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Allied Van Lines – “The Careful Movers” since 1928

One of the highest-rated national movers with a name you can trust.

Allied® Van Lines is recognized as one of the leading nationwide moving companies, having maintained its top-rated status since 1928. A nationwide move may seem daunting to some, but your move should be an enjoyable journey with the right national moving company.

Choosing a moving company you can rely on is essential to the moving process. A qualified national mover helps relieve the stress of moving across the country and gives you the peace of mind from knowing your possessions are in good hands.


Nationwide Movers with Experience

Because a national moving company often handles more types of moves per year than a small locally-owned moving company, it tends to have more experience. For more than 95 years, Allied Van Lines has been the preferred mover to many when it comes to national moving companies. With decades of experience, our professional staff has the know-how and expertise required to ensure that every national move we perform is successful.

No matter how big or small your national move is, the employees at Allied are well-versed at handling national relocations for individuals, families, and employees. Our staff will work hard to ensure that our customers receive the best treatment possible through a tailor-made moving plan for your specific situation while providing transparent pricing. By working closely with our agents, you can rest assured knowing that your upcoming national move will be seamless and smooth.

How to Choose a Qualified Mover

When hiring movers, it’s important to understand the differences between local and national moving companies. A local moving company is typically privately owned and often operates only in the city or state of origin. A national moving company is often a larger, nationally known chain that performs local, interstate, and even international moves.

A few criteria should be considered before you decide on your moving company. For example, look for an experienced mover with abundant online reviews attesting to their service quality.

Comparing the market is an essential aspect of choosing the best national moving company as it lets you find out exactly what you should expect to pay. While the cost of a move will always vary as no two projects are the same, having an accurate estimate can be a big relief.

Arguably, the best way to choose a qualified mover for your move across the country is by reaching out and contacting firms directly.

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Moving Services


We'll supply our own moving supplies and help you pack your stuff as securely as possible.


When we load our trucks, we ensure that nothing will move or shift, protecting your belongings from damage.


During the move, we're efficient and safe, providing the most reliable, convenient service around.


When we arrive at your new home, we'll take care of all the heavy lifting.


Putting furniture in its proper place and unpacking boxes of belongings that you need right away, our job isn't done until you're settled in your new home.


Should you need us to store your belongings during the moving process; we have storage facilities to accommodate your needs.

While a locally-owned moving company may only specialize in packing and moving your boxes from one location in your city to another, a national moving company like Allied Van Lines is equipped and staffed to handle bigger cross-country moves and offers more extensive solutions and resources.

Allied's wide range of nationwide moving services includes storage options, full and partial packing, piano moving, fragile items, vehicle shipping, online shipment tracking, third-party services, moving supplies, and much more. Our wide variety of additional services will be able to cover all aspects of your move comprehensively. With our exceptional services and staff, Allied Van Lines is the well-rounded national moving company you can trust for your relocation.

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A large moving truck in front of a house A large moving truck driving on a road

Things to do Before Hiring a Nationwide Mover

  • The first thing that you should do is make sure any companies you're interested in choosing are experienced. The more experience they have, the less likely things will go wrong on moving day. In addition to experience, make sure they're licensed and insured, so you're covered in the event of a damaged item or mismanaged care.
  • When you've established that they're experienced, licensed, and insured, you should do your best to read some recent reviews about their service. After all, all that glitters is not gold, and sometimes even well-established companies can fall a little short of your expectations. One thing better than online reviews is word of mouth. Ask anybody you know who has moved recently who they moved with and how they rate their experience.
  • You must know everything about your move. Providing them with accurate information helps the moving company give you a more detailed estimate of when you can expect to receive your property at your new home. Some companies may be more flexible than others, so it's important to find one that can accommodate your requirements.
  • Most companies will have an FAQ on their website, and it's something at which you should take a good look. These questions will tell you much about the business and what you can expect them to do for you. If the FAQ doesn't have the question you need, or you'd rather speak to a real person, you should call them. A reputable moving company will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about their service.
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Average Rating: 4.75/5 Based on 5,000 Customer Reviews


Why is Allied the Only Choice for Nationwide Moving?

A local moving company's name will often be a relative unknown unless it has been around for a long time. It may be difficult to find enough customer experience reviews to accurately picture the company's performance. You'll have better luck with a national moving company.

