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Top Places to Visit after a Relocation to Sacramento, California

by Ryan Cox on Jul 19, 2016
Relocating to a new city is far from an easy task, but in some instances it is a necessary occurrence.

If you are planning a move to Sacramento in the near future, then you likely have a number of things on your to-do list. This article about the top places to visit after a relocation to Sacramento will help you get adjusted to life in your new home,

  • California Museum

    The California Museum opened its doors to the public in June 1998 to showcase the history and culture of California. The museum’s primary mission is to not only inform visitors of California’s rich history, but to also explain the important role women and other underrepresented groups have played in California’s overall development. California Hall of Fame, California Indians, California’s Remarkable Women, and We are all Californians are just a few of the exhibits in the museum that attracts a plethora of visitors on an annual basis. As the California Museum has continued to prosper, it has become an ideal place to visit in order to engage in both exciting and educational activities about California. An outing to the California Museum will certainly get you excited about everything California has to offer.

  • Sacramento History Museumhistory

    Known as the only museum that is completely devoted to providing information about Sacramento and the California Gold Rush, the Sacramento History Museum gladly opened its doors in 1985. This unique attraction contains numerous exciting exhibits that thoroughly illustrate the history of the city. With exhibits such as Gold, Greed & Speculation: The Beginnings of Sacramento City, the Historic Print Shop, and Coming to California and the Lure of Gold, The Sacramento History Museum perfectly displays a number of major events that have shaped the city into what it is today. If you want to learn more about Sacramento following your move to the city, then you should make sure to swing by this museum.

  • California Automobile Museum

    Founded in 1983, the California Automobile Museum was the first of its kind to be formed in Sacramento. The museum focuses on teaching visitors about the evolution of the automobile and the role it has continuously played in our lives. Its extensive collection of more than 150 classic cars, muscle cars, race cars, and antique models will make your visit to the museum one that you will not soon forget. This unique experience perfectly displays cars that have been driven on California streets for more than 120 years. The collection at the museum features both affordable and luxury vehicles. If you are interested in learning more about the evolution of the automobile, then you will be more than happy to make a trip to the California Automobile Museum following your relocation to Sacramento, California.

  • Firehouse Restaurant

    After your move to California, you will want to find a few places to go in order to receive delicious food. Fortunately, Firehouse Restaurant in Sacramento is known for its excellent menu. This will quickly become one of the restaurants you often visit. Their menu includes lunch, dinner, and desert options as well as a wide variety of wine options. This upscale restaurant provides you with a plethora of options intended to satisfy any palette. Firehouse Restaurant is committed to only providing customers with food made from only the freshest, locally grown ingredients; therefore, you can be assured that your meal was prepared with close attention to detail. When you move to Sacramento, you will enjoy a night out on the town at the Firehouse Restaurant.

  • Old Soul Co.

    Old Soul Co. is a unique coffee roaster that offers customers a number of delicious breads and roasted coffees. Many have praised their established for only offering top of the line choices and freshly ground coffee beans that come from all over the world. While at Old Soul Co., you will feel a sense of community that cannot be easily found elsewhere. Old Soul’s dedication to their craft makes them stand out from their competitors. So, if you want to enjoy great cup of coffee while listing to live music and eating tasty home cooked bread, then you will definitely want to stop by the Old Soul Co. They will not disappoint.

  • Fairytale TownSacramento-fairy

    If you have young children, then you can be certain that Fairytale Town will be one of their favorite places after your move to Sacramento. For more than 50 years, Fairytale Town has offered a place where children can use their imagination to play and learn. The town consists of 25 playsets that are derived from common fairytales and nursery rhymes. There are also a number of farm animals on the grounds that children can interact with as well. Equipped with a number of gardens and two performing arts stages, the fun will never come to an end at Fairytale Town. Once you get situated into your Sacramento home, let your children experience the many wonders that Fairytale Town has to offer.

  • Sacramento Zoo

    Since 1927, the Sacramento Zoo has been home to more than 500 exotic animals as well as endangered and native species. Through the use of multiple educational programs, the zoo has helped many people understand the importance of conserving wildlife. The Sacramento Zoo is an excellent place to enjoy a day filled of family fun. A number of fun activities that take place on a daily basis include Keeper Chats, EdZOOcation stations, and Giraffe Encounters. Following your relocation to Sacramento, make sure you check out everything the zoo has to offer.

  • Funderland

    For many years, Funderland has served as an exciting adventure for young children. The park contains many kid friendly rides and attractions that include the Funderland train, crazy cups, flying dragon, and squirrelly whirl. This unique park is an excellent attraction for children to keep them entertained following a stressful move. While visiting this amusement park, children will be able to get better adjusted to their new surroundings. So, make it a point to give this park a try after your relocation to the city.

  • California Musical Theatre

    The California Musical Theatre is a nonprofit organization based in Sacramento. The theatre receives about 250,000 visitors on an annual basis. The organizations main purpose is the help enhance the cultural lives of residents located in the Sacramento area. The California Musical Theater not only puts on a number of exciting performances, but they also provide various acting workshops and classes to the public on a regular basis. If you appreciate the theatre, then you will thoroughly enjoy taking a trip to the California Musical theatre after you relocate to Sacramento.   

  • Sacramento Children’s Museumsacramento Museum

    On August 25, 2011 the Sacramento Children’s Museum opened its doors to the public. The Museum encourages children to use their imagination during various interactive activities which promotes a healthy learning environment. Exhibits within the museum encourage the appreciation science, technology, engineering, and math. Mr. Noodles’ Forest, Augmented Reality Sandbox, and Waterways are just a few of the wonder exhibits in the museum. If you take your children to this fantastic attraction after your move, they will no doubt want to visit on a regular basis.

A relocation can come along with a great deal of stress, but participating in local activities can get you better adjusted to the area. This list of top places to visit following a relocation to Sacramento is a great start to find activities for your family to enjoy. Once you see what these amazing attractions have to offer, you will quickly understand why so many people love living in Sacramento. 

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