Moving from Los Angeles to New York City

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Moving from Los Angeles to New York City

Los Angeles and New York City are two of the country’s largest and most bustling cities. While they are similar in the fact that both are heavily populated and offer residents plenty of things to do, there are also significant differences between these two cities when it comes to climate, cost of living, transportation, and overall culture. If you have decided to trade sunny Los Angeles for the Big Apple, read on to discover everything you need to know about moving to New York City including benefits, cost, and how to go about relocating.

Moving from LA to NYC


Benefits of Moving from Los Angeles to NYC

New York is the city of dreams and the city that never sleeps. As Frank Sinatra sang, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.” People from all different backgrounds, cultures, and walks of life come to New York to pursue their dreams. This city is filled with dedicated and ambitious people who are willing to endure long hours of work and a fast-paced lifestyle to reach their goals. This is perhaps the first adjustment you might encounter when moving to NYC. Californians are known for their laid-back attitude. In fact, Los Angeles is nicknamed “la la land” for its carefree and relaxed culture. Although New Yorkers are known for being a bit edgier and uptight, they are also known for their willingness to help others. This is great for anyone who is new to the city! Aside from the hustle and bustle, New York City is teeming with great food, world-class entertainment, loads of things to do, and endless job opportunities.  Here are just a few of the other great benefits of living in the Big Apple.

 Public Transportation

One of the biggest differences between Los Angeles and New York City is the transportation. Most people in L.A. have to rely on their own vehicles because the public transportation system isn’t equipped to adequately handle the amount of people using it. This means long commutes with lots of traffic and endless searches for a parking spot. Residents of New York City do not typically own their own vehicles. Rather, they rely on the city’s public transportation system. This is a huge perk because New York has excellent and very efficient transportation which equates to no more waiting in traffic jams and no more searching for a parking place! Just hop on the train or the subway and you can be just about anywhere in 45minutes. New York is also a very walkable city which is great for exercise and also adds to the sense of community because you are constantly interacting with people on the streets.

Change of Weather

If you are moving from Los Angeles to New York one thing is for will have to add a winter coat to your wardrobe. Your first winter on the East Coast will be quite different from the ones in sunny California. You will have to be prepared for snow and much colder temperatures, but this can be a nice change if you haven’t had the chance to experience a change of season. It also means you get to experience new winter activities such as ice skating, hockey, and snowball fights of course! The good news is that you are treated to more than just cold weather in New York. Residents get to enjoy four distinct seasons which can be a new and enjoyable experience for those who were used to the same weather year round.

Surprisingly Affordable Suburbs

While it comes as no surprise that Manhattan is the most expensive place to live in the country, the good news is that there are suburbs of New York City that don’t carry the same hefty price tag as Manhattan. One such example is Old Mill Basin in Brooklyn. While the median home price in Brooklyn is $765,000, the median home price in Old Mill Basin is $231,000. While access to public transportation is a bit more difficult, it might be worth it for a lower cost of living. Another affordable suburb is University Heights in the Bronx. Residents can still enjoy the urban feel of the big city but with median home prices being around $195,000, it offers more affordable living. Grant City is another great suburb in Staten Island that provides residents with more affordability as well as easy access to the city. The great thing about New York is that there are tons of suburbs that offer a lower cost of living but still allow residents to enjoy those big city amenities.

Job Opportunities

Job searching can be tough but in a city like New York there are bound to be countless opportunities. New York headquarters some of the biggest companies in the country including IBM, PepsiCo, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Citi, Verizon, Dior, ABM Industries, Pfizer, and Icahn Enterprises. The list goes on which means that there are plenty of jobs to be had across a variety of industries. Tech giants, financial gurus, law firms, fashion companies, logistics companies, and many other industries offer employment opportunities in New York.

Things To Do

You can guarantee that one will never get bored in New York City. After all, this is “the city that never sleeps.” There are countless things to do in New York from dining at great restaurants to catching incredible Broadway shows. Time Square is the number one tourist attraction and is unlike anywhere else in the world. Residents also enjoy strolling through iconic Central Park. From museums and tourist attractions to world-class dining, shopping, and nightlife, you will never run out of things to do in the Big Apple.

Cost of Moving from Los Angeles to NYC

Depending on the amount of items being moved and the services being provided, a cross-country move from Los Angeles to New York could cost anywhere from $5,000-$16,000. Pricing is determined by the exact distance of the move, weight of items, and additional services such as full-service packing and unpacking. The average line haul cost to move from Los Angeles to NYC with Allied is $3,900. The best way to get the most accurate quote is to use our Instaquote listed above.

Average cost to move: $3,900


How to Move from Los Angeles to NYC

If you are planning to take the leap and move across the country, the first step will be to contact a trusted moving company such as Allied and discuss your options. Allied has been serving customers for more than 90 years and can provide expert advice on how to go about relocating. You also need to consider your budget and do some research to find the best price. Allied is happy to provide customers with a free quote.  Simply call or use our convenient Instaquote. Moving across the country is a big transition so you want to hire the right moving company. Allied is experienced with long distance moves and can assist you every step of the way.

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