Moving from California to Vermont

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Moving from California to Vermont

If you are a west-coast inhabitant itching for a change of scenery, Vermont is an often-forgotten gem nestled in the New England region. Vermont is home to beautiful mountains and many towns that still have the old-world feel of rural America to them.

 California to Vermont

If you are looking to move from California to Vermont, be prepared to embrace the culture of maple syrup. Vermont is the United States' largest producer of this sweet, sticky marvel that tops mountains of pancakes from coast to coast.

Benefits of Moving from California to Vermont

Vermont is a beautiful state known best for its majestic mountains that are home to avid ski and snowboard enthusiasts. Vermont is one of the most sparsely populated states, so if you want to get away from people while embracing an outdoor lifestyle, Vermont is a dream come true.

Vermont Has Good Schools

All things considered, Vermont is home to some of the best K-12 schools in the nation. With per-student spending at twice the national average, Vermont K-12 school districts make the top five public school systems in the U.S. Student-teacher ratios are also impressively low, with some districts offering one teacher for every ten students.

Vermont is Home to Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

Who doesn't love ice cream? Ben & Jerry's is an occult favorite across the entire U.S., but Vermont is its home. The locals love Ben & Jerry's more than anyone else and are very proud to claim them as their own.

Vermont is Loaded with Scenic Views

Everybody loves the Autumn in Vermont. The landscape is speckled with covered bridges and remnants of rural American farming, highlighted with the colorful fall leaves as they change. The sheer beauty of fall in Vermont almost makes up for its harsh winters and muddy springs. But seriously though, buy a pair of mud boots because they call it 'mud season' in Vermont.

Anyone nostalgic for a glimpse of old America, towns big and small across the state of Vermont has done well to preserve historic architecture. The state seems to be known for its covered bridges and sugar maple farms, which give the feeling of rural living. Two mountain ranges add variety to the landscape and provide residents with plenty of outdoor adventure. Skiing, hiking, and zip-lining are all a short drive away.

Vermont has Lakes, Not Ocean

One of the undeniable attractions to California that some might find hard to leave behind is the miles and miles of gorgeous coastline. But coastal living presents its own set of challenges. If you are looking to move a little inland, Vermont offers the perfect compromise.

While it is technically a land-locked state, Vermont is home to some beautiful and expansive lakes. Lake Eden and Sunset Lake offer a similar feel to coastal living without being on a coast.

Cost of Moving from California to Vermont

The average cost of moving from California to Vermont is $4,920.71. Moving from California to Vermont is a big undertaking. The number of belongings, distance, and extra services like packing and unpacking all factor into the final cost of a cross-country move. Avoid surprises by filling out the Instaquote below for a detailed estimate of costs.

Cost to move to Vermont from California

Most Popular Cities in Vermont

Vermont is one of the least populated states in the country, but it still has a few fine cities that can offer arts, culture, and entertainment with a bit of New England charm. Whether you are looking for the familiar favorites of city-dwelling or hoping to unplug in a more rural setting, Vermont has good options.


Burlington is easily the most populated city in the state of Vermont and is situated on the shores of the famous Lake Champlain. The city is full of bike paths, outdoor marketplaces, and a waterfront park. In the summertime, the streets are filled with festival-goers. Burlington is less than an hour to the Canadian border and is full of beautiful old-world architecture, quaint bed and breakfasts, and gourmet shops.


Nestled in the mountains, the city of Rutland offers as much historical architecture as outdoor adventure. Local attractions include the New England Maple Museum, Norman Rockwell Museum, and Wilson Castle.

Green Mountain National Forest is in Rutland. One of the most spectacular ways to see the fall foliage in the state of Vermont is from the peaks in this expansive national forest. Rutland has a population of just over 15,000 residents, so it is big enough to have all of the conveniences of urban-dwelling but small enough to still feel rural. Pair the smaller city size with the national forest, and there is plenty of opportunities to get out and connect with nature.


Not necessarily a big city, but definitely worth an honorable mention. Woodstock, Vermont, is a picture-perfect small town adorned with covered bridges and sugar maple farms with grandiose mountains in the background. Woodstock has been voted as one of the prettiest small towns in America.

Woodstock was founded fifteen years before the declaration of independence. It attracted entrepreneurs, craftsmen, and artisans. Over the years, the population moved on, leaving Woodstock a small, quaint town that still has a strong artisan culture of artists, makers, and tradespeople.


The Green Mountain State capitol gets an honorable mention on our list. It might be the least-populated state capital in the U.S., but it is still a charming addition to the lineup of charming cities and towns in the state of Vermont.

Montpelier is the perfect blend of city and small-town living. With a population of just 8,000, it is still small and quaint, but as the state capital, state workers bring the city to life during the day. Montpelier has a wonderfully curated selection of shops from upscale thrift stores to boutiques, bookstores, and more.

A pioneer city in farm-to-table cuisine, Montpelier offers a selection of eateries with strong ties to rural America. The city offers a selection of craft breweries and live music venues to entertain.


If you are moving to Vermont in search of an authentic New England village, Grafton is full of historic charm and scenic views. Clapboard houses, historic cemeteries, fields of sheep, and covered bridges paint a delightful picture in this quaint Vermont town.

Grafton is known for its historic inn that has been in service since 1801. It has housed famous names like Ralph Waldo Emerson and Ulysses S Grant. Today it operates as a bed and breakfast with two full-service restaurants. The Old Tavern is an upscale farm-to-table dining experience and Phelps Barn, which offers a more casual pub menu.

How to Move from California to Vermont

The biggest challenge of moving from California to Vermont is timing your move in the right season. While temperatures are mild year-round in most of California, Vermont experiences more significant weather extremes, winters in Vermont can be harsh, cold, and snowy.

Inclement weather in the winter months can make many of Vermont's older roads dangerous or impassable. The winter season in Vermont is followed by what is known by the locals as 'mud season.' The snowmelt from the winter season and rains in the spring contributes to a soggy, wet, muddy mess.

The summer months become a bit more enjoyable, and the fall season is downright delightful. Try to time your move from California to Vermont between May and November.

Whether you are relocating for a job, family, or just a different scene, the state of Vermont has a completely different look and feel than the west coast state of California. It is a big undertaking to move long distance . There will be plenty of stress caused by uprooting your life and making big changes. Physically moving your belongings shouldn't be one of them. Allied Van Lines can take the pressure off of the physical move to give you peace of mind.

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