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Geographically located in the south central part of the country, Texas is bordered by Mexico to the south, New Mexico to the west, Oklahoma to the north, Arkansas to the northeast, and Louisiana to the east.  Houston is the largest city in the state and the fourth largest in the U. S., while San Antonio is the second largest in the state. Other major cities include El Paso and Austin, the state capital. Texas is known as the Lone Star State to symbolize Texas as a former independent republic, and as a reminder of the state winning its independence from Mexico. The state takes its name from the word for “friends” in the Caddo language.

Due to its size, Texas features varied landscapes that perfectly demonstrate the Southwest. Although commonly associated with deserts, less than 10 percent of the state’s land area is actually desert.  Most of the population is centered in areas of former prairies, grasslands, and the coastline. From east to west, the terrain ranges from coastal swamps and forested woods, to gentle plains and jagged hills, and eventually the desert and mountains.

The term "six flags over Texas" refers to the nations that have had rule over the land. Spain was the first, while France had a short lived colony in there next. Mexico held control until 1836 when Texas gained its independence.  In 1845, Texas joined the United States, followed closely by the Mexican–American War in 1846.

Due to cattle’s long history as a center of economy, Texas is associated with the image of the cowboy. In the early 20th century, oil discoveries initiated an economic boom and a new reputation for the state. As of 2010, Texas is tied with California at the top of the list for the most Fortune 500 companies present.

Texas not only boasts of the nation’s “biggest and best” titles, but is also rich in culture, industry, history and entertainment. People travel to Texas for business, vacation and many things in between. It is a big part of this country’s history and also a big part of its future. If you have any moving needs in Texas, then we are the company for you. We also recognize the beauty of this glorious state, and make it our mission to provide our clients with best possible quality. If you want to guarantee your family an amazing moving experience, then give any of our offices a call.


I already used them once and they did a great job so I decided to use them again. They were really good and nice.

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Allied Van Lines

They were really good. The communication was great and everyone was careful with my stuff. They were very polite.

Maria A  of  Addison, IL 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

We had bad circumstances. It was pouring rain and the day before Christmas eve. They made sure nothing got wet and had positive attitudes. I couldn't ask for more.

Howard M  of  Addison, IL 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

They did a good job and the client coordinator was really friendly and overall I'm satisfied and everything showed up within the window promised.

Timothy D  of  Franklin Park, IL 4.3 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

They did what they promised. They made the del where we wanted it. My objects came in good shape. The crew was good. Anthony, the driver, was very good.

Patricia S  of  Franklin Park, IL 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

I just won't go higher than 8. I cannot compare it to anything. None of the labels showing what items were in the boxes was showing so it was difficult to know what was in the boxes. Also, the delivery crew complained a bit.

Pat A  of  Lombard, IL 4.8 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

Both the dependability, reassurance, professionalism, & reliability. I always felt like they were there for me. The driver Scott Eiers was in constant contact w/ me. They were able to accommodate me. Heidrum Balzarek-Lemmon came out twice. She was very helpful and very patient. We talked on the phone as well. She was wonderful. Adrienne Ross never lost patience. I was always asking questions.

Kerstin S  of  Lombard, IL 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

I rated a ten b/c it seemed like everyone really cared about me and my things. The driver and his crew and everyone involved.

Andrew G  of  Lombard, IL 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

The driver and everything from the beginning to the end was professional. The people were amicable. The driver was family friendly and it was a pleasure to have him move us.

Evelyn A  of  Maywood, IL 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

The driver, Victor, was great. He was professional, nice, and he was informative throughout the move. I give him a rating of 10+ and I highly recommend him to anyone. The driver, Victor, was professional and prompt. He was fantastic. Casey, the guy who gave me the quote, was great. I felt so comfortable with him.

Lola R  of  Hillside, IL 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

The miscommunication of delivery time. It was vacation time and we didn't get it delivered when promised. The driver and the crew was great though. They were a good crew. The only problem was miscommunication.

William N  of  Berkeley, IL 4.8 Rating:


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