Moving From San Diego to North Carolina

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Moving From San Diego to North Carolina

The driving distance from San Diego to the capital of North Carolina is about 2,500 miles. If you want to make the big cross-country move, you’ll need to do some planning. Before you leave, consider the benefits, cost and a few popular cities. Once you decide to move, you should know how to make such a big move. Keep reading to learn more about heading to the east coast.

Benefits of Moving From San Diego to North Carolina

Whether you’ve decided or are considering moving from San Diego to North Carolina, you should know the benefits. You can move across the country for many reasons, but moving to any part of North Carolina means you’ll have access to some cool places.

If you want a significant change from San Diego, you can find it in North Carolina. Consider some of the popular reasons why people make the move.

Outdoor Activities

North Carolina has tons of various things to see and do outdoors. It doesn’t matter if you’ll be living along the coast or further west. You can find something for you and your family to do during your free time.

In the western part of the state, you can visit Great Smoky Mountain National Park. You can hike and explore the various trails, and you can enjoy the view of the most-visited park in the United States.

Along the coast, you can check out the Outer Banks, which is a strip of about 200 islands. You can relax by the ocean, and you can see the tallest brick lighthouse in the country. North Carolina has a relatively mild climate, so you shouldn’t have to worry about visiting these places in extreme weather.

Cost of Living

Moving from San Diego to almost anywhere will result in a decrease in your cost of living. But North Carolina can be particularly attractive if you want to save money. Many people flock to the state to find affordable places to live and work.


If you have children or will soon, consider that North Carolina has an excellent education system. The state has multiple university systems, so there are plenty of opportunities for your children to learn. From North Carolina State University to the University of North Carolina System, public schools are common. However, you will also find Duke University and Davidson College. Also, graduates from schools in North Carolina have less debt than graduates in other states. So whether you or your child will be going to college soon, North Carolina is an excellent place to live.

Good Economy

Along with a good school and university system, North Carolina boats a good economy. Their economy is 18th in the United States, and it’s very attractive to people from other states. Companies like Bank of America, Duke Energy and Lowe’s all have headquarters in North Carolina. And if you like traveling, Charlotte Douglas International Airport offers flights on multiple airlines, with American Airlines having a base there. Larger cities, like Charlotte, have a good number of jobs, but you may find a shortage of work in other towns. But since the cost of living is lower in North Carolina, the money you do make can go a lot farther than in San Diego.

Cost of Moving From San Diego to North Carolina

The average cost of a move from San Diego to North Carolina depends on several factors. The number and weight of your belongings, special items, and whether or not you require packing and unpacking will all impact the final cost. To get an accurate number for your move, fill out the Instaquote above.

Most Popular Cities in North Carolina

North Carolina has tons of great cities and towns, so it can be hard to decide where to live. If you’re still looking at a few places, consider the most popular cities in the state. You may find that some cities are too big, but others are too small.

Or perhaps you’d prefer a more mountainous area, while someone else would want to live on the coast. Either way, unless you know where you’re moving, compare a couple of potential cities.


With a population of over 870,000, Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina. It features a science center and a post-Civil War museum. You’ll also find plenty of companies with offices in the city, and you can enjoy both an urban and suburban feel based on where you live.

The metropolitan area features a dozen counties within North Carolina, so you can live outside the city. But you can use the interstate and other roads to commute into Charlotte to take advantage of activities, restaurants and stores.


Another great place to consider living in North Carolina is Raleigh, which is the state capital. The population within Raleigh is over 460,000, and it’s an excellent place for both young people and people with families. It’s part of The Research Triangle, so it’s near North Carolina State University, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and Duke University. Whether you’re looking to attend a research school or want a good job market, you’ll find it in or near Raleigh.

How to Move From San Diego to North Carolina

Moving across the country can be difficult, but you can make it easier with the right tools and assistance. Before you start the moving process, you should set things up in North Carolina so that you’ll know where you’ll be going. Then, you can make sure you have an address for your destination and moving date. Once you have the basics nailed down, you can start to figure out the smaller details.

Know Where You’ll Live

If you haven’t yet, you should figure out where you’ll be living. Aside from the city, that includes whether you’ll get a house or an apartment. You’ll need to sign a lease or mortgage agreement before you can move in. If you need to downsize or upgrade your living space, you should figure out what you’ll need for your place. You can buy some furniture and décor once you get to North Carolina. But if you’re bringing a ton of stuff from San Diego, you’ll need to account for that when you move.

Set a Moving Budget

Think about all of the stuff you will need to bring and what you can wait to buy until you arrive. Consider the weight, especially for heavier items, like furniture. You may need to do some research to find how much you can expect to pay for the move.

You should figure out how much you can afford to pay. Then, you can determine how much you’ll have to move yourself and what you can get help with. The more money you can spend on movers, the less you’ll have to worry about doing.

Get a Moving Quote

If you’re completely unsure of how much you need to pay for moving from San Diego to North Carolina, try to get a quote. You can ask a moving company about their services, and when you find one that suits your needs, you can look into the cost. Then, you can make sure you can afford the services you need. If you can’t, think about things you can move yourself. You can save the larger and heavier items, like furniture, for professional movers, and you can move smaller things, like clothing on your own.

Get Packing

Once you determine your new address and set your moving plans, it’s time to pack up your stuff. Make sure you organize everything so that you can find it all and unpack more easily. Avoid waiting until the last minute to pack your stuff, so you don’t have to stress about the process.

Moving from San Diego to North Carolina can be stressful, but if you know the benefits and what to expect, you can make the process easier. Once you get there, you can enjoy your new home.

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