Moving from New York City to Houston

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Moving from New York City to Houston


Houston is a sprawling metropolis featuring a thriving job market, an impressive food scene, affordable housing, and plenty of awesome entertainment options. As the largest city in Texas, there is no shortage of things to see and do in Houston and people come from all over the country to work at some of the nation’s biggest companies. As you prepare to move from New York City to Texas, here are just some of the highlights of life in Houston. 


Moving from NYC to Houston 

Benefits of Moving from New York City to Houston

It’s Cheaper

One of the reasons Houston attracts so many young professionals is the fact that it's more affordable than other large cities. Considering New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the country, you will find that Houston’s cost of living is quite reasonable. In fact, the cost of living in New York City is 94% higher than Hoston. The median home cost is the biggest factor in the cost of living difference and the median home price in NYC is a staggering 266% higher than Houston!

Employment Opportunities

Houston has one of the hottest job markets in the country which is one of the biggest reasons why people choose to move to Houston. The city attracts people with an entrepreneurial spirit as well as those looking to work at some of the country’s largest companies. Not only is Houston a major hub for gas and oil, but it’s also a major center for manufacturing, health care, and technology. Houston is also home to the largest medical center in the world and graduates from the most prestigious universities come here to work at these world renowned hospitals. 

Culture and Diversity

Houston is right up there with New York and L.A. when it comes to culture and ethnic diversity. It’s population consists of a huge melting pot of culture with African American, Asian, and Hispanic populations helping to create a rich cultural environment. It’s always exciting to learn about other cultures and traditions and you can get firsthand experience in Houston. 

Incredible Food Scene

Many food critics have agreed that Houston is one of the most exciting places to eat in the U.S. The great ethnic diversity makes it possible to taste cuisine from various countries. The city’s close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico also means you have fresh seafood selections available straight from the boat. From award-winning restaurants to local dives and food trucks, Houston has some of the best food in the world. 

Plenty to See and Do  

There are loads of exciting things to keep you busy in Houston including attractions like the Houston Grand Opera, the Johnson Space Center, the Downtown Aquarium, the Houston Zoo, and several museums and theaters. It is also home to a number of sports teams like the Texans (NFL), the Astros (MLB), and the Rockets (NBA), along with numerous local sports teams. In addition, you are just a short drive away from the Gulf of Mexico where you can enjoy relaxing on the sandy beaches. 

Cost of Moving from New York City to Houston

Moving across the country can be expensive and that’s why it’s important to choose a professional moving company that is both reliable and affordable. Allied understands how quickly these moving costs can add up and that’s why we work to provide customers with exceptional service at a price they can afford. The average cost to move fromNew York City to Houstin with Allied is $3,138.54. Of course, there are many factors that will determine the actual cost such as the exact distance of the move and the number of items being moved. The easiest way to get a quote is by using our Instaquote listed above. You can also call and let one of our professional estimators come out and provide you with a free quote. 


 Cost of Moving from NYC to Houston

How to Move from New York City to Houston

Planning a long distance move can be challenging. In addition to selling your home, packing your belongings, and searching for a new home, there are countless decisions to be made throughout the moving process. It can be overwhelming to navigate this difficult process and that’s why it’s beneficial to enlist the help of professionals. Allied has over 80 years of moving experience so we know exactly what it takes to execute a seamless long distance move. We will work with you to create a personalized moving approach that best suits your needs and budget. We offer a variety of services including providing packing materials, professional packing services, loading, and transport. We are here to assist you every step of the way to ensure your move is as easy and hassle-free as possible. 


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