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Moving from Texas to Arizona - Benefits, Cost & How To

If you’re thinking of moving from Texas to Arizona, then you’re not alone. According to one report, nearly 17,500 Texans gave up the Lone Star State for the Grand Canyon State in 2022, continuing a trend that has been increasing in recent years.

While there’s some overlap between Texas and Arizona, there are some key differences that make Arizona an attractive proposition for Texans looking for new pastures. Regardless of your motivation for moving, once you’re in Arizona, you’ll get to enjoy all the many advantages that this often underrated state provides, including an agreeable climate, close-knit communities, and some of the best scenery that the United States can offer.

Let’s take a closer look at the ins and outs of moving from Texas to Arizona, including the benefits, how to do it, and some of the most sought-after cities in Arizona that Texans move to. 

View of Phoenix, Arizona at sunset

Benefits of Moving from Texas to Arizona

Stable, Agreeable Climate

People move to Texas and Arizona to enjoy year-round sunshine and warmth. But Texas, while offering pleasant temperatures at various points throughout the year, can often become unbearable due to humidity, which can dampen — literally — the enjoyment of the warm weather. 

Arizona is actually hotter than Texas, but it’s a dry heat, which is much more manageable. There is less seasonal weather variation, which can be a pro or a con depending on your outlook, but it’s also more consistent. If you love the Arizona weather, then know that you’ll get to enjoy it on the vast majority of days once you move. 

Some of the Country’s Best Natural Scenery On Your Doorstep

Texas has no shortage of natural wonders, and it’s really not often that a rival state can loudly proclaim to outdo the Lone Star State for stunning scenery. But Arizona has it beat.

Arizona is home to some of the stunning scenery not just in the United States, but in the world. The star of the show is, of course, the Grand Canyon, which nearly provides enough of a reason to move from Texas to Arizona on its own. And that’s not all that Arizona offers by way of the great outdoors: Saguaro National Park, Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, and countless other wonders can all be found here. 

Smaller, More Close-Knit Communities

Everything is bigger in Texas, but that’s not always a positive. In some cases, people prefer smaller, more close-knit communities — and spending less time driving from one place to the next. Arizona as a whole is smaller than Texas, and the cities are, too. There are only three cities in the state with a population of more than 500,000, which means many have a community feel. This also has a knock-on effect on traffic, which tends to be less of an issue in Arizona than it is in Texas. 

The Best of All Worlds 

Arizona and Texas may look close on the map, but there’s a lot of distance between the two. Arizona is much further West, which opens up significant travel opportunities for those who decide to move there. Las Vegas is within easy driving distance of many Arizona cities, while places such as Joshua Tree National Park are also pretty close by. In this sense, Arizona offers the best of all worlds, providing a southern feel while also being connected to modern tourist attractions. 

How to move from Texas to Arizona

Moving from Texas to Arizona is a relatively simple process, but you’ll still need to take some steps to ensure the move runs as smoothly as possible. We recommend keeping the following tips in mind:


Arizona is a unique, diverse state full of a wide range of cities. Before making a permanent move, it’s recommended to visit Arizona and spend some time in a few different cities. If you’re all about those big cities, then Phoenix, which has a population of more than 1.6 million, may be suitable. If you’re looking for something smaller and homier, then a community such as Chandler may be best. 

Find a Place to Live

It can — or should, rather — take some time to figure out where in Arizona you want to live unless the decision has already been made for you due to employment. Once you know where you’ll be moving to, it’ll be time to find a long-term place to live. You can do this while still living in Texas (though it’s highly recommended to view any potential homes in person first), or you can find a short-term rental once you land in Arizona while you look for a long-term living arrangement. 

Making the Move

If you have a reliable vehicle and the time, it’s recommended to drive from Texas to Arizona. It’s a beautiful drive that’ll take you through plenty of gorgeous landscapes along the way. Alternatively, you can fly from Texas to Arizona if you’re short of time. 

It’s best to hire a professional moving company to transport your belongings from one state to another. Moving to a property a few streets away can be stressful; when you’re moving to a whole new state, it’s another level of stress that is best avoided. Hand the task over to a moving company, and you’ll be able to move to your new home secure in the knowledge that your belongings are safe and on their way. 

Cost of moving from Texas to Arizona

The average linehaul cost of a move from Texas to Arizona with Allied is $4,500. The exact cost of a cross-country move can vary greatly from one person to the next. 

The total cost of the move depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • The quantity of items being moved.
  • The distance being traveled.
  • Whether additional services, such as packing and unpacking, are required.
  • Whether any specialty items are being transported.

The best way to learn how much the cost of moving from Texas to Arizona will be is to fill out the Instaquote form above. 

Average cots to move: $4,500

Most Popular Areas in Arizona 

Arizona is one of the largest states in the United States, and as such, offers a wide variety of different places to live. Whether you’re looking for a big city or a community-focused town, you’ll find it in Arizona. Some of the most popular Arizona cities include:


Scottsdale is one of the cities in the country, let alone Arizona. This charming city offers luxury and natural beauty in equal measure, providing residents with all the advantages of living in a cosmopolitan city without any of the drawbacks. Here, you’ll find boutique stores, fine dining options, golf courses, and much more that make Scottsdale a joy to live in.

It’s more expensive than other parts of Arizona, but the sheer scale of what Scottsdale offers means it’s always an in-demand area. When you’re not enjoying al fresco coffee, you’ll be making the short journey into the surrounding scenery, which includes the McDowell Mountains and Sonoran Desert.


Glendale is located close to Phoenix, making it an ideal option for people who want a suburban community feel while also being close to Arizona’s biggest city. It offers plenty of great shopping opportunities that go beyond chain stores; it’s the type of place where second-hand markets thrive. It’s home to two organizations that contribute massively to Glendale’s atmosphere: Midwestern University and Arizona Cardinals. Despite all that Glendale offers, it still manages to boast a cost of living that’s on the cheaper side when compared with the rest of Arizona. 


Looking for a cosmopolitan city in Arizona? Then Phoenix is your place. This city is home to more than 1.6 million residents, and the numbers are rising every year. A rapidly expanding city, Phoenix is the cultural hub of the state, offering the best restaurants, bars, art galleries, and nightclubs that Arizona has to offer. The cost of living is more than manageable and the job market is friendly. Throw in a walkable downtown and plenty of events and attractions, and you’ve got an awesome city that’s difficult not to love. 


If you’re looking for a large city but are put off by the size and scale of Phoenix, then take a look at Mesa. This city has a population that’s just above half a million and provides nightlife, restaurants, arts and culture, and one of the best public school systems in the state. Two MLB teams, the Chicago Cubs and Oakland A’s, use Mesa during pre-season, too. 

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