Moving from California to Washington

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Moving from California to Washington

Each year many Californians decide to leave the Golden State and venture to a new destination and Washington State is among the most popular choices. The incredibly high cost of living, steep tax rates, and soaring home prices drive people out of California each year. Washington is appealing to new residents for a variety of reasons including beautiful scenery, colder weather, and a boom in high-tech industries. Read on to discover more about life in Washington and how to relocate with ease.


Benefits of Moving from California to Washington

There are a number of benefits to living in Washington that have contributed to the recent popularity of this Pacific Northwest state. The booming job market in Seattle, temperate climate, incredible scenery, and plethora of outdoor activities have helped rank Washington among the top ten states for population growth. If you are planning a move to the Evergreen State, here is everything you need to know from the incredible perks the state has to offer to details on how to go about relocating.

The Job Market is Hot

Seattle is home to some of the biggest tech giants including Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. In addition, Boeing and Alaska Airlines also have a huge presence in Washington as does coffee king Starbucks. Shipping and trade workers also find plenty of work in the major ports along Puget Sound where many of the state’s exports are shipped and transported. Add to that the fact that Washington is the nation’s largest agricultural producer of apples and cherries and it’s easy to see why the state’s job market is thriving.

Taxes are Favorable

If you are transferring from California you are in for a wonderful surprise because Washington does not have a state income tax. California has the highest in the country so this is favorable to new residents. Washington does have a slightly higher sales tax but it varies by location and items such as groceries are exempt. In addition, Washington has one of the highest minimum wage rates in the country which can help to offset the increased sales tax.

Excellent Education

Washington is home to top-notch universities such as the University of Washington near Seattle and Washington State University and Gonzaga on the eastern part of the state. The state is also home to several other universities and colleges and Washington is the only state in the country that has reduced tuition at public colleges and universities by 15-20%. The state also has dozens of top ranked public high schools and elementary schools.

Affordable Housing

While housing prices in Seattle have been on the rise, other areas of the state offer more affordable housing options. Spokane, which is located on the eastern side of Washington, is one such area where home prices are more reasonable. Other locations where the housing prices are below the national average include Vancouver and Olympia. The median home price in these areas is between $200,000-$240,000, significantly less than most parts of California.

Plenty of Outdoor Activities

With a stunning landscape of mountains, lakes, and coastline, Washington is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. Hikers flock from all over the country to Mount Rainier as well as many of the state’s other national parks and forests. In the winter, ski resorts are buzzing with people who come to enjoy the state’s impressive mountains. The abundance of water in Washington also creates opportunities for boating, sailing, kayaking, fishing, and whale watching.

Cost of Moving from California to Washington

The average linehaul moving cost from California to Washington with Allied is $3,600. While this is just an average, you can get the most accurate quote by filling out our Instaquote above.

Moving costs will vary depending on the distance you are moving, the amount of items being moved, special shipping and handling requirements, and additional services such as packing and unpacking. It is important to compare prices before choosing a moving company so you can be sure you are getting the most affordable rate. 


Most Popular Cities in Washington


Seattle is the largest city in Washington and is located between Puget Sound and Lake Washington. Here you will find a thriving job market, beautiful scenery, and loads of big city amenities. Seattle offers some of the state’s best outdoor recreation, exciting nightlife, and a unique coffee culture. It is also home to professional sports teams like the Seahawks, Mariners, and Sounders.

If you don’t want to live in the heart of this large metropolitan city, Seattle has beautiful suburbs that offer big city living with a quieter and more suburban feel. Bellevue is one such suburb that has been recognized nationwide as one of the best places to live. This major tech hub is known for its great weather and fantastic schools. It is also home to an enormous park system making it a perfect location for outdoor lovers. Also located in the Seattle-Tacoma area is Kent. Kent also provides residents with gorgeous landscape, great schools, plenty of green space, but all for a more affordable price.


Named for the river that runs right through the city’s downtown, Spokane is Washington’s second largest city and bears the motto: “Near Nature, Near Perfect.” Residents get to enjoy abundant green spaces, mountains, and lakes which provide easy access to biking, hiking, water sports, and ski resorts. Spokane has a small town feel with big city amenities and residents appreciate the city’s strong sense of community. In addition to outdoor recreation, Spokane has a vibrant downtown full of restaurants, breweries, wineries, and outdoor entertainment venues.


If you can’t afford the steep housing prices in Seattle, Tacoma is the next best thing. Located between Portland and Seattle, Tacoma draws residents because of its affordable cost of living, beautiful weather, and loads of indoor and outdoor activities. This trendy and eclectic city is known for its vibrant arts and culture scene. The city is filled with museums, waterfront art exhibits, and plenty of local artists. Transportation is not an issue in Spokane as much of the city is walkable. Combine that with a steady job market, hip cultural scene, great climate, and coastal waterfront full of restaurants and it should come as no surprise that Tacoma is ranked among the top 50 cities to live in America.

­­How to Move from California to Washington

Now that you have decided to move to Washington it is important to set a schedule to help you pack and stay on track. If you are not confident in packing or don’t have the time, you can enlist the help of a professional moving company. Allied can provide expert moving services such as packing, transporting, and unpacking. It is important to choose a reputable company such as Allied to assist you with your long distance move. Our team of professionals can provide expert advice and will work to ensure your move is as easy and stress-free as possible.

It’s time to start enjoying your new life in Washington so call us today and let us get you on your way!

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