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What is a Destination Service?

Moving long distance is a bit like jumping off a cliff. Without a parachute, it can be rough. But a destination service helps guide you safely to the ground. It gives families and individuals the assistance they need to transition smoothly from one city, state, or country to another. For someone starting fresh, a destination service provides crucial benefits they need to build a new life in their new home.

Home Finding

A destination service puts you in touch with local real estate agents who are familiar with the neighborhoods and housing stock in your new city. They work to find a house or apartment that's within your budget and meets your needs. If possible, they arrange an itinerary, so you can tour the area before moving in. Once you’ve chosen a home, they stay on to finalize the sale or leasing documents.

Immigration & Moving Services

Navigating immigration law is difficult. Requirements are complex and vary greatly between countries. A destination service walks you through the process, managing and submitting all necessary paperwork, including visas, passports, and work permits. They can even register your pets and arrange transportation for them. Some countries require pets to be quarantined after they arrive. Your destination agent will keep you informed about their condition and any health certificates you'll need to obtain.
Besides legal requirements, a destination service also manages the logistics of a long-distance move. They’ll arrange a team to pack up your household, transport it safely, and take responsibility for it when it arrives, acting as a single point of contact along the way. If there are any questions, you can turn to them for answers. For international moves, they act as a liaison with the local customs agency, making sure your belongings are cleared as quickly as possible.

Area Orientation

Moving into a new neighborhood can be disorienting, but a moving service helps you get your bearings. They’ll tell you where to buy groceries, how to get to the nearest hospital, the location of your child's school, how to access public transit, and where to find recreation, nightlife, and entertainment, etc. ‒ all the basic information you need to live and thrive in your new location.

School Search

Besides finding your family a new home, a destination service can also help your children find a new school. They'll provide a comprehensive list of schools in the area, so parents can find one that fits their child’s needs. Families moving internationally often prefer to enroll their children in a private academy, where they can study alongside other expatriate children in their native language, with a curriculum similar to the one they left behind.

Settling In

Navigating a new culture can be tricky, but a destination service gives you a head start. For instance, they can connect you with the local DMV or local utility providers. In some cases, they may even be able to provide the names of local contractors and repairmen. More importantly, for people moving to foreign countries, they can tell you how to get in touch with the police and emergency services. Sometimes, in the event of a major culture shift, they provide lessons in manners and customs, teaching you how best to interact with your new community.

Allied Destination Services

Allied works with families and individuals every day, providing the help they need to start new lives in new cities and countries. Our agent network not only extends into every American city, but most major cities around the world, ensuring on-the-ground support no matter where you decide to settle. Click now for a free quote and to start planning your future today!