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Moving from Dallas to Houston

As a current Dallas resident you already know how great it is to live in Texas, but you will soon see why Houston is one of the fastest growing cities in America. Affordability, a thriving job market, and diverse communities are just a few of the things that are luring residents from around the globe. Houston is the 4th most populated city in the U.S. and has become equally as desirable. Nearly 300 people are moving there every day and with so much to offer, it’s easy to see why. To better prepare for your relocation, read on for more information about the benefits of living in Houston as well as tips to help with your move.

Dallas to Houston

Benefits of Moving from Dallas to Houston

They may only be 240 miles apart, but Dallas and Houston have a long standing rivalry over which one takes the top spot in Texas. Though both are fantastic places to live, Houston has some incredible perks that you won’t find in Dallas including more parks and green spaces, better restaurants, lower cost of living, and better job opportunities. Newcomers are flocking to the Bayou City to take advantage of its family-friendly quality of life and everything else it has to offer. These are just a few of the best things about living in Houston.

Employment Opportunities

When you think of Houston you probably think about massive oil refineries but Houston has one of the most rapidly expanding job markets in the country. It is the number one job creator in America and is home to more Fortune 500 headquarters than anywhere in the country except for New York. Some of these include Conoco Phillips, Marathon Oil, Sysco, Waste Management, and many others. Houston is also home to the largest medical center in the world. Furthermore, the influx of young talent has made Houston a hot-spot for entrepreneurs looking to start up new businesses.


Compared to other major cities in America, Houston is definitely very affordable. Houston offers residents a low cost of living while maintaining a high quality of life with world-class amenities. In fact, the cost of living in Houston is about 5.5% below the national average and 27% below the average of the top 20 most populated cities in America. This means Houston is the third most affordable city compared to its peers. There are also a wide range of real estate options from trendy downtown lofts to single-family homes in the suburbs making it possible for Houston residents to find affordable and desirable real estate options to meet their needs.

Excellent Schools

As you would expect with a city as large as Houston, educational opportunities are abundant and Houston proudly serves more than 220,000 students each year in its school districts. Houston is also home to more than 20 colleges and universities. Rice University is one of the nation’s leading research universities while Texas Southern University is one of the nation’s largest historically black colleges. Baylor College of Medicine is also one of the leading medical schools in the country.

Top-Notch Healthcare

Houston is home to the largest medical center in the world and graduates from the most prestigious medical schools around the world come to the MedCenter to work at many of the renowned hospitals including the MD Anderson Cancer Center. Many of its hospitals are nationally ranked in specialty areas and Houston is the world’s leader in medical treatment and research.

Incredible Food

Houston is a food lover’s paradise with over 10,000 restaurants and eateries. Not only does it feature restaurants by world-class chefs, but Houston has one of the most diverse culinary scenes in the world with dishes from just about every culture and country. The city is bursting with local favorites, popular national restaurants, a variety of ethnic eateries, and plenty of casual hotspots and cafes. In Houston you could literally eat at a different restaurant every night for a year and still not try them all! Whether you prefer burgers, steaks, vegan, seafood, Indian, or Italian you will find it all in Houston.

So Much to See and Do

No matter what your interests are, there is something for everyone in Houston. There is a vibrant art and culture scene in Houston. The Museum District is home to 19 museums all located within a few blocks of each other while the Theater District hosts incredible shows year round. There are also loads of family activities including the Space Center, Downtown Aquarium, the Houston Zoo, and the Children’s Museum. Sports lover’s can also get their fill of action when they cheer one of Houston’s pro teams such as the Rockets in the NBA, the Texans in the NFL, or the Astros in the MLB. Of course, every Texan can appreciate a good rodeo and Houston is home to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo every year.

Cost of Moving from Dallas to Houston

Moving is a big task and can incur a lot of expenses. At Allied, we strive to provide customers with the best service at a price they can afford. The average cost to move from Dallas to Houston with Allied is $1,537.79. Of course there are many factors that will determine the exact cost such as the actual distance of the move and the number of items being moved. The easiest way to get an accurate quote is by using our Instaquote listed above. You can also call and have one of our professional estimators come out and provide you with a free quote.

Average Cost to Move to Houston from Dallas

How to Move from Dallas to Houston

Moving long distance requires a lot of preparations and this can be overwhelming when you have so many other things on your mind. Apart from packing all of your belongings, there are lots of other decisions to be made throughout the moving process. Even though you are relocating within the state of Texas, the logistics of handling a long distance move can present a number of challenges. Hiring a professional moving company like Allied can save you time, money, and energy. Allied has over 80 years of moving experience so we know exactly what it takes to execute a long distance move. You can avoid much of the stress of moving by allowing our team of professionals to assist you with packing, transport, and other tasks. We can also help navigate the transport of your belongings so they arrive safely and on time to your new home. At Allied, we understand how challenging a move can be and we will do everything to make your transition to Houston as easy and hassle free as possible.

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