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By Ryan Cox
Director, Allied Consumer Moving
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When You Might Need Additional Moving Services

Most people associate moving companies with packing, loading, transporting, and unloading their belongings, but did you know that companies like Allied Van Lines offer additional moving services? And here’s the kicker – you don’t have to be moving an entire household to use and benefit from these services. Here are some additional moving services Allied offers, and some scenarios for when you might use them.


We build custom crates to protect your fragile or non-standard-sized belongings. You might hire Allied to provide custom crating for you if:

  • You’re moving, and own odd-shaped sculptures that won’t fit into standard crates.
  • You’re donating photos or artwork to a gallery or museum.
  • You sold something fragile to someone online and need to ship it.
  • You’re switching from a home office to a corporate one, and need to carefully crate your computer and other IT equipment.

Car/boat transit

Allied movers transport your vehicles of choice by truck. If you’re moving to a new home and your vehicle fits inside the same truck as your other belongings, we’ll store it there. If it doesn’t fit, or you’re not moving anything else, we’ll provide a separate truck. We have both exposed and covered trucks to transport cars and boats. You might hire us to ship your car or boat if:

  • You’re a snowbird and need your boat transported to a marina in a state down south.
  • You’ve purchased a boat or vehicle in another state and don’t want to go retrieve it yourself.
  • You’re moving across the country but prefer to fly instead of drive the entire distance – whether because you don’t possess the ability to drive long distances, you don’t have the time to do so, you don’t wish to drive in dangerous weather or some other reason.
  • You own a specialty vehicle or are restoring a vehicle that’s not yet drivable.
  • You don’t want your vehicle damaged in a cross-country move.

Assembly/disassembly and connect/disconnect

When you’re moving, we can assist you with disassembling – and reassembling – everything from swing sets to furniture. We can also help you disconnect and connect appliances or find a third party to do it for a reasonable price. You might ask Allied to do perform one of these moving services if:

  • You don’t have the physical ability to perform the task.
  • You don’t have an eye for it.
  • You don’t have time to get your new home live-in ready upon arrival.

Other additional moving services offered by Allied include unpacking, shuttle services, storage and third-party services. Whatever you need, contact us today. We’ll do our utmost to make it a positive experience for you.