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Help Your Clients Choose the Right Type of Move

You have likely been a part of plenty of real estate sales. This means you have experience with the logistics of moving. Not that you’ve made the moves yourself, but you’ve collected plenty of information on some of the nuances of moving – the nuances that your clients likely haven’t picked up. How many families move enough to consider themselves “experienced” movers?

Not only have you collected this empirical data, but you’ve also probably seen a number of different moves under a number of different circumstances. You’re simply a qualified candidate to help your clients make decisions on how to move and what resources to use. Budgets are different. Distances are different. Property is different. Every move brings a different set of circumstances, and you can help clients determine their best course of action under their unique set of circumstances.

While you may have this knowledge stored somewhere in your mind, let the following information refresh your memory and/or apprise you of a few new things that will help you help your clients.

Before any service decisions can be made, your clients must set their budget and understand their needs. At this point they are ready to understand their options.

When most people think of a moving company and the services they offer, they think of the obvious: they help you move your “stuff” from your old place to your new place. But before your clients’ belongings can be transported, they must be put into boxes and such. Most movers offer different packaging options. The movers can provide your clients with the boxes, tape, bubble wrap and any other packing supplies and let them get to work. Perhaps your clients would rather sit back and relax as the moving company packs all of their belongings; movers can do it. If they’d simply like help with their delicate belongings, movers will do that too.

Some of these fragile effects may need even more attention and delicate handling in the packaging process. High-value items can be put in custom crates for the best protection against damage during the move. Along the same lines, your clients likely have belongings that need to be disassembled in order to be transported. Companies offer services to do such a task. These items range from tables, couches and other furniture to backyard play sets and possessions of that sort. They will of course be reassembled upon arrival to your clients’ new homes.

Don’t forget about the unpacking process. Movers are able to do that as well. And don’t worry about the slew of boxes and mess of tape; movers will make sure your clients’ new homes are clear of all packaging supplies.

Loading and unloading are reciprocal processes that your clients will likely need help with. Smart moving companies have standard routines to efficiently and effectively load household belongings. Your clients’ items can be catalogued and grouped by room, or by any other system so that getting the items to the right place in the new home is as pain-free as possible. Movers will unload your clients’ possessions using floor runners to protect against stains and scratches, and deliver the goods to the right rooms in the same efficient manner they were loaded.

Although these are only some the more basic services that moving companies offer, some movers provide even more types of assistance. So while your clients may be focused on which company to use based on the obvious need, you can help by reminding them that there is much more a mover can do to lend support in the moving process