Moving from San Diego to Dallas

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Moving from San Diego to Dallas

It is a real challenge to find the perfect home, especially when you’re moving to a new area. The circumstances of a big move always depend on the person. You might be looking for the perfect place to raise a family, more affordable housing, lower taxes, or a new job opportunity. Those are only a few of the reasons people consider moving from San Diego to Dallas.

No matter why you’re taking the leap, you can make long-distance moving a breeze with the right information and resources—so, here’s what you should know about the cost of moving as well as everything you need to take into consideration along the way.

Moving from San Diego to Dallas

The Benefits of Moving from San Diego to Dallas

A lot of people would agree that San Diego, California, is a lovely place to live. It’s bursting with life, entertainment, culture, beautiful weather, and breathtaking beaches. Unfortunately, it’s also an incredibly expensive place to live. The average cost of a home in San Diego is about $594,000, according to stats from the end of 2019.

Cost of Living

The cost of living is one fantastic reason to move to Dallas, Texas. For one thing, the median price of a home in the area is about $214,700. While that might be a bit higher than the national average, it is still reasonable, especially considering the job market is booming.

Job Security

Overall, it’s much more comforting to raise a family in a place where you know you can find a job that will support your bills and your whole family. That’s more of a reality than ever before because Dallas is a hub of activity, many big companies have been moving their headquarters to Dallas, boosting the market. On the downside, this can lead to a lot of traffic and road congestion, but if you live in San Diego, that’s nothing new.

Excellent Education

Another fantastic perk to raising a family in Dallas is the top-notch schools in the area, including the University of Dallas. These schools are rated based on their average test scores and college preparedness of the graduating students. That’s a comforting fact to keep in mind for any parent in the area.

Outdoor Activities and Entertainment

Many people have the impression that Texas is a boring place to live unless you’re used to living in the country. It’s full of farms, ranches, and cowboys. So if you’re used to a city, you might not think moving to Texas is going to be very exciting. You will be pleasantly surprised once you do a little research into your new home, though. It’s a big city with lots of new possibilities and activities.

Plus, since it’s such a popular city in the state, lots of entertainers pass through the area. So that means you will have access to all kinds of concerts and shows. It’s also a great place to go out with your friends because there are a ton of craft breweries to enjoy as well.

One thing you might think you’ll be missing after you make the big move is the diversity you find in San Diego. However, you might be surprised at the variation you can find in Texas too. Since it is a center for so many big businesses, it draws in all kinds of small businesses as well.

That includes a variety of restaurants, entertainment, and nightlife. With the University of Dallas nearby, there’s no shortage of diversity or excitement.

The Cost of Moving from San Diego to Dallas

The cost of moving always depends on the distance you’re moving and the number of belongings you’re planning to bring with you. The average line haul cost of moving from San Diego to Dallas with Allied is $3,000.

However, to get a more exact price, you should use our Instaquote tool above. The cost of moving is based on the price of packing everything properly, unpacking on arrival, the number of belongings you’re bringing, the distance, and more.

Average cost to move: $3,000

How to Move from San Diego to Dallas

Using a moving company might feel like a bigger expense, and you might not be sure whether it’s worth the extra cost. However, the whole process of moving is difficult, especially when you’re going a long distance. It’s a big change, and it can be extremely stressful. It’s a new place, and you may not have any friends in the area to help you, so you’re going to need all the help you can get to get settled.

Tips for Moving Long-Distance

When you’re moving long-distance, you need to consider all the costs beforehand. First of all, you need to get things in order at your old home and your new home. That means you need to sell your old house and settle on the new one.

Once you have those things settled, you need to forward your mail and consider the travel costs for you and your family. Whether you’re flying to your new home or taking a road trip.

Another crucial thing you need to line up before your move is the next line of employment. In some cases, people move for a new job. But in other cases, they move because the cost of living in the current area is too high, or they want to be closer to family. In those cases, you’re going to need to line up a position that will support you in your new home.

Downsizing is Your New Best Friend

Before you do anything, you might want to consider getting rid of the clutter that has built up over the years. It’s easy to let things build up in junk drawers. Out of sight out of mind, right?

Well, everything is going to get exposed when you’re moving out of your old home and into your new one. You might not think everything you keep is so special when you have to pay to move it.

Downsizing is one of the best things you can do when you’re moving. In some cases, people leave all their old furniture behind and only take things with sentimental value. Other people have moving sales to get rid of the heavy furniture.

No matter what route you decide to take, it’s a helpful thing to consider. The clutter is going to build up again in your new home. You might as well purge the old clutter before that happens.

Getting Some Help

Moving is a big job. There is no reason you should do it on your own. You need help, especially when you’re going hundreds or thousands of miles. To make your life easier and less stressful, you should consider getting help from a moving company, like Allied Van Lines.

Luckily, we can help break down the costs and help you plan your move. That will make a lot less work for you. Some people don’t like to use moving companies because they don’t want to pay the extra cost. After all, moving is expensive enough without another bill on top of the rest.

However, you’re probably going to be thankful you chose to get some help, especially if you’re moving everything you own. You’ll be in a new place with no friends and no help. Instead of hiring people to help you pack and unpack, you can get everything combined into a more affordable price.

If you’re interested in at least getting a quote, you should contact us and ask as many questions as you’d like. We’ll give you the peace of mind that you need to make the right decision and take away some of the stress that comes from moving from city to city.

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