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Ask Allied: Where Do I Start to Unpack After I’ve Moved?

by Jackie Heath on Mar 12, 2020
Have the movers just finished and now you have to unpack, but your not sure where to start. Our guide tell which room to start with and walk you through to the end.

Where Do I Start to Unpack After I’ve Moved?The task of unpacking can feel almost as overwhelming as the task of packing. You managed to fit your whole life into a bunch of boxes and bags, load it onto a truck, and move it to your new home. Now how do you go about unpacking?

As with any large task, it’s best to break it down into manageable chunks. Unpacking one room at a time helps to make the process seem more manageable because you only have to focus on the room you’re unpacking, instead of thinking about the entire apartment/house while you’re unpacking. It also makes the process go faster because you’re not constantly running around from room to room. You get to stay in each room until it is fully unpacked, then move onto the next room. Here’s the best order in which to tackle unpacking.

  1. The Bathroom

    The bathroom is a great place to start unpacking because it’s probably the first room you’ll need to use. So, start by unpacking all the essentials there: toilet paper, towels, hygiene products, toiletries, medications, etc.

  2. The Kitchen

    The kitchen is also a great place to start unpacking because you’ll probably need to use it within 24 hours of moving in. Even if you don’t plan on cooking dinner for a couple days, you’ll want at least some of your kitchen utensils the next morning, even if it’s only the coffee maker or kettle and mugs, and/or the toaster.

  3. The Bedrooms

    Once you have the bathroom and kitchen out of the way, unpack the bedrooms. If you move in early in the day or a small space (or a lot of people helping you unpack), you might be able to keep going and get the whole place unpacked in a day or two. But if you arrived at your new home late in the day, you can stop here, go to bed, and tackle the rest in the morning.

  4. Living Room

    After you tackled the bedrooms (and hopefully caught some zzz’s), you’ll want to unpack the living room. If you are having the cable or satellite company coming to do their install, the room will need to be ready to help them determine where to place the outlet. Also, when you are finished unpacking, you’ll have a place to relax.

  5. Dining Room
    Next up is the dining room. This will be an easy one to work on. The first thing you want to do is reassemble furniture and replace shelves or drawers. After you’re done, put away your silverware and display the china mom gave you. Once you’re done their finish off the room by adding your pictures to the wall and that new center piece for the table.

Now you know where to start unpacking and what rooms should follow. Having a plan for unpacking will help make the transition to your new home easier. It’s also a good idea to assign tasks to family members so when they finish in one room, they know what to work on next. Just remember the best laid plans sometimes require making adjustments, so be patient and flexible.

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