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Moving from California to Boston

Whether it’s the world class academic institutions, incredible job opportunities, or northeast beauty that is drawing you to Boston, the move from California to Boston is exciting. As you leave the sunshine of the west coast to embark on this new journey, you will find that New England is bursting with beauty and packed with things to see and do. Boston is an incredible city that is rich in history and full of incredible places to eat, shop, and explore. Here are just a few of the reasons why you will love moving from California to Boston. 

Californra to Boston

Benefits of Moving from California to Boston

Experience History

History buffs will enjoy taking a journey through the city’s past. There is a piece of history nearly everywhere you turn in Boston. Often referred to as the Cradle of Liberty, Boston is home to some of the most significant moments in U.S. history. You can start by visiting the Old State House, which is the oldest public building still standing in the city and dates back to 1713. You can also visit the home of Paul Revere, one of the city’s most famous residents or check out Granary Burying Ground where famous historical figures are buried including Paul Revere, John Hancock, James Otis, and Samuel Adams. See the sight where the Battle of Bunker Hill took place or check out the USS Constitution nicknamed “Old Ironside.” This is the oldest commissioned U.S. Navy ship dating back to 1797. These are just a few of the incredible historical landmarks that can be found in Boston. 

Four Distinct Seasons

While it might be hard to beat the year round warmth and sunshine of southern California weather, Massachusetts wins hands down when it comes to fall foliage and snowy winter evenings. Though warm weather is certainly pleasant, many people also enjoy a nice change of season and Bostonians get just that. Thanks to its location along the Atlantic Coast, Boston’s climate is generally temperate, though it can get cold in the winters and warm in the summer. Bostonian’s get to experience all that each season has to offer, though the city definitely looks the most beautiful in autumn.

Excellent Education

Much like history, education is everywhere in Boston. Dozens of colleges and universities are sprinkled throughout the city, including some of the most prestigious schools in the country. Harvard University, Berklee College of Music, Boston College, Boston University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are all located in Boston. In addition to incredible higher education, the city boasts some of the best city and suburban school districts in the country. 


Access to World Class Health Care

Few places on Earth are home to as many top-rated hospitals and doctors as the city of Boston. People come from all over the world to see doctors and receive treatments from hospitals such as Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, all of which have been ranked among the best by U.S. News & World Report. 


One of the city’s most unique attributes is its walkability and Boston has a long history of walking, even creating one of the country’s first historic walking tours, The Freedom Trail. The city has multiple trails that weave acres of greenspace into the downtown area and even link surrounding neighborhoods to each other. Boston has been ranked among the best cities in America to walk to work. 

Sports Lovers Paradise

If you don’t come to Boston as a sports fanatic, you are sure going to leave as one! Sports are no joke in this town and there is a pure bone-deep dedication to their hometown teams. Boston is home to professional franchises including the Red Sox in baseball, the Celtics in basketball, the Bruins in hockey, and the New England Patriots in football. Fenway Park is the home of the Boston Red Sox and is also considered one of the most iconic sports complexes in the world. People come from all over the world just to catch a game in this historic ballpark. 

So Much to See and Do

When you live in Boston, you will never be at a loss for things to do. Aside from sporting events, the city hosts an array of cultural activities, concerts,and festivals nearly every day of the year. The city is home to famous events including the annual Boston Marathon held each April, Harborfest held on July 4th, and the prestigious ArtWeek Boston. Boston is also known for its incredible shopping and is home to Faneuil Hall, a marketplace that has been around since 1743 and today offers hundreds of shops, restaurants, and specialty pushcarts.


Average cost to move to Boston from California

Cost of Moving from California to Boston

It can be costly to plan a cross-country move but Allied offers a range of affordable services to help you stay on budget. The cost of a coast to coast move is dependent upon many variables but the average moving cost from California to Boston with Allied is $3,930.42. Many factors play a part in determining the cost such as exact distance of the move,  the number of rooms being moved, and additional services such as packing and unpacking. Get a more accurate quote by using our Instaquote listed above or call today to schedule your free estimate.



How to Move from California to Boston

You have decided to embark on a cross-country move and while this will definitely be an exciting journey, it can also be a stressful one.Long distance moves present a number of challenges, but Allied is available to help make your move as efficient, affordable, and stress-free as possible. Cross-country moves require a little extra help and planning and that’s why it’s important to work with a professional moving company like Allied. Our experienced movers are fully equipped to handle long distance moves and can help with everything from packing and unpacking to shipping and transport. 

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