When choosing a full-service national moving company, choose the best available – choose Allied Van Lines. With Allied, you can rest assured knowing that you will be hiring a long-distance moving company with superior moving services that will develop a unique moving plan to meet your interstate relocation needs. Allied will work tirelessly to make sure that your national move goes smoothly.

Additional Services to Consider:

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Cross Country Moving

With the largest mover network in the world, we assist families and individuals with cross country moves each and every day.

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Interstate Moving

Whether your interstate moving needs are large or small, we create a personalized moving solution for your needs.

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Household Moving

When it comes to moving, Allied is dedicated to providing a Personal Moving Plan that meets the needs of its customers’ households.

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Hear From Our Customers

  • We were really happy w/ the drivers and the crew. They took great care. It was hot outside and they still did the move w/ out complaining. They worked w/ us. They left a blanket here.

    Summer D.
  • My entire experience from the coordinator to the driver to the assistants and their general care with everything influences my rating. The driver and crew picked up and then took my things to storage in Virginia.

    Clayton H.
  • The crew was on time and packed all day. They worked really hard and was careful with our belongings.They were easy to deal with and were very professional.

    Tony L.
  • The driver, Victor, was great. He was professional, nice, and he was informative throughout the move. I give him a rating of 10+ and I highly recommend him to anyone. The driver, Victor, was professional and prompt. He was fantastic. Casey, the guy who gave me the quote, was great. I felt so comfortable with him.

    Lola R.
  • The customer service was great .Tim was great he kept in touch with me at all times. He walked me through everything. They arrived early.

    Belinda D.
  • I do not think anyone is perfect but I would recommend them. Held the furniture b/c the apartment wont be ready until Nov the 8th.

    Denise M.
  • The driver and the crew was very considerate, professional, polite, easy to work with, helpful, and they communicated.

    Debra F.
  • I had a great experience with the people I worked with but I can't say the same for the entire company.

    Pete C.
  • The driver was very cordial and helpful. We really enjoyed dealing with him, because he was very good at his job.

    Mason P.
  • Most of the family and friends I have would pack and move themselves, but you guys did great and I was extremely satisfied.

    Michael J.

What Every Nationwide Moving Company Should Offer

Regarding moving, especially interstate moves, it's not just about transitioning from one home to another. It's about ensuring that every cherished possession, from heirloom furniture, passed down through generations to the latest home electronics, is handled with the utmost care. For those who value their belongings and memories, here's what every professional mover should offer:

  • Transparent Quote Process: Before entrusting your belongings to long-distance movers, it's essential to understand the average cost. The quote process should be transparent, detailing every charge so there are no surprises later.
  • Professional Packing Services: Not all items are created equal. Some require extra care and specialty services. Ensure your chosen mover offers professional packing services, especially for items that hold sentimental or monetary value.
  • Details on the Fleet: Reliability is key. Knowing about the maintenance, age, and technology of moving trucks can offer peace of mind.
  • Trained Crew: The best interstate mover will have a crew trained in handling various items, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition at the destination.
  • Coverage: Accidents can happen. Ensure the moving company offers comprehensive coverage, especially for high-value items.
  • Storage Services: Sometimes, moves require a temporary storage solution. Check if the mover offers storage services, ensuring your items are safe until they reach their destination.
  • Post-Move Assistance: Settling into a new place can be challenging. Some movers offer post-move services to help you adjust seamlessly to your new environment.
  • Positive Reviews: Always look for positive reviews from previous customers. A positive experience shared by others can be a good indicator of the service quality you can expect.
  • Loyalty Benefits: If you've moved before with the same company, inquire about any benefits or discounts for repeat customers.

In every move, the details make the difference between a stressful transition and a smooth journey. So, as you embark on your next chapter, ensure you choose professional movers who understand and cater to your unique needs. Choose Allied!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is nationwide moving services?

Nationwide moving services are full-service relocation companies that specialize in providing transportation and removal services for residential, commercial, and corporate moves. These companies specialize in providing state-to-state or cross-country relocations to customers who hire them to move their possessions from one location to another.

How do I know if a moving company is reputable?

Reputable movers should be insured, licensed, bonded, and certified. They should also provide references from satisfied customers. If they don't offer these things, then they probably aren't worth using.

How much do most national moving companies charge?

The final cost depends on the distance and volume you're moving. The best way to find out the cost is to get an instant online quote.

What is the most inexpensive way to move long-distance?

The most inexpensive way to move long distance is to do it yourself; however, you should never underestimate the value of hiring professionals for moving assistance.

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