Moving from Florida to Nevada

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Moving from Florida to Nevada

Making the trek from Florida to Nevada will take you through quite a bit of open country. You will be transported from the Gulf of Mexico to the Spring Mountains in Nevada. The heat will be similar between your old and new home, with the southern towns of Laughlin, Mesquite, and Overton.

Moving from Florida to Nevada

Almost three-quarters of the state of Nevada’s population is in Clark County, the state’s most southern county. So, it is most likely you will end up there, potentially near Las Vegas. But, there is plenty more of the state to check out as you move.

Benefits of Moving from Florida to Nevada

Trading your oceanside property in Florida to a mountain or desert home in Nevada will be a huge transition. But, there are quite a few things that make Nevada unique and worth the drive across the United States. Here are some of Nevada’s highlights:


If you’re moving to Nevada, you will probably understand the casino scene quite quickly if you don’t already. Casinos are the state's biggest employers, with names like MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment taking the top spots. But, there are options outside of these gambling centers.

The company AMERCO, an insurance conglomerate is headquartered in Reno and is a solid company to work for. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Johnson Electric provides plenty of electronics, motors, and other technology for many industry leaders. It is often seeking engineers and other professionals to round out its staff.

Beautiful Outdoor Opportunities

Nevada has a multitude of stunning landscapes. From tall rock spires and desert scenes to spots for a dip like Lake Tahoe and Lake Cave. Nevada’s State Park System is vast and has something for everyone.

>Nevada doesn’t stop protecting its land, either. The newest state park is Ice Age Fossils State Park. This park will be 315 acres of rich history. Home of the ‘Big Dig’ in the 1960s and quite a few diverse fossils, this is truly a treasure.

Aside from this, there are parks for horseback riding, hiking, camping, backpacking, swimming, canoeing, fishing, and every other outdoor activity under the sun. As the most mountainous state in the country, there are seemingly endless options for you to get outside and explore.

Similar Sunshine

Most people from Florida enjoy the sunshine, and there is probably a reason you’re not moving to Seattle. Nevada has incredible weather, with cities like Las Vegas boasting over 300 days of sunshine a year. This makes it the third sunniest city in the country. So, don’t forget to pack your sunscreen as you make your move from Florida to Nevada.

No Income Tax

Only seven states do not have an income tax. Anyone moving from Florida to Nevada will be happy to know their situation won’t be changing. Florida doesn’t have a personal income tax, and neither does Nevada. So, you won’t have to redo your budget completely, as this will be similar.

Decent Cost of Living

The average home cost in Nevada is hovering just under $300,000 these days. That is a bit pricey compared to the national average and definitely a jump from Florida’s $237,100 average. But, keep neighboring states in mind. The western US tends to be quite expensive, so Nevada is a spectacular deal when you look at the other options.

Cost of Moving from Florida to Nevada

Moving costs differ based on distance, how much stuff there is, how much it weighs, time restrictions, and more. The average line haul cost of moving with Allied from Florida to Nevada is $3,900. Depending on just where you land in the state, this price could go up or down as well.

Average cost to move: $3,900

Add on to that closing costs if you buy a house and traveling expenses, and it can get expensive quickly. That’s why it is essential to research a reliable and trustworthy company to assist you. Allied has been moving people all across America since the mid-1930s. All these years have allowed them to perfect their moving logistics, packing skills, and customer service.

The best way to understand the true cost of moving from Florida to Nevada is to fill out the Instaquote above.

Most Popular Cities in Nevada

Nevada is a vast state with 3.08 million inhabitants. You may choose to move to a small, cozy mountain town, but the vast majority of people live in a city. Depending on what atmosphere you want, you can choose from any of these most popular cities in Nevada.

Las Vegas

The most famous city in Nevada, hands-down, is Las Vegas. This city and its surrounding suburbs are home to most Nevadans. Nicknamed ‘Sin City,’ casinos, parties, and shows are nonstop. Anyone wishing to work in the hospitality industry is sure to have a job here. But, Vegas is more than the Strip. It can be a beautiful place to raise a family with plenty of family-friendly suburbs or enjoy the single life with all the events and opportunities available.


The Biggest Little City in the World, also known as Reno , is just 22 short miles from Lake Tahoe and even less from the state capital, Carson City. Reno does have quite a few casinos and other offerings in the hospitality industry. Still, companies like Microsoft, PepsiCo, and Amazon also have offices there, giving residents plenty of career options.

Reno also has quite a bit of water nearby for the outdoor lovers. The Truckee River runs from Lake Tahoe through downtown Reno terminating at Lake Pyramid. Residents love to float down the river to cool off from Nevada’s scorching heat. Plenty of bike paths and mountains nearby in the summer allow for a variety of activities in all seasons.

Carson City

The capital of Nevada is a small city with a hometown feel. This historic city is named after Kit Carson, a legendary frontiersman. The Kit Carson Trail weaves through downtown, allowing people to walk by historic mansions, stunning churches, and a few museums that tell the story of this town through the years. Nestled in the Eastern Sierra’s, there are plenty of hiking options nearby. Of course, Lake Tahoe is an easy 20 minutes drive if you prefer water sports.

Carson City will be a little cooler than living in the southern tip of the state, but it is a bit more expensive. But, many enjoy choosing this historic city over the lights and flash of Vegas.


A city about 15 miles southeast of Las Vegas, Henderson gives people access to the fun without having to live right in the middle of it. With an extensive array of gated communities, Henderson draws a different crowd. The schools are exceptional and have unique opportunities. The McCaw School lets students give tours of a mine they recreated, while the Vanderburg Elementary school has a rainforest biosphere that the students can study.

Regardless of where you choose to settle in Nevada, each city has a spirit and life of its own.

How to Move from Florida to Nevada

Moving from Florida to Nevada is a huge step, but it will be an incredible journey. Leaving Florida will mean finishing your lease or selling your house. But, you’ll need to time that well with packing up and trekking across the country to Nevada.

These logistics can be difficult and often stressful to figure out. This is why finding a reliable and professional moving company is essential to making a smooth move.

Allied has been moving people like you for over 90 years. They can take care of everything, from packing your grandmother’s china with care to loading the truck and driving your belongings. Filling out the Instaquote above will let you estimate the cost for making this move stress-free and simple.

Remember when you arrive in Nevada to switch over your address with all appropriate institutions, like the DMV, your bank, credit cards, and magazine subscriptions. Let Allied take care of moving your things so you can take care of the rest.

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