Moving From Texas to Minnesota

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Moving From Texas to Minnesota

Moving from Texas to Minnesota is a major life decision. There is a steep temperature drop between these two states, and you will find that residents have extremely different lifestyles. Still, if you can stand the cold, the green living, beautiful parks, and foodie scene make Minnesota a great place to live.


Moving from TX to MN

People who live in Minnesota are known for being friendly and welcoming. The rest of the country refers to those who live in Minnesota as ‘Minnesota nice’ because of the stereotypically friendly and mild-mannered nature of the state’s residents.

Benefits of Moving From Texas to Minnesota

While the cost of living is similar between Texas to Minnesota, Minnesota’s scenic views, coastal living, and environmentally-conscious cities make it a great place to move to.

Four Seasons

If you are looking to experience a white Christmas or enjoy winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating, then you will enjoy the four-season climate of Minnesota. Yearly snowfalls average 36 inches in the southwest and 70 inches in areas near Lake Superior, known as the snow belt.

Minnesota has majestic mountains like Spirit Mountain and Chester Bowl, where you can ski in the winter months. Even though Minnesota winters can be cold, the summer months still see highs in the 80’s and 90’s, so lake recreation and hiking or outdoor biking trails are popular in the warmer months.

Lakeside Living

Minnesota is known as the land of 10,000 lakes and is home to 11,842 lakes formed from glaciers. The many lakes provide you with countless recreational activities, from boating to swimming or fishing. The Colorado River and the Rio Grande may flow through Texas, but Minnesota has a longer total shoreline thanks to its many lakes.

The largest of all of the lakes in Minnesota is Lake Superior, which is one of North America’s Great Lakes. The shoreline of Lake Superior runs along Minnesota’s north-eastern border through several towns, including Duluth, Superior, and Thunder Bay. These towns have parks, trails, driving trips, and other attractions that allow you to experience Lake Superior.

Many Job Opportunities

The healthcare industry is growing at a fast pace. If you’re a healthcare professional, you will find plenty of work opportunities at major hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and other healthcare-related companies. The Mayo Clinic, UnitedHealth Group, Medtronic, and EcoLab are all located in Minnesota.

Minnesota is also home to the headquarters of different retail giants, banks, and restaurant chains. Target, Best Buy, U.S. Bank, and General Mills each employ thousands of workers at their headquarter locations.

Green Cities

Minnesota is home to many bustling and emerging cities with a younger generation of homeowners and entrepreneurs moving in. Some of Minnesota’s largest cities are also some of its most environmentally conscious ones. Rochester and Bloomington have both built LEED-Certified commercial and public buildings, like science centers, that residents can visit.

Weekly farmers’ markets have also become a staple of urban life throughout Minnesota. Residents can support local farms and shop environmentally sustainable businesses.

Excellent Public Transportation

The Metro Transit runs through the seven-county metropolitan areas of Minnesota, including major cities like Minneapolis and Saint Paul. You can also find discounted rides through downtown areas and smaller sections of cities.

The larger cities in Minneapolis have also partnered with Nice Ride, a nonprofit organization that supports a bike-sharing program to lessen traffic and emissions in more congested cities. These rides are free, and allow you to take a bike from one station and return it to another when you are finished with it.

Fun Festivals

Texas is not without its celebrations and traditions, but Minnesota has a busy festival season. There is something for everyone during the Minnesota festival season, with events celebrating everything from bluegrass to foodies to turtle races.

You can experience The Great Minnesota Get-Together, Minnesota’s famous state fair, and enjoy classic car shows, taste local craft beers, and enjoy all genres of music.

Average Cost of Moving From Texas to Minnesota

The cost of moving from Texas to Minnesota is around $3,850.63. This cost can vary depending on how you plan your move. Many components influence moving costs. When moving across states, how many belongings you are moving, the distance, packing and unpacking, and special items all need to be taken into consideration. Fill out the above Instaquote to determine the exact cost for your move from Texas to Minnesota.

Cost to move on Minnesota from Texas

Most Popular Cities in Minnesota

Minnesota has many great cities, suburbs, and rural communities to live in. Many are near scenic parks and have a strong economy. Choose from Minnesota’s largest cities for access to an excellent education and spectacular outdoor recreation opportunities.


Minneapolis is the most populated city in Minnesota and is becoming increasingly popular with millennials. The average age of residents in Minneapolis is 32 years old. There is a vibrant and growing food and nightlife scene that caters to the city’s young population.

Sports fans can enjoy Minnesota Vikings football games at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Those who are less interested in sports can visit nature parks like Minnehaha Park, Coldwater Spring, and Normandale Lake Park.

Saint Paul

Saint Paul is the capital of the state and the second-most populated city in Minnesota. If your family has school-aged children, Saint Paul has an excellent school system. The West Saint Paul School District ranks in the top 100 school districts in Minnesota.

Saint Paul is a city with a fascinating history. You can visit landmarks like the Minnesota State Capitol, Fort Snelling, or Landmark Center to learn about Minnesota’s history. The city's top landmarks include Minnehaha Falls, the Cathedral of Saint Paul, and the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory that is a free attraction.


Moving to Rochester is something you should consider if you are a healthcare professional since the city is home to a Mayo Clinic medical center. Rochester is the third-largest city in Minnesota was once named one of the best places to live in the United States.

Young families can take advantage of the great school system Rochester has to offer. The Rochester Public School district ranks 20th in the state. The University of Minnesota also has a campus in Rochester. The University of Minnesota Rochester prepares students for careers in the medical and health sciences fields.


Duluth is a diverse city with neighborhoods that have a unique feel and atmosphere. Chester Park and Endion are college towns with a huge population of students who attend the University of Minnesota and other local colleges. Bayview Heights and Morley Heights-Parkview are smaller rural communities. These different neighborhoods are near shopping centers, and the downtown area is easily accessible from anywhere in Duluth. Duluth has nearly 30 neighborhoods that are sure to meet your lifestyle preferences.

Music legend Bob Dylan was born in Duluth, so the city pays tribute to him with local attractions. You can check out Bob Dylan Way, a path that runs for almost two miles in downtown Duluth. Each year, Duluth pays homage to the musician by hosting Dylan Fest, a week-long music and arts festival.


Bloomington is a suburb of Minneapolis located on the Minnesota River. The short commute to Minneapolis and Saint Paul helps strengthen Bloomington’s job market without taking away from the scenic beauty of Bloomington. About one-third of Bloomington is protected as part of the federal Open Space Conservation program. The Minnesota National Wildlife Refuge is home to many migratory birds, waterfowl, and fish, and there are opportunities for visitors to hike, fish, ski, and more.

Bloomington is also home to The Mall of America, which is the largest enclosed shopping center in the country. The Mall of America features Nickelodeon Universe, the Crayola Experience, and the Lego Store for kids, and has many different restaurant and entertainment options for adults.

How to Move from Texas to Minnesota

Moving can be stressful, but making the over 1,000-mile move from Minnesota to Texas can be a challenge. Choosing the right company for your move will ensure that everything goes smoothly. Allied has over 90 years of experience assisting customers in moving and is equipped to handle long distance moves .

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