Moving from Fort Lauderdale to Las Vegas

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Moving from Fort Lauderdale to Las Vegas

Beyond the dazzling neon lights of the Strip and the ringing of the slot machines sits a beautiful suburban region with friendly neighborhoods and incredible amenities. While it’s true that most people associate Las Vegas with casinos, there’s actually so much more to this incredible city. In fact, its close proximity to nature, booming job market, and affordable cost of living has helped Las Vegas become one of the fastest-growing cities in America. As you prepare to relocate from Fort Lauderdale, find out more about why Las Vegas isn’t just a great place to play-it’s a great place to live as well!

Moving from Fort Lauderdale to Las Vegas

Benefits of Moving from Fort Lauderdale to Las Vegas


If you want to enjoy world-class amenities on a reasonable budget, Las Vegas is the place for you. One of the biggest draws for new residents is the fact that the cost of living in Las Vegas is so reasonable. It is significantly cheaper than most other major cities and it is about 11% cheaper than the cost of living in Fort Lauderdale. In addition to cheaper housing costs, Nevada has no state income tax which means more money in your pocket. It may not be the absolute cheapest city in the country, but compared to most other major metropolitan areas, it’s a steal.

Beautiful Weather

You may have your fair share of Florida sunshine, but you certainly won’t be disappointed by the weather in Las Vegas. Much like Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas residents are treated to about 300 days of sunshine per year and an average temperature around 80 degrees. While the summers can get a bit hotter, the majority of the year remains sunny and mild. This makes it possible to enjoy the great outdoors all year long.

The Great Outdoors

Although most people associate Las Vegas with the neon-colored rainbow, the city is just minutes away from some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the country. In an hour or less, residents can drive to ski slopes, enjoy beautiful rock formations, or head to Lake Meade for a day on the water. In fact, Red Rock Canyon is located just twenty minutes from the middle of town and is an international destination for rock climbers. There are also seven National Parks located within a few hours drive from Las Vegas including the Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, and Joshua Tree. Residents of Las Vegas are treated to incredible sunsets, breathtaking scenery, and a natural outdoor playground just waiting to be discovered.

Employment Opportunities

It should come as no surprise that the abundance of hotels, casinos, restaurants, and bars provide ample opportunities for those seeking a job in the hospitality industry. However, the job market in Las Vegas has been thriving in recent years thanks to a boom in industries such as technology, global trade, healthcare, logistics, and financial services. Furthermore, more and more entrepreneurs are flocking to the city and have found that Las Vegas is a very attractive place to start a business. Thanks to affordability and population growth, the city has actually ranked among the 12 best cities to launch a new business.

Impressive Food Scene

There’s no doubt about it, the food scene in Las Vegas will rival that of any other major city. Vegas is home to some of the best restaurants and culinary masterpieces in the world. World-renowned chefs have restaurants in Las Vegas and you will even find your fair share of Michelin-starred restaurants. Whether you are looking to indulge in a one-of-a-kind dining experience or taste some of the most unique wines in the country, you can do it all in Las Vegas. Outside of the Strip, you will also find numerous ethnic eateries, incredible food trucks, and local restaurants to delight any palate.

World-Class Entertainment

Las Vegas offers endless opportunities for entertainment, so you can always find something exciting to do. You will never miss your favorite big act, given that just about every big name makes a stop in Las Vegas. The Vegas Strip features headlining shows, world-famous entertainers, and countless festivals and live music. You also have your choice of nightclubs, bars, and lounges to check out. Of course you can also spend a weekend relaxing at one of the city’s many resorts and casinos. In addition to the excitement of the Strip, Las Vegas is also home to many major spectator sports and more than 70 golf courses.

Cost of Moving from Fort Lauderdale to Las Vegas

Moving long distances can be costly so it’s important to understand how this move will impact your budget. At Allied, we understand how stressful moving can be so we work to offer upfront pricing and competitive rates so you don’t have to worry about breaking your budget. The average cost to move from Fort Lauderdale to Las Vegas with Allied is $3,884.99. However, there are many variables that will determine the exact cost such as the actual distance of your move, the number of items being moved, and additional services such as packing and unpacking. The best way to get an accurate quote is by using our Instaquote listed above.

Costs of moving from Fort Lauderdale to Las Vegas

How to Move from Fort Lauderdale to Las Vegas

As you prepare for your long-distance move from Fort Lauderdale to Las Vegas it’s important to start planning well in advance. There are a lot of challenges when moving such a long distance and you need to have a well-executed plan in place to ensure your relocation is smooth and hassle-free. That’s why it is important to hire a professional moving company that you can trust to help you navigate your long-distance move. Allied has been moving customers like you for more than 90 years and our experienced team understands exactly what it takes to move from one state to another. We are here to help you every step of the way and promise to deliver convenient, efficient, and affordable moving services.

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