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Organize Your Move with Color-Coded Packing Tape

If you’ve ever researched the best way to pack your belongings for a move, you’ve likely seen advice that tells you to label each box. The label should include both the details about what’s inside each box and the room where movers should take the box upon arrival at your new home. But written labels can sometimes be difficult to find or read, depending on the circumstances. Have you ever considered using color-coded packing tape instead to indicate where each box should be placed? Here are some tips if you decide to go that route:

  • Select a different color of packing tape for each room. For example, all kitchen boxes can have a piece of red tape, while the master bedroom can have green. Your kids might have fun helping you select colors for each room. Other rooms to include are the master bathroom, the guest bath, the kids’ rooms, the guest room, living room, and laundry room. If you’ll be storing anything in a storage unit, that can be another color entirely.

  • When packing, keep several rolls of the designated packing tape nearby. You don’t want to have to stop packing to buy more tape at the store. Neither do you want to use a different colored tape that’s available – that could get very confusing!

  • Still label the details. Even though you’ve color-coded each room, it’s still a wise idea to write the details of the box’s content on the flap. That way, when you arrive at your new home and desperately need your pots and pans to cook a meal for the family, you know exactly which box to open.

  • Create a master list. You’ll want to place a piece of the colored tape on the master sheet of paper and write next to it which room it represents. Then hang several copies of this list throughout your new home so movers know exactly where each box should go.

  • Place a piece of colored packing tape on the doorway to each room. Movers – and even friends – might not know the difference between the kids’ room and the office/guest room, so you can make it easier on everyone by clearly indicating with tape which room is which.

  • Place tape on more than one side of the box. When movers are unloading the truck, it will be a pain for them to rotate each box to find the piece of tape. You solve this problem if you place a piece of tape on each side. Just make sure the pieces are large enough to clearly distinguish the color.

If you need moving supplies such as colored packing tape, contact Allied Van Lines today! We’re committed to making your move as easy as can be.