to research moving companies and put in notices at work and schools. It is time to create a budget, plan a visit to your new city, and research opportunities in your new location.

  1. Six Weeks Prior - Book a date with the moving company you selected. Create a travel plan for your move.

  1. Four Weeks Prior- Start packing up household belongings and confirm all reservations for the move.

  1. Two Weeks Prior- At this time, make arrangements to have your mail forwarded and important documents transferred. 

  1. Moving Day- Take the time to have a hearty breakfast and pack a few essentials for the trip. Bring food, water, CDs, and activities to keep children busy.


Moving does not end when the furniture is delivered. Remember to pack enough cash and essentials to get through the first week or two. Doing this will lower your stress level and time spent searching for clothes in a box. 


Congratulations on your upcoming move. Austin is a city with many opportunities for singles and families of all sizes. It is beautiful, diverse, and affordable. We want to be there to help you during this exciting yet stressful time. Allied’s many years of experience make us a great choice for your move to Austin. Our team of experienced professionals can make long-distance moving a stress-free experience.

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