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When you choose Allied Van Lines as your Fernandina Beach moving company, you are choosing an experienced, connected and well-equipped company for whom no move is too large or too small. We provide all of our customers with the same level of care and attention whether they are a family or a corporation. While other Fernandina Beach moving companies haphazardly pack up your items, load them into a truck and hope everything turns out well, Allied Van Lines takes the time to plan out your move from start to finish. This helps our hired movers to transport your belongings safely, efficiently and securely. Call Allied Van Lines today for a free service quote.

What a Move to Fernandina Beach has to Offer

Even though Fernandina Beach is close to the Georgia border, its weather is not unlike the rest of Florida. Should you choose to join the Fernandina Beach community, you can expect to see 90 degree summers, 45 degree winters and roughly 90% humidity year-round. Rainfall also seems to peak in September, reaching as much as 8 inches of rain.

Also known as the Shark Tooth Capital of the World, Fernandina Beach is home to just over 11,000 people, more than a fourth of whom are minorities, according to City-Data estimates. The cost of living is a little lower than the national average, but not by much. The average home sells for close to $400,000 and the average monthly rent is a little under $930 per month.

Fernandina Beach’s claim to fame is its identity as the “Isle of 8 Flags,” the only place in the United States to have belonged to 8 different nations according to the city’s website. In 1562 the French first claimed it, and lost it to the Spanish in 1573. The English then took control of the island in 1702, and the Spanish managed to retake it in 1783. Americans attempted to take the island in 1812, but only held onto it for a year before the Spanish took it back for a third time. After this, a group calling itself the “Green Cross of Florida” gained control in 1817, only for Mexico to claim it afterwards. In 1862, during the Civil War, the Confederates took control, only to have it finally become part of America the following year. Ironically, the sites pertaining to these many wars are now popular tourist attractions.

The Allied Van Lines Difference

Allied Van Lines is not your average Fernandina Beach moving company because unlike other moving companies, we give you unprecedented access to 85 years of moving industry expertise, cutting-edge technology and well-qualified agents who will work with you to move anywhere in the world. Our hired movers in Fernandina Beach provide a variety of services, from vehicle transport to climate-controlled storage. In addition, no other moving company in Fernandina Beach holds their personnel to the same high safety standards we do.

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Rent Index 30.00
Groceries Index 56.63
Restaurant Index 71.32
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