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By Ryan Cox
Director, Allied Consumer Moving
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Did You Know Your Movers Could Do This?

There’s a common misconception that paying for professional movers is a lot more expensive than handling the move yourself. Before you rent the truck, pay for gas, spend the whole day going back and forth between houses and losing a few fragile items to poor handling by friends, you should consider all the services you gain when hiring a moving company.

Professional movers do a lot more than carry boxes and get you from place A to B. Here are some of the services Allied Van Lines provides that you may not have known about.

Allied Van Lines moving truck

More Services

There are a few services professional movers will provide under the standard hourly rate.

Disassembling Furniture

If you have a bed frame, entertainment center, desk or other large furniture piece that requires disassembly, ask your movers to handle it! They will typically have tools available to take apart these massive pieces and even reassemble them when you move into the new place.

Protecting Fragile Items

You can only use so many towels and blankets to pack your fragile items. Professional movers can assist you with packing protection, including wrapping your furniture, artwork and televisions in protective materials. Movers will also use materials that protect your floors and walls from scuff marks and scratches.

Covering Damages

In the rare case that a mover accidentally damages one of your items, their moving company will cover the costs to repair or replace it under their insurance. A good professional mover doesn’t require you to opt in to insurance for an extra fee, but includes it with every move.

Above and Beyond Services

If you’re willing to pay a little extra to enjoy a completely hands-free move, Allied has the resources for a full service move. In addition to the services above, a full service move includes:

  • All the packing supplies. From boxes and packing tape to bubble wrap and paper to wrap fragile items - your movers will supply it all. No more having to scrounge for boxes at the grocery store or taking multiple trips to the store for more tape!
  • Packing up all of your belongings. Professional packers are trained to get the job done quickly while keeping everything organized and your fragile items safe.
  • Unpacking items at the new place with your guidance. After telling the movers which cabinet to put your dishes in and how to hang your clothes, they’ll handle the rest.
  • Disposing of all the packing materials. After quickly getting your house unpacked, the movers will take all of the boxes, packing peanuts and bubble wrap with them, ensuring everything is properly recycled or trashed while you get to enjoy a clean, organized new home.

Get the Most Out of Your Move with Allied

Whether you’re taking advantage of the free services or opting for the full service move, you can get even more out of your experience by working with an Allied professional mover.

Allied Van Lines has been providing top-tier moving experiences for more than 90 years. With one of the largest moving networks across the country, Allied can handle moves of any size in almost any location. Backed by a large, national company, our agents have access to all the resources they need to give you a positive moving experience, every time.