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If you're looking for an expert moving company that has built a strong reputation for decades of world-class customer service, call Belmont Moving and Storage, in Evansville, today. We're affordable and always professional. Since 1975, we have been the top choice for families and businesses looking for reliable local, statewide, national and international movers. And we do a lot more than that. Trust Belmont Moving and Storage for safe, secure storage, office relocation, warehousing, flatbed and refrigerated trailers and much more. We provide outstanding service in a timely, courteous manner. We've got lots of repeat customers to prove it. Contact us today!

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Top Destinations from Evansville, IN

Nashville, TN
Average Cost: $2866.58
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Minneapolis-St Paul, MN
Average Cost: $3847.30
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Portland - Vancouver, OR
Average Cost: $4878.95
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Dallas, TX
Average Cost: $6470.19
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Richmond-Petersburg, VA
Average Cost: $1041.58
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Customer Reviews

Overall Rating: 4.9 / 5

  • Just the fact that every one was very pleasant. Also the 2 women on the packing crew were outstanding. The loaders & unloaders ,it was the same crew, were outstanding as well.
  • The crew, driver and Allied in general was great. I was not happy withthe third party group. My swing was disassembled.
  • The driver was easy to work with, kept me updated as to what was going on, and was just a genuinely nice person.
  • I thought all in all the move went very well. Allied did what they said they'd do and they're reliable. The driver was very good also.
  • The guys were very polite, nice and respectful. They were courteous. They went out of their way to do the little things. They were personable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Always fill each carton to the top to avoid crushing when loading, Always use the correct carton for the items it was intended for (dishes in dish-packs, etc.) & Always place paper between each item. For example, never wrap more than 1 plate per sheet of paper.

On an international relocation with a 500 lb. weight limit, a customer requested us pack & ship approx. 150 lbs. of kitty litter among their other items. Another recent move that was a bit out of the ordinary was for us pack for shipment - a human skull, human skeleton & cat skeleton from a local collector. I personally moved an actress / director that was filming a very well known movie in Evansville, IN that arrived here with nothing but her personal items, but when she returned back to her home & studio in Hollywood, CA she had collected an entire tractor / trailer full of antique's, big screen television, and paintings from one of our locals. A nice touch was seeing the fortune telling machine "Zoltar" at her home from a movie she had directed earlier in her career.

This is usually done best by custom built crating.

Anytime is a good time, but I would recommend off peak season for a better choice of dates and less chance of delays.

We provide all 3rd party services, climate controlled storage / warehousing, freight transportation, local, long distance & international relocation's, relocating of large, heavy safes & do many project jobs like deliveries for Walmart, Kohl's Department Store, Red Lobster, Huddle House, participate in the refurbishing of our local hotels, provide weekly services to our local hospital & take in, sort, ship and deliver approx. 50,000 cases of GS Cookies in a period of a little more than a week.

Girl Scouts of America, Saint Mary's Hospital, Ronald McDonald House