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Guide to Moving Boxes

moving boxes

Moving boxes are a key component of your move. Transporting your belongings securely and safely depends largely on the moving boxes you choose for various items. The wrong moving boxes can prove to be unstable and may assist in the damage of your belongings during transit. Allied solves the problem of selecting the wrong moving boxes by providing all the types of moving boxes you need during a relocation.

Choose the Right Moving Supplies

No matter what you're moving or how far you're going, Allied has the moving boxes to suit your moving needs. As you can see below, our moving boxes come in all different strengths and sizes to help ensure a safe and efficient move. Our moving boxes vary in purpose, so no matter what part of the house you're packing, your belongings will have the appropriate boxes.

If you're confused about which moving boxes you need, don't worry. Our list of cartons and their purposes below will help you determine which you need and those you can do without. In addition to this list, your Allied team is always there to help you during the moving process, even with picking out cartons. Your local agent will recommend the appropriate moving boxes for your needs.

 Moving Supplies to Meet All Your Needs

We have four standard sizes of moving boxes that are designed specifically for certain belongings.

  • Our 1.5 cu. ft. moving boxes are small, yet sturdy; these cartons are great for books, records or other heavier items.
  • The next size up, the 3.1 cu. ft. moving boxes, are medium sized and can effectively pack many types of belongings such as toys, pots and pans and more average size and weight items.
  • Our 4.5 cu. ft. moving boxes are best for lightweight, bigger items such as towels, comforters, linens and toys.
  • Also ideal for large, lighter items are our 6.0 cu. ft. moving boxes. These large cartons are great for packing bedding, pillows and lampshades.

Mirrors, Mattresses? We Have the Moving Supplies

Aside from standard moving boxes, we also offer specialty cartons crafted to pack odd sized or large, fragile items. Our mirror cartons are ideal for large, flat mirrors or other objects of that size such as pictures, glass table tops, etc. Our mattress cartons can pack your mattress and box spring separately and are available in crib, single, double and queen/king sizes. Our wardrobe carton is designed with a metal bar that runs across the top so that you can hang your clothing, draperies or linens for transport. These types of moving boxes are not sturdy enough to hold anything in the bottom, so be sure just to hang the clothes.

Moving Supplies for the Fragile Items

Our dishpack or "china barre" cartons are designed to securely hold your dishes, china and other fragile items. These cartons are outfitted with dividers that separate your fragile belongings, preventing them from hitting each other and breaking. These dishpack cartons can also hold crystal and glassware, in addition to any other items you are worried about shipping.

Allied Has the Moving Supplies You Need

Our inventory of moving boxes is available to you to meet your every packing need. We provide a wide array of sizes and types of moving boxes to properly pack your entire house. Our sturdy moving boxes are also affordably priced for our valued customers, so you don't have to sacrifice quality for cost. Our itemized list of moving boxes below will provide you with a guide as to how to determine which cartons you need.


Overall satisfaction. We had some pre packers come in and pack some special items and I would give them a 5.

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The move was great and it was seamless. Allied picked up and delivered my goods well. Everything was good from start to finish.

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Allied Van Lines

The coordinator and the entire process. They gave me good notice of any changes. There was no stress and it was a great experience. I would like to use them in the future.

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The entire process. They were wonderful to work with. Everything was delivered as promised. I love Alied Van Lines.

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Everyone I dealt with was courteous and professional. When they said that they would be some where, they were there. The driver was very professional and courteous.

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The service that the driver and his guys displayed, they were thorough, packed everything. The quality and care of packing. They did a good job. They were early for loading and the delivery.

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The overall approach was good. The sales rep was very attentive and responsive. It was not an easy move and the person was on it. The crew and driver was well equipped and knew what to do.

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I gave that rating because I needed to move and this company was able to move me when I really needed them and I was also happy with the quality of the overall move.

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It was very easy. Everything that you guys promised he delivered. John went above and beyond in delivering my items.

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The reason that we went with Allied rather than another company was because the gentleman called on a Sunday and we were trying to decide which company to take. We chose them because of the sales rep.

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The customer service and communication went extremely smoothly. Also, the driver was very personable.

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