Moving from San Francisco to New York City

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Moving from San Francisco to New York City

If you have decided to take the leap and move across the country from San Francisco to New York City, chances are you aren’t doing it for the cheaper cost of living. New York City and San Francisco are two of the most expensive places to live in the country. There is probably something else luring you to the Big Apple. Perhaps you got a new job opportunity or you are just eager to swap the laid-back California lifestyle for something more bustling and exciting. Whatever the reason, excitement definitely awaits in New York City. After all, this is the city where dreams are made! Let’s explore a few of the benefits of moving to NYC, how much it will cost, and tips for relocating.

Benefits of Moving from San Francisco to New York City

New York City is one of the world’s most iconic cities, so it’s no wonder people want to live there. Despite its reputation for being a tough place to live, people are still drawn to its alluring nightlife, expansive arts and culture scene, melting pot of diversity, and hopes and dreams of simply “making it there.” Life in the Bay Area is quite different, so you will definitely be in for a change. To help ease the transition, we have compiled a list of benefits of living in NYC. You will also find an estimated cost and tips for relocation.

Job Opportunities

If you are moving from the Bay Area, than you are literally leaving the employment mecca of America. The good news, however, is that NYC is also a great place to find a job. Unlike San Francisco that is dominated by the tech scene, New York offers career opportunities across the spectrum from finance, marketing, and advertising, to fashion, modeling, and acting. In fact, New York City is home to more Fortune 500 companies than any other city in the world.

Great Public Transportation

Considering its sheer size and population, NYC has great public transportation. Most local residents don’t own cars because they don’t have to worry about driving anywhere. The subway system is both efficient and affordable and can have you anywhere in the city in about 45 minutes or less. Taxis, Uber, and buses can also be utilized if the subway is insufficient. Unlike San Francisco, you never hear New Yorkers complaining about not being able to find a parking spot.

Plenty of Variety

The great thing about New York City is the fact that there are literally hundreds of things to do at any given moment. If you are bored in your section of town, simply hop on the subway and in 30 minutes you are somewhere completely different. Tired of eating at the same pizzeria? You can choose from hundreds of others throughout the city. Is the weather pretty today? Skip the subway and walk or bike to work. There is so much variety in NYC that you could live there forever and literally never eat in every restaurant, see every show, hit every club, or live in every neighborhood.

So Much To Do

In a city like New York, one thing is will never run out of things to do. Take to the streets for a stroll through the neighborhood. Spend an afternoon reading a book in Central Park. Check out the city’s incredible variety of museums. Act like a tourist and hit top attractions like the Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Plaza, Times Square, the Empire State Building, the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, and Hudson River Park. Grab some friends and head out for a night on the town. Indulge in the city’s incredible selection of restaurants. The list just goes on and on and since this is the city that never sleeps, you can grab sushi, hit the gym, or grab a coffee literally any time day or night.

Surprisingly Affordable Neighborhoods

When you think of New York City real estate, you immediately think expensive. While it’s true that Manhattan has the highest real estate costs in the country, the truth is there are actually some neighborhoods in NYC that offer more affordable housing prices. Inwood is one such example. Nestled at the top of Manhattan, Inwood has lots of green space and a laid-back vibe. It might not be as convenient as living right in the heart of Manhattan, but it’s affordability more than makes up for it. Crown Heights is another great neighborhood located in Brooklyn. This historic neighborhood is close to everything Brooklyn has to offer and is considered to be an awesome and affordable community. Ridgewood is another less expensive neighborhood located in Queens. This diverse community has attracted young renters thanks to its collection of eclectic eateries and lively lifestyle.

Cost of Moving from San Francisco to NYC

New York City is roughly 3,000 miles from San Francisco. Cross-country moves like this can range anywhere from $6,000-$18,000. The average linehaul moving cost from San Francisco to NYC with Allied is $3,900.

There are many factors that go into determining the cost of a move such as the exact distance you are moving, the weight of the items being moved, and the number of trucks it requires to make the move. The best way to determine how much this move will cost is to use our Instaquote listed above.


How to Move from San Francisco to NYC

Moving across the country presents some challenges and that’s why it is important to leave a big move like this to professionals. It can be difficult to coordinate each step of your relocation, but Allied provides customers with a customized approach to assist them every step of the way. We provide professional movers who are experienced with long distance moves and can help you navigate the process. We proudly offer full-service moving options such as professional packing, hand-wrapping of fine china and other fragile items, padding for furniture and electronics, and a complete inventory of items.

We want your move to be as stress free as possible so call us today and find out how we can help get you on your way to your new home in NYC!

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