Moving from New York City to Atlanta

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Moving from New York City to Atlanta

Atlanta is luring new residents with its affordable cost of living, booming economy, charming neighborhoods, and loads to see and do. In fact, the city has become so popular that is has been dubbed the “New York of the South.” Residents of Atlanta enjoy world class restaurants, a vibrant arts and culture scene, professional sports, and all of the amenities one would expect from living in a big city but without the hefty price tag that one would be accustomed to in New York City. If you have decided to make the move from NYC to ATL, you need to be prepared for a big change. However, life in Atlanta can be just as exciting and here’s why.

NYC to Atlana

Benefits of Moving from New York City to Atlanta

Although there is no city quite like New York, Atlanta has plenty of perks of its own and is a great place to call home. This cosmopolitan hub offers residents plenty of things to do and all at a price they can afford. In addition, it won’t take long for New Yorkers to experience the southern charm in Georgia. While life in ATL is very different from NYC, it has lots to offer and really appeals to its residents.

Thriving Economy

The city has maintained its spot as one of the country’s most thriving economies. It is home to 16 Fortune 500 companies including Delta, Coca-Cola, Home Depot, and Ups among others. These large companies employ thousands of workers and have contributed to the city’s stable job market.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Atlanta is below the national average and is a staggering 43% lower than the Big Apple. This means New Yorkers who flock to the city will enjoy a dramatic difference in real estate prices. They will also find that groceries, utilities, and healthcare are cheaper in Atlanta as well.


Another draw to Atlanta is the city’s climate. While Atlanta does experience southern climate featuring hot and humid summers, the winters are much shorter and milder than New York City. The city also has four distinct seasons which can be a nice change for its residents.


New York City residents are used to relying on public transportation to get everywhere. While the public transit in the city is efficient, it can still make it difficult to run a quick errand. Atlanta residents primarily rely on their own vehicles for transport but the city does offer MARTA, a convenient public bus transportation system that runs throughout the city. Although the city does have some traffic and congestion, especially during rush hour, getting around the city is generally easier and faster than New York City. The Delta Airlines hub also supports a high number of flights in and out of the city making flying a breeze in Atlanta.

Plenty to Do

Atlanta is a bustling city with loads of things to see and do. It is home to world class restaurants, a vibrant arts and music scene, great shopping, and a thriving nightlife. Sports lovers get a chance to cheer on pro sports teams...the Braves, Hawks, and Falcons. The city is also home to a plethora of nightclubs, comedy clubs, and loads of live music venues. The city also has plenty of exciting attractions including the World of Coca-Cola, Atlanta Zoo, CNN Studio, The Colonnade, and Centennial Olympic Park.

Charming Neighborhoods

One of the coolest things about Atlanta is it’s variety of neighborhoods, each with its own unique style and culture. Downtown residents can choose from a variety of neighborhoods within walking distance to restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. There are also neighborhoods in the historic district, warehouse district, and even in the suburbs that each offer their own style.


Cost of Moving from New York City to Atlanta

Many people like to stay conscious of their budget when planning a long distance move. The average cost to move from New York City to Atlanta can range anywhere from $3500-$6000. The average cost to move with Allied is $3761.17. Of course there are many factors that go into determining the exact cost of a move such as exact distance of the move, the number of items being moved, and additional services such as packing and unpacking. At Allied we understand that your budget is a priority and that’s why we provide customers with an easy way to get an accurate quote using our Instaquote listed above.

Cost to Move to Atlanta

How to Move from New York City to Atlanta

Long distance moves can be a challenge and require a great deal of organization in order to execute them smoothly. Luckily, Allied has more than 90 years of experience and is fully equipped to handle long distance moves. At Allied, we know exactly what it takes to move our customers with ease and we pride ourselves on taking the stress out of your move. We can assist you every step of the way from packing and loading all of your belongings to transporting them and unpacking them as well. Tell us exactly what you need and we can customize a move that is just right for you.


When you are moving a long distance, leave it to the professionals to help get the job done right. Call today and find out how Allied can help you with your relocation to the great city of Atlanta.

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