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Other Services Your Clients May Need in Addition to Moving

While your clients are busy hiring a moving company and planning their move, there are other services besides movers that would be helpful for them for their big day. They are probably so focused on their move and their new house that these are things that might be overlooked. Providing them with a list of these other service providers will help them and might even lead to more referrals for you.


No matter how clean their new house looks, they will probably want to have the house cleaned to their standards. They can either do it themselves or hire a professional cleaning company. No matter which they choose, it's easiest to clean the home before the movers move your client’s belongings in, as the cleaners will not have to move anything out of the way to get to every nook and cranny of the house.

Floorboards, floors, windows, counters, cabinets, shelves, drawers, etc., should be wiped down; carpets should be steam cleaned; the dishwasher and washing machine should be run; and the oven, refrigerator and freezer should be cleaned. As a gift for your clients, you might even think of giving them new toilet seats.


No one knows what has been living a house, especially if it has been vacant for a while. Again, it's easiest to have an exterminator come before any belongings are delivered. Also, it is preferable to have the extermination done a few days before the cleaners come. That way any bugs or critters that are dead can be cleaned away.

Interior Decoration

While your clients might have a flair for fashion, they might not have a flair for decorating a home. Moving into a new house can be exciting, but they might not want to move their old furniture with them. This is where an interior decorator comes in. A decorator can help with choosing paint, furniture and accents.

Even if your client does not have room in the budget for new furniture in the new home, an interior decorator can help with deciding where to put their old furniture. Also, a decorator could suggest new paint colors or easy fixes to the old furniture to give it new life.


Suggest that your clients look at the home inspector's report and figure out what repairs need to be done before they move in. There are surely some that are essential and some that are not.  If the home inspector's report does not list anything, there might be other things that your clients want changed, such as lighting or electrical. Suggesting a handyman will help them in this process.


While a handyman is good for minor repairs and changes, your client might want to do some major renovations on their new home. Knowing a registered contractor to suggest to them can help them get on their way toward making their new house a home.

All of these services might be overlooked by your clients because they will be so preoccupied with planning their move. Make reciprocal agreements with cleaning companies, exterminators, handymen and contractors where you will recommend them to your clients and they will recommend you as a realtor to their clients. It's a win-win for everyone.