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Top Places to Visit after Moving to Louisville, KY

by Ryan Cox on Dec 15, 2016

As the largest city in Kentucky, Louisville is home to many fascinating museums, attractions and parks that will make your move to the city an adventurous one. Louisville is brimming with culture, which is noticeable immediately upon entering the city. The following is a list of the most popular eateries, cultural spots and attractions to explore after you move to Louisville.

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory
louisville-sluggerFor anyone who's a fan of baseball, the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory is an attraction that you simply can't miss. The city of Louisville is home to Hillerich & Bradsby, a company that has been crafting the Louisville Slugger baseball bat for well over 120 years. This baseball bat is still used today as the official bat of the MLB. The museum takes you through a unique and compelling tour of the factory where the bats are made. You'll also see several additional exhibits that focus on the history of baseball, such as Gallery 125, the Grand Slam Gallery and the Signature Wall. At the front of the museum is a six-story replica of Babe Ruth's signature bat, which is officially the largest bat in the world. Step into Bud's batting cage to hit baseballs with replica bats of MLB legends. (Photo Credit: https://www.sluggermuseum.com)

Kentucky Derby Museum
The Kentucky Derby Museum is designed to provide guests with everything they need to know about the history of the famous Kentucky Derby horse race, which is held in Louisville every year. If you'd like to get an up-close look at the track where everything happens, an Around the Track golf cart tour is an exciting four-hour event that's considered the highlight of the museum. A number of other tours are available for different facets of the museum, such as the Horses & Haunts walking tour and the historic walking tour. Around half a dozen exhibits can be found situated around the museum. Stop by to see the new American Pharaoh exhibit, which focuses on the latest Triple Crown winner.

Frazier History Museum
The Frazier History Museum is a very unique museum that houses a large range of distinctive historical artifacts, primarily centered around weapons from the British Royal Armouries. Live historic performances and demonstrations are held daily in the museum. These exciting performances are on a rotation as the museum has developed over 90 of them. Nearly a dozen exhibitions can also be discovered here, the best of which is The Lewis and Clark Experience. This hands-on and immersive exhibit provides education on all of the unique challenges that these two explorers faced as they set out to cross the Western portion of the United States. This particular exhibit was designed with families in mind, so kids of all ages can find something to enjoy as they learn about history.

Copper & Kings American Brandy Distillery
The Copper & Kings American Brandy Distillery is a fascinating attraction that is sure to be enjoyable for anyone who loves brandy. If you desire to learn more about how brandy is made, the tour that's held throughout this massive facility takes you through the entire process. The guided tour includes several delicious tastings of the facility's distilled products, which may well be the highlight of the experience.

Speed Art Museum
louisville-speed-artArt lovers will find themselves at home at the Speed Art Museum, which serves as the primary museum of art in Louisville. The museum's extensive collections of art span a total of 6,000 years. Don't miss the Art of Ancient Cultures collection while at the museum, which includes several fascinating sculptures and earthenware from the Han and Tang dynasties. If you're more interested in classic European and American art, a vast array of notable paintings and portraits can be found hanging in this museum. "The Fountain" by François Boucher is a particular favorite among locals. Contemporary art is also held at this museum, the highlight of which is likely "Sfumato," an installation of colored glass.  (Photo Credit: http://www.speedmuseum.org/)


Jack Fry's
Jack Fry's is a popular restaurant that's been open since 1933 and offers a large menu of Southern-style cuisine. The atmosphere inside is comfortable and relaxing whether you visit for lunch or dinner. The menu contains dishes that are upscale in nature with such dishes as scarred lemon chicken and scotch egg and Pappardelle for lunch. Tasty sides include the barley salad and steak fries. The dinner menu extensive; to start out your meal, try the escargot or chicken liver pate for an appetizer. Follow this up with delicious lamb chops or seared Scottish salmon. Once your meal is over, there are several desserts to choose from, including the chocolate Crémeaux tier or chiffon cake. This restaurant is usually busy, especially for dinner, so consider making a reservation to ensure that seating is available.

Mayan Café
The Mayan Café is a small restaurant that offers a menu dedicated entirely to Mexican and Pan-Latin cuisines. All of the chef's ingredients come straight from local farms. Both lunch and dinner are served here with separate menus for both. For lunch, start your meal with a Mayan salad or scallop ceviche. This can be followed up with a roasted pork sandwich or Huevos Motuleños for the main entree. The most popular dishes for dinner include the lamb, salmon and vegetarian burrito. Pair your meal with a delicious red or white wine, of which there are plenty to choose from. For dessert, the churros and lavender flan dishes are among the best.

Troll Pub
The Troll Pub is a lively and entertaining sports bar that's the perfect destination for you and your friends whenever the game is on. To accommodate this, Troll Pub has set up a large amount of crystal-clear HDTVs throughout the pub. For lunch, try the chicken wings, the chicken and black bean quesadilla, or the jumbo chef salad. The pasta and beer cheeseburger are two favorite dishes for the main course. The expansive dinner menu is comprised of a selection of burgers, pizzas, sandwiches and additional entrees. The delectable Portabella burger and Philly cheese steak sandwich are among the best late-night entrees. For dessert, the Mokah stout brownies are a must when dining here. The highlight of the pub is the large drink menu. There are dozens of different beer brands that come in bottles, in cans or on tap. A vast selection of cocktails and wines is also available, so you can enjoy the game or just a night out with friends.

Mussel & Burger Bar
The Mussel & Burger Bar will provide you with a unique fine dining experience that focuses primarily on an American bistro cuisine. The atmosphere inside is elegant and cozy. As the name of the restaurant implies, the lunch and dinner menus are primarily filled with burger and mussel dishes. If you'd like to try something a bit more exotic, the Mediterranean burger offered here consists of delicious ground lamb with quince marmalade and feta cheese. Anyone who would like to taste mussels should consider the Meuniere variety, which is created with shallots, white wine, butter and parsley. The dinner menu is largely comprised of similar dishes as the lunch menu with some distinct differences. Try the chevre cheese and fig salad or fish tacos if you would like something other than burgers and mussels. The Foie Gras is a perfect starter for any dish you select. You might want to share a dessert because the options can be rich and very sweet!

Proof on Main
louisville-proof-on-mainProof on Main is one of the favorite eateries of locals and visitors alike. This upscale and luxurious restaurant is the perfect destination for couples or anyone who wishes to have an intimate meal among friends or family. Unlike the majority of upscale eateries, Proof on Main is open for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Each menu is packed with delicious foods to taste. For breakfast, select a smoked salmon bagel or egg white frittata to start your day off right. Don't forget to pick up a hot coffee or cappuccino on your way out to ensure that you have ample amounts of energy for the day ahead. The brunch menu is similar to the breakfast menu, the primary difference being the inclusion of sandwiches such as the Proof bison burger and smoked brisket sandwich. If visiting for lunch, try the grilled shrimp salad or spaghetti Amatriciana. A vast selection of tasting platters and appetizers is available for dinner. As for the entrees, the line-caught halibut and the dry-aged ribeye are particular favorites. (Photo Credit: http://www.proofonmain.com/)

When you're moving to Louisville, you're sure to have an eventful time if you include some of the aforementioned destinations on your to-do list. From premium restaurants to unforgettable museums, the city of Louisville has a lot to offer new residents.

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