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US Migration Studies: Where are Americans Moving To?

Being aware of migration studies can help you decide where to move. All over the United States, people are constantly on the move. So, where are people moving to and what areas are people leaving? Based on internal data, Allied Van Lines tracked various migration patterns throughout the United States. The following U.S migration study will give you a better idea of why certain cities receive an influx of residents and why people flee from others. Taking a close look at this information will help you make a wise choice when it comes to your relocation decisions.

Where are people moving?

  • Texas Texas

    People move for various reasons. Some of those reasons may include work, school, or to be closer to family. Whatever that reason is, moving is practically unavoidable. So, where are people moving in the United States? In 2015, Texas was the top inbound state on the Allied Van Lines Magnet States Report. During last year, Allied Van Lines indicated a net gain of 2,558 families. This calculation is determined by the difference between the number of inbound and outbound moves.

    Commercial relocations play a major role in the flood of residents into the area. Texas was a highly favored place for corporate relocations in 2015. The constant job growth in the area makes it a hotspot for new talent seeking amazing opportunities. Many people also consider Texas a desirable place due to its low taxes. In the state, residents do not have to pay a personal income tax or corporate income taxes. This is a very appealing quality that attracts numerous people. Texas has a lot to offer its residents and it is no surprise why so many people are relocating to the area.

  • Florida Florida

    Also on the list for top magnetic states is Florida. In 2015, Allied recorded a total of 1,611 net inbound moves. Of course, Florida is known for its beautiful climate and that alone is more than enough reasons to call the city home. People also enjoy the fact that there are numerous recreational opportunities available within the state. Some of those activities include golfing, canoeing, fishing, and many more as well.

    It is also no surprise that many people want to live in Florida for its beautiful beaches. Key West Beach, South Beach, and Clearwater Beach are three popular places to lay in the sun and enjoy the beautiful climate. Year after year, Florida tops the list of inbound states and will continue to do so in the future. So, if relocating to Florida hasn’t been on your list of potential places to move, then maybe it should be.

  • Arizona Arizona

    Arizona came in third as one of the most magnet states in 2015. Many people are attracted to Arizona due to its many natural wonders. The Grand Canyon and The Petrified National Forest are just a few of the natural beauties many people can’t seem to get enough of. Arizona is also known for being a great place to explore new job opportunities.

    Arizona has become a stomping ground for new startups. Businesses are often attracted to this state due to the low business and state taxes as well as to the highly educated workforce.
    Therefore, if you are seeking to begin a new career path in the near future, then Arizona is the ideal place.  Living in Arizona means you will be able to take advantage of the many opportunities the state has to offer.

  • Oregon Oregon

    As the number four most magnet state, Oregon has a lot to offer potential residents. Financially speaking, Oregon has a number of benefits, such as no sales tax and a minimum wage that’s higher than the national average. This one benefit provides several families with the opportunity to create a financially stable life. Plus, the state offers a number of affordable places to live, making it an excellent place to call home. It is definitely apparent why it is one of the top states on Allied’s magnet state report. Relocating to Oregon is a trend that will continue to climb in the future.


Clearly hotspots for incoming residents, a great deal of people have migrated to Texas, Florida, Arizona, and Oregon for multiple reasons. However, the residents are coming from somewhere. So, while there are indeed a number of states people are drawn to, Allied also reported the top outbound states of 2015. The following states have experienced an extensive amount of outbound moves in 2015.

What states are people fleeing?

According to the Allied Van Lines 2015 magnet states report, there are a number of states people have left. Virginia came in at number one for having the highest amount of outbound moves. During 2015, Allied conducted 1,343 outbound moves in the state of Virginia. Many attributed this great exit to the state’s economy. In 2014, Virginia ranked as the third slowest growing state economically nationwide. The slow growing economy has forced many people to relocate and find economic stability elsewhere. Allied also reported that Illinois received the second most outbound moves. During 2015, Allied conducted 1,240 net outbound moves. Pennsylvania ranked 3rd with 949 net outbound moves while New York and New Jersey came in fourth and fifth with 814 and 775 net outbound moves.

On a daily basis, people move in and out of their homes. A move may occur for multiple reasons. Family, the economy, or a new job could play an important factor in relocating to or from a city.  Before you choose a place to move, you may want to research the scene of the area. This means knowing why people are either moving in or out of a particular area. Conducting thorough research prior to relocating is essential. This U.S migration study will help you better understand the relocation patterns within the United States, making it easier to select the perfect destination for your upcoming residential or commercial relocation. Allied Van Lines has been creating detailed Magnet States Reports since 1967. Tracking the relocation trends in North America will continue to be a main priority for Allied Van Lines.