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The Ultimate Moving to College Timeline

Moving into college housing takes an abundant amount of preparation. Rather you are moving into a college dorm or off campus housing, you will need to properly organize every step of your moving process. What needs to be done and in what order should it be accomplished? The following college student timeline will help you prepare for your upcoming move.

Six Weeks Prior to Moving

  • Check your dorm status. Contact your college or university to find out if you were approved for Moving prep for collegedorm housing, and if so, find out which dorm. Determine when move in day is and how to properly check into your dorm room.
  • Verify dorm requirements. Dorms have certain items that they do and do not allow within the rooms. Before you begin planning your relocation, it is vital that you know what is not allowed. This will prevent you from packing and transporting prohibited items.
  • Find off campus housing. If you have decided that you do not want to live on campus, then you will need to find another housing arrangement. Most schools offer suggestions on where to live off campus.

Four Weeks Prior to Moving

  • Hire a moving company. If you are planning to live off campus, you will likely have to move a number of large items yourself, such as a washer, dryer, bed, etc. This means that you will need assistance moving into your new place. A moving company will help you navigate throughout the entire process.
  • Ask for the assistance of family and friends. Moving into a dorm is different than moving into an apartment or home. Since dorm rooms tend to be fully furnished, you will not be bringing any extremely large items. This means that while you may not need the help of a professional mover, you will still need help moving in. Asking your friends and family for help will ease the moving process.
  • Arrange a time to pick up your keys. When heading to college, you will need to make preparations for picking up your keys. If you are moving into a dorm room, then your school has likely made move in arrangements for you. This will include a time for you to pick up your keys. However, apartments are not the same. You will need to contact the building management and set up a time to pick up all necessary materials.

Three Weeks Prior to Moving

  • Examine Dorm Space. Dorm rooms are known for being rather small. Because of this, organization is crucial. You will need to figure out how to maximize the space in your room.
  • Purchase organizational supplies. Once you have examined your new living space, it will be time to purchase various organizational materials. Crates, bins, and other storage options are great items to have to help you arrange your dorm room.
  • Eliminate unnecessary items. Moving to college is temporary. Therefore, it is no need to pack up your entire life. Leaving a few things behind will leave you more space to organize your dorm or apartment.

Two Weeks Prior to Moving College timeline for moving

  • Identify your perspective roommate. College living normally means that you will live with another person. Prior to your move in date, your college will likely inform you of your future roommate along with their contact information. It is best to get this information as soon as possible.
  • Determine who will sleep where. After you have identified who your roommate will be, discuss sleeping arrangements. If you will be living in a dorm, then you will need to determine who will receive which side of the room.If an apartment will be your new home, then you should figure out which room each person will reside in.
  • Decide who will bring what. Since you will be sharing the space with your roommate, you need to figure out and decide on who’s bringing what to your new space, such as a fridge, T.V, microwave, etc. There is no need for multiples; therefore, plan accordingly to not waste space.
  • Begin packing. Now is time to start packing up your belongings. Since you will likely travel home during each major break from school, you can leave an abundance of your clothes behind. Pack seasonal items to save a lot of space in your small space.

One Week Prior to Moving

  • Check your student accounts. If your dorm room is being paid through financial aid and/or scholarships, you will need to check your student accounts to ensure that the dorm room has been fully paid for. This will help to avoid any potential problems on moving day.
  • Purchase a parking pass. If you will be bringing your car to campus, it is likely that you will need to buy a parking pass. This pass will prevent you from getting traffic tickets while parked on campus.
  • Wash everything. Whether it be bedding, clothing, or towels, now is the time to wash and prep all items you plan on taking with you to the dorm or apartment.

 Moving Day

  • Do a final sweep: Before you head out on your new found adventure, you’ll want to check, or better yet double check, every aspect of your move in order to make sure nothing has been forgotten. From home items to important documents, it’s important to check behind yourself to ensure that these items haven’t been left behind.
  • Say goodbye to your loved ones. Since you are all settled in, your family will be ready to head home. Thank them for helping you with this process and see them off.
Moving into college housing is a great experience for any student. This is also a process that will take a ton of organization. Therefore, you need to make sure you are ready for what lays ahead of you. Following this college student timeline will help you properly prepare for a major life changing event.