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Top Moving Destinations for 2017

by Jackie Heath on Jan 9, 2018

Every year, we take a look at where Americans move to (and from). It’s alwaysmap of Top Moving Destinations for 2017 interesting, especially when there’s a big change from year to year. Last year the top five states were Florida, Arizona, Texas, North Carolina and Utah, continuing a trend of Americans moving to warmer Southern and Southwestern states. This year, there wasn’t much change:

1: Florida. There’s sunshine and abundant beaches. And Florida has good jobs in financial services, biomedical research and other life sciences, and aerospace and aviation.  Another reason Florida is always near the top of the magnet states is the continual flow of military personnel and retirees into the state.

2: Arizona. Warm weather, lots of recreation and relatively low cost of living make it popular for retirees and outdoorsy types, and strong growth in industry, technology and financial sectors fueled employment growth and transfers.

3: North Carolina. People continued moving to North Carolina because of its thriving tech hub, Research Triangle Park, and its growing financial sector. Mild weather, beautiful and varied scenery, high-ranking universities and dynamic urban areas were also contributing factors.

4: South Carolina. Warm winters, beach access and a low cost of living (13% lower than the national average) are all drawing people to South Carolina. Charleston and Columbia are both desirable cities, with growing economies and thriving food and entertainment scenes.

5: Texas: Texas was number 1 in 2016 and number 3 in 2017. What keeps drawing people to Texas? The diversified job market, with everything from tech jobs, to oil and gas to health care jobs and its low cost of housing are two big reasons. Perhaps the biggest draw is Texas’s vibrant and distinct cities, as well as its larger than life persona. To say nothing of tacos and barbecue.

If you’re looking to move to one of the 2017 magnet states in 2018, you’ll need a good partner to handle your move. Find your local agent and request an estimate.

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