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Washington is a beautiful state, rich in history. It was named after George Washington, a famed forefather of America. Washington is the only state that is named after one of our nation’s presidents. Washington is an integral part of the Pacific Northwest and is the furthest north-west of any of the contiguous United States. Washington is also home to many beautiful mountain ranges, volcanoes and forests. They have a very different climate than many parts of the United States, which breeds a rare place to grow some of the nation’s finest wine grapes, concord grapes, raspberries and hops. They also grow a large part of the nation’s peas, apples, cherries, pears and carrots.

Your future home of Washington has a unique and interesting background.  European exploration found the state of Washington in 1775 and it was claimed by the Spanish. In 1790, the British-Spanish Nootka Convention opened the northwest coast to explorers and traders. The Lewis and Clark expedition went through Washington in 1805, only fifteen years after the state was opened up to explorers. Around this time, there were settlers from Britain and Spain. It was not until 1889 that Washington became the forty second state in our union.

In the state’s early history, agriculture and lumber were very important industries. These are still prominent industries in the state today. Washington was also important during the country’s industrial era. There were several areas known for large smelters that treated gold, silver, copper and lead ores. Parts of Washington also developed heavy industrial areas during the first and second World Wars. During World War II, the state became a major focus for wartime industries. Ports in Seattle, Bremerton, Vancouver, and Tacoma were all used during the manufacturing of warships. Many soldiers even departed from Seattle. The Hanford Works atomic energy plant was opened in 1943 and played a major role in the construction of the atomic bombs used in the war.

Washington is an excellent destination for many different kinds of people, from winery connoisseurs to outdoor adventure enthusiasts. If you plan on moving to Washington, or having any moving needs, then Allied Van Lines is the moving company for you. With a strong emphasis on customer service, we can guarantee you an amazing moving experience.

